We Played in a Football Match | And got owned

We Played in a Football Match | And got owned

so this game goes on the way you as you can see cloud with little ball struggle straw and makes the first goal of the game they didn’t even take him 15 seconds and then Collins flanks the ball forward and then discipline boom one one you’re not up went to istikhara just for then the guy strides through the middle again and does the same thing home to one at our points we all if it’s mad for Collins tries to get a goal for couldn’t and then Jeff makes a good safe then I was with the ball I have no idea what I was doing there the ball got stolen away for me by Jeff makes another good save and rushes to the pole then crease makes a good shot on target or couldn’t put it away and there we call it a bit lot boom for one I guess now I’ve never difficult anymore at that point it was already frustrating because rather than one book then you can see some misunderstanding Claude tries to put the deliver couldn’t they can’t dad almost caught thank God they didn’t Chris Hardy boy yeah and I have absolutely no idea which was then that just falls to the ground and there I am with the ball again made one dribble passes to Colin’s other shot on targets I don’t put it away cheeky boom six go at this point that was our fifth go I just went oh so much I flunked the ball over to grace couldn’t put it away there you are not allowed to play within the cheapest box oh yeah get cold and tough counted anyway this point I was so lucky the ball came up and came off the uprights boy it wasn’t a dope Colin’s troubles is Rachel Chris trips again are Carrasco at this point the opposition made a nice pass and he put the ball away a very beautiful book had up when Jeff was so pissed man again Jeff makes another good save almost got a good there or hit the friend choice and this time Chris intercepts the ball again goes for the opposition go and actually scores now so what so sue goes I guess Eric crosses the ball and the guy just flicks the ball over my head it did it absolute some bread roll over me I couldn’t move so the beautiful piece of skill honey nice goal also and that was the first half a very very disappointed for stuff though the next round I think it’s a bit more impressive also

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