We Love Football! | Engaged with JoJo and Jordan

We Love Football! | Engaged with JoJo and Jordan

(woman cheering)
(upbeat music) – Too much? (woman cheering) – Joint intercept central! He takes it! He’s at the take! Good! Go! Touchdown! – What just happened? – It’s a game day episode of Engaged. Let’s go! – I don’t know what to do right now. That was so crazy. – This is my turf. This is me. – We’re talking football.
– I got this. – Let me try. Football. – Jordan, how much do you love football? – A little bit. – It’s not like you watch it all day, every day on your iPad, on your phone, on the TV, on the computer. – It’s been my whole life. – Tell everyone. – Started when I was a little kid. Me, my brothers, my dad would play pass patterns in the front
yard’s what we called it. Actually, my brothers were
so excited when I was born because they had a center so I was the one that snapped the ball. – Snapper. – That one. Played in high school, junior college, Vanderbilt, played in the NFL, it’s been my entire
life and now it’s work. I’m the guy that’s on TV whether you think it’s annoying or not, I’m the one telling you what’s going on and why it’s happening. I’m sitting up in a
booth with one other guy who’s my play-by-play guy and I have about five screens in front of me, but if you see a replay on TV and someone’s drawing or explaining it, what’s crazy about it is that’s the first time I get to see it too. – Were we together on your very
first game you ever called? I think we were. – We were. – ‘Cause you were so nervous I think. We had just gotten together. – They told me five days before, you’re gonna call this game. Okay cool. Expecting that someone would call me and tell me how to call a game because I’ve never done it.
(woman chuckles) I didn’t get that phone
call and what I found is you don’t really get that phone call. – I remember this. – You kind of just figure it out. You got to come up in
the booth and hang out. – I remember this! Oh my gosh, I was there. I remember asking you. I’m like, so how did you feel about it? You don’t like talking about it that much, or you didn’t in the beginning. – ‘Cause it was terrible. – No it wasn’t though!
– Yes! – Actually two things
I don’t think you like. You don’t like compliments. – I don’t like compliments. – And two, I don’t think you
like critique from me either ’cause if I try to say anything, it’s like (woman hushes)
and I’m like okay, got it. What am I supposed to do? I wanna compliment him all the time and I’m realizing that doesn’t work. – Not my love language. I don’t like compliments. Be like hey, suit looks good. – Now I start to say that now. I’ll send him a text and he’ll be on TV, and I’m like, suit game fire
emoji, or looking hot AF. – If you wanna have a fun game sometime, and I’ve had friends do this, is tweet me a random word. Me and my play-by-play guy, his friends will send him a random word and someone will send me a
random word and it’ll be game, how fast we can get that on-air. Not like a weird way though. If you said, shish kabob, you can’t just yell
shish kabob on the game. Speaking of those tailgates out there, the shish kabobs were fantastic, if you did something like that. – Now you guys can pay attention and if he says anything weird, you’ll know that it’s a little
inside game he has going on, or just tweet him or comment us on this and be like next game, try
to squeeze in whatever. Jordan has the best announcer voice. You do. There’s some people that have that voice. – I don’t feel like I change my voice. – You do. I don’t wanna do it. – Do I speak English? – No you do but tell me something to say. If Tom asks you something, you’re like, I don’t know about that Tom. This is something else you always do. Every time you’re commentating, you have a pen in your hand ’cause you don’t like your hand to not have anything in it when you’re talking. Am I right? – Yeah. What else do you do with your hands? – Also, this is the last,
you always looks so handsome, but whenever you’re
looking into the camera and Tom’s talking, you try to balance out
between looking at him and looking at the camera
and he does the smize. – What’s smize? – You kind of squint your eyes and then purse your lips together into the camera. Like that. Just like that to the camera.
(man laughs) It is crazy how much actually is going on. I don’t think that I even realized how much work goes into it, but you’re studying, you’re prepping 24/7. I think you’re so good at your job and I’m just very proud of you. – But I smize. – You smize when you look at
yourself in the mirror too. – Let’s not even talk about mirror faces. When you watch your stories on Instagram. – I do do that. – I don’t even need to ask
you what you’re watching ’cause I know what you’re watching. You’re watching yourself. – Self-love, it’s important. – You turn your head a little. (couple laughs) – Get out of here. Go. For time off football, okay? – Although, I was watching
myself the other day and I noticed I was doing something and I’m like, I’m so
glad she didn’t see that. – I think you got some guacamole
on your face from Chipotle. – Really? – Saving it for later.
– It’s game day! (upbeat music) – You never got to watch me play football. – I didn’t. – You get really excited
about football now. Would you have been pumped up, would you have been a nervous wreck? – I’ve talked to your
mom actually about this ’cause Darla, his sweet
mother, she’s insane, you’ve always told me how
nervous she would get. I think that I would be
the same way your mom was. – You’d be a wreck. – I was watching the
Cowboys the other night. I’m just watching them get
tackled and oh God, no! Very upset about them looking
like they’re getting hurt. I can’t even imagine watching you. – It’s a good thing. – Yeah ’cause you get beat up out there. – Also, I had the acne, I
was going through puberty. It wasn’t my best time
so it’s a good thing. – We met in your prime. – Weren’t you a
cheerleader in high school? – That’s funny. (man laughs) They couldn’t handle my moves back then. They’re just too strong. I played sports. I grew up with three older brothers so I was out there playing
football with them in the yard and I just grew up a
little bit of a tomboy. Every sport that you can think of, I did. Cheerleading is a sport,
but that was not for me. I do think I could’ve done it
’cause I could do these moves. – Now whenever it’s on, you’re always doing the things. – V-I-C-T-O-R-Y. That’s the Eagle battle cry. Go Eagles! – And you weren’t a cheerleader. – No, I wasn’t. You know, I was a real athlete Jordan. – Tell them. – I’m telling you. No, I don’t wanna brag. – You won state? – In track, won state in basketball. – What? – How many sports did you win state in? – We didn’t. We never won state. We have a very big state. – So is Texas. What are you talking about?
(man laughs) (upbeat guitar music) I’m from Texas. Football is everywhere here. We love the Cowboys. – That’s an understatement. – I’m so frustrated by the fact that Jordan isn’t a Cowboys fan yet. – I’m just not. You’re pretty reserved a lot of the time. The other day, the Cowboys
scored in the first three minutes and she was like. – I lost my marbles. – Doing these dance moves. (woman laughs)
That’s so your move. Who are you? You’re not my fiancee. I don’t know who you are. – I can tell you how
Jordan watches the game. Tweeting like a freaking maniac. (man chuckles) That’s you on game day. – You wanna see you on game day? – I know me on game day
’cause I’m passionate. – We scored? We scored? Why do we suck so bad? Is the game still on? – Maybe that’s when not
the Cowboys are playing. – Do you wanna go watch Netflix? Do you like this filter on me? – This is so dumb.
(man laughs) – That’s Jojo on game day. Actually that’s when she’s not in the kitchen eating the guacamole
and bean dip and queso. – I love bean dip. – Deviled eggs and all that stuff. (woman sighs) You know what we should do? – What? – We should do a snack-off. – A snack-off? What’s that? (upbeat trumpet music) – Doritos. Not even close. – Here I’m torn because
I like Doritos plain, but I like Fritos in a
Frito pie with chili. I would take a Frito pie any
day over just regular Doritos. – Doritos. (upbeat trumpet music) – Hot dog! What? – Hamburgers. – But a really good hot dog?
– I mean, hot dogs are good. – Hamburger’s good. I feel like hot dogs are good sometimes like ballpark, barbecue. Hamburgers are good all the time. All the time. Hamburger. – Hot dog! No? Alright. (upbeat trumpet music) – Pizza.
– Pizza. – We agree, finally. – What kind of pizza though? – Hamburger and jalapeno. – Anything but the jalapeno and pepperoni. – So good. (upbeat trumpet music) – Guac. Guacamole. – I’m gonna say guacamole. – What? – I’m gonna say guac ’cause I can eat way more of it I think. – Queso’s your favorite
thing in the world. – No but I think guacamole. I’m feeling guacamole right now. Guacamole. – You’re lying to yourself. – No, guac, healthier. (upbeat trumpet music) – Bloody Mary. – See, I’m not a Bloody Marry guy. Beer. – Or you can go michellata and get a little bit of both,
you know what I’m saying? It’s the Canadian Bloody
Mary with some beer in it. Is that right? – Is it? – Pretty sure.
– I think so. – We get the snacks down. – If you guys have any recommendations, comment below, let us know, and I’ll try and whip it
up on the next Game Day. Make sure to subscribe and we
will see you guys next time. (upbeat music)

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