WE WENT TO EGYPT: Basketball life Overseas

WE WENT TO EGYPT: Basketball life Overseas

Do you feel nervous Dave?
What are you watching? What do you have? I have jungle, Ohh that will take care of a lot. are currently our third checkpoint
heading to Cairo David I scared terrified those guys over here eating on
the floor, doing other things on the floor. My watch just told me to breath 4 times. there’s two guys take a 47 so it worked 10 minutes and we stopped to
get gas and no one’s I had to pump the gas today
first off Look at this gas, What kind of pump is this? from 1937? Dave what’s going on doing a checkpoint David what is weird? What is weird? So good to breath outside okay yeah you I’m so tired. you were asleep sleep
huh it’s the convoy there David I gotta get
the convoy they’ve they’ve up how bad – do my farts stink. no paparazzi. how you doing Jell this little booger right here can sleep anywhere. it’s kinda scary here. got to be comfortable of being
uncomfortable what’s that bus doing? that’s enough that’s the other American
bus yeah but it’s chilly you’re chillin hey make the camera on your life you are
you’re my wife why’d you go up to her. You are my wife. let’s see how big it is. It’s huge movie star dave movie star
Dave movie star Dave. I’m nobody. I’m telling Lindsay in there Jen how was it we were
in there oh and the guys scamed us he was like you can’t take a picture and he’s like
flashes the money on his light on his money he’s like come on do you
take a picture here here I gave him one shackle so you’ve been hurt in a car wreck and
for some reason you haven’t called yet i think you should get the horses. “Horses in the Back.” care of the hassles for you I’ve been
helping people throughout Wisconsin for over 20 years it’s fast it’s easy and I
can get results

8 thoughts on “WE WENT TO EGYPT: Basketball life Overseas

  1. I want to take my girlfriend to Cairo soon. I’ve heard that the locals kinda harass women though. Did you guys experience that? Thank!

  2. Great video. Glad you are getting out and seeing the area and not just staying isolated in your apartment. Enjoy the good times.

  3. welcome to the oldest land known to man the land of pharaohs, hope you have fantastic holiday☺️

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