We Get Them Ready For Varsity – San Pedro JV Football Vlog 2017

We Get Them Ready For Varsity – San Pedro JV Football Vlog 2017

Hi everybody from Coach Dom Costa like
share subscribe comment punch that like button this is the JV football vlog one
of my last ones for this season just want to share with everybody my job is
always to get as many kids as possible to the varsity in fact I feel like a
minor league baseball team and I’m never offended by when the varsity needs to
take guys or and I’m also very happy when they send guys they’re not using
back down to us remember my team’s ninth and 10th graders and anyone that can
help the varsity we’re here to prepare them and get them up to the varsity got
a couple of clips we want to show you my coaches and thank them for all their
help and support also show you a clip about why I’m here good little end of
the season clips for you and then something that’s shown on Instagram that
I did for a pregame for our last game check out all the clips and enjoy my
feelings and these clips of the season thank you so much and for all your
support there is one old bald white guy coach in
the middle of this pile leading his team in one last cheer I think you can see me
right there in the middle this is why I do what I do and this was a ton of fun
this is a picture of my coaches that I had the pleasure of working with and I
couldn’t do it without them directly to my right is coach Garrett followed by
coach Pete coach Jimmy and coach Eddie a great bunch of guys working with us
all together to help these young guys be the best they could be on our way to our
last game I think we’ve got this dialed in San Pedro
Pirates hey we’re here at Washington Prep
getting ready to play just want to show everybody a little 360 then the focus is
gonna be on the kids Donny Low here’s Braff say hello Scout “O”
versus the “D” Josh say hello hey bud say hello your live you know Ale
Mares sophomore year damn Johnny say hello to Srsen say hello to
Srsen say hello to Srsenn fire say hello to Srsen say hello to
Srsen say hello to Srsen we hate you say hello to Srsen all right say hello to Jay Lozano and Srsen hey
say hello to Srsen Amalfi I don’t like you Srsen say hello to Andres Srsen Hi Mr.
Srsen I hope you’re doing well of course and Jay Lozano
Oh Mr. Lozano too – all right have a nice good luck tonight in your game tonight well I’m done with the distraction but
we’re gonna get it done thanks for joining us!!!

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