We Went To The Craziest Final In Football | Copa Libertadores Part 1

We Went To The Craziest Final In Football | Copa Libertadores Part 1

yes yes yes hello Kabam my name is eagle you might remember me from in search of South America I’m here important to Alegre Brazil the south of Brazil pretty close to Uruguay in Argentina and I’m bringing you to one of the best match experiences every South America Copa Libertadores final Alania of Brazil against lanús from Argentina this will be the 14th times Argentine teams are facing Brazilian teams in Copa Libertadores final so you can tell that the atmosphere will be epic in academia beautiful Stadium it’s like in European Stadium but order sections actually like the old stadium serious South America used to be with like a tennis section so here we are with Marcos Vargas with director of date AJ departamento tour Sidoarjo Grammy we have been very careful it had the same thing modern concept of arena but also to the culture of the way our films used to cheer for the team here we are with the great Richard famous photographer hearing Daniel the best please follow him because he stuff is this guy play the final of kopelyan terrorists against book in 2007 and now he’s drinking with black then you everywhere they could become three-time champions of cabal your daughter you won’t see much jogo bonito this guy’s feel much more connected to a different style of playing in porto alegre in Rio Grande do Sul the state you will see more hafsa willingness to win always until the last minute with roughness they prefer a big tackle rather than beautiful drill so hopefully we can see that has displayed not only in the field but also in the supporter sections with Geraldo grêmio the name of the supporters of Grammy on Kushina realism the god before the great game the supervisor of dead ahead guy who take care of the relationship with the Teresita with the Barra mind to put this guy’s the Chilean guy into the stadium invited me to a cold barbecue with Grandpa good morning fat today go by the hotel is final today one of my childhood dreams come true dream you received levels in one epic final which I’m totally sure that the atmosphere will be fucking amazing like I was checking out Instagram profile of shit all the glam you look how many drums are they heading here como todos I know say they actually Alex the whole animal over there his dress like a gaucho the typical princess from the region of reals and middle school Argentina and Uruguay we’re getting in the police threw pepper spray everybody cheering up and crying tail look at lay ice everybody from the middle of Nevada they’re throwing this bubble to collect reddit paper so in the world from in the recipient Oh everybody will be throwing this despite the they’re not that much compared to the rest of the stadium you actually can hear Argentinian fans from the other part of the stadium so it’s huge for them it’s their first Copa Libertadores final this will be the fifth Copa Libertadores finance program minutes this was fucking incredible West what definitely one of the best experiences in my life there is no second in the whole match where you can hear a little bit a little bit of silence no there’s no silence here there’s just support just chance just premium and digits a South American Way so we will go to window side quick news again bring your in once is enough for Alicia and I will take you there again for this new adventure with copa90

100 thoughts on “We Went To The Craziest Final In Football | Copa Libertadores Part 1

  1. Yes Igal! The scenes you captured, the amount of interesting info you brought to the story and the fact u almost got pepper sprayed all in 7 mins! You've fully graduated from the Copa School of reporting, keep it up man, one of my fav films we've made this year!

  2. GRÊMIO I give my life
    You are the joy of my heart.
    You know, it's a feeling …
    and what we want is to be champion ♫♫♫♫

  3. this is awesome!

    can you'll give me some tips about Youtube channels to follow the Copa and Argentina Primera División? I've got Futebol Brasileiro (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdkhkda5VQPbKSzx03HohMw) for Brazilian football but want to keep up with the other big leagues as well and will doing so, also improve my Spanish

  4. Copa Libertadores offers a lot of content and i think you guys as a channel should do more videos from this competition starting next year

  5. Copa90 should show more Brazilian Clubs, but like the good ones Cruzeiro, Santos, Gremio etc. Not pussy teams like Corinthians, Palmeras, Vasco, Flamengo etc.


  7. "This guy played the Copa Libertadores final and now he's drinking with us" as south american as it gets 😂😂

  8. ARENA DE GREMIO IS A FANTASTIC GROUND, i recommend to anyone who travel to porto alegre….do not miss that chance especially if you can be there for the great derby GREMIO VS INTERNACIONAL, EXPERIENCE GREMIO FAMOUS AVALANCHE!

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