WE ARE GOING TO FIBA ASIA!! Philippines vs Indonesia 2017 SEABA Highlights Reaction!


always about that targets about that time yo I’m sweating just thinking about it not really I’m more sweating because it’s fucking hot outside it’s like 89 degrees outside but this is the moment we give you off I’m getting sort of shocked look at the camera guys I shave my beard and I don’t know how I feel about it I don’t know mommy I kind of like it I might like it you guys let me know how you think about it in the comment section leave all your hate if you’re going to hate on it go ahead I don’t give a damn because I’m there’s nothing I can do it’s gone I kind of have to live with this so if you’re gonna hate hate if you love it no but guys y’all this is what we’ve been waiting for for so long all month with the waiting for this game it is Indonesia versus Hospital peanuts for the siapa title yo I have no idea who won this game but I know you guys do so thankful money you spoiled it to me I got Twitter I haven’t gone on youtube today I haven’t done anything today in regarding the internet I don’t want to know I just want to go into this as pure as a baby fresh out the room that’s mad graphic I don’t know why I said that I just want I want to be surprised but in my opinion I know Pilipinas is going to win you know there’s no way the Philippines going to lose there’s no way and if they do it’s going to be a very sad sad video all this energy that I have right now is going to be very very sad very sad exact opposite of how I am right now but pure positivity visualizing um if you visualize the janeski Latinas will win they will win you visualize things and then they are manifest themselves into reality that’s what I’m thinking right now shoutout to Will Smith alright let’s get into the video hope you guys enjoy okay how many serious whoo that’s up to the bro DC 30 highlights my boy failed Korea he has a gaming channel make sure you subscribe to the gaming channel but I’m literally DC highlights down below in the comment section and in the description so make sure to show them support yo oh my god oh my god I want to be guys come here I can’t I can barely hear something raise it up a little bit I know last time I had the volume out like Stephanie knows way too loud so we’re in the whiter yeah yo Indonesia had some really tall players it plays a big need to be with us y’all is the first time the second time we haven’t had a lead for the entire game last time was against Thailand I think all right latch strong man Macbeth big boy fucking hot guys Rosario absolute you’re starting Castro against Indonesia oh fuck oh I’m a half a time a half faith in him he was one of the best PG is in Asia he still has a dog okay polite but what could he call it privately stardom pretty smells like six feet tomorrow Oh Jamar no butterfingers Brody you can’t do this yo ho the game is really closed flat for three oh yeah licky latch dunkey yeah baby all right Kuzma sweat I need to take the hat off it’s too fucking hot how they were know how to make you look better oh oh oh too easy we have a nicely both ten-point lead okay three from Blatche again pick it up Oh yup give it a math you’re right let’s take it anytime yeah yeah yeah good decisions all around all right in Indonesia at the three-point shot – I’d rather write those ten point lead as long as you can keep it above ten point I’ll be happy if we can get it to 20 points we’re winning is there’s only the toppings who give up a 20-point lead Jamal are 14 Wiley Castro fadeaway good a man can make me regret saying that you shouldn’t start man Jap is and one I’ll jab it oh ho oh boy ah yes then again when we went for – yeah be happy made me happy all is co oh we have a 22 point week we won this in the first quarter this games won this games whoa whoa oh oh whoa oh Romeo o Romeo Romeo wherefore art thou Romeo whoa okay number two in Indonesia is slicing land how is that a good move I’ll give you that no jumper okay they’re coming back I don’t like this with all the 20-point lead anymore I like this I’m jealous be smart you like that right you smart yes the lighting is awful the lighting is awful come on come on to the game I can’t afford add a poor lighting a Lala nice three I’m gonna bring it back yeah I need that fixes like this is totally killing this is totally killing the tension right now I I don’t like this I really don’t like this alright okay this better you guys is this is it it’s really not it’s really not fuck okay this is killing me oh all right this is this is this is good this is good all right started back so now I’m just got the nice three-point shot no 20 point lead 20 point lead flash for three up I feel like I can breathe easy now you guys I’m about a third celebrating for third quarter we’re all 520 I think it’s time to start celebrating I think it’s time to throw a fucking party maybe a sip of water [Music] what’s up all right you guys I know we have a big lead I know we have a 20-plus lead but I can’t afford to be giving easy shit and one Blatch all right but seriously guys Indonesia and don’t that’s right fancy so much freedom do you like they can’t come back man because they’re on the feet just like us I don’t care no chances damn damn you don’t need you got this Johnson guy is he really Indonesian I really don’t think so but damn i guy’s huge right right up to parents for three eggs yes Taran that’s a 30 point lead baby it as he got to oh man you know if it was any other game over to stop it already since 4:30 piecing them but not let’s just rub it in we are the sea otter chance Nick I actually subscribe I’m not going to say it until it’s official Matthew right easy 3 bang where was the defense y’all don’t care you more in the business doesn’t care parents watch abuela we’ve been jumping over this I love the way of living players bro Shepard when the pimping between March up is like his hot Shepard like a side Shepard like a hot when it’s Roy lob to you Jeff is like a side definitely like a side I’m like ah yes oh man it feels good oh my god if I was over cyber said I pull this water on me but hell no this waters fucking holders house you would not get no and this Pete I’m sitting on his way to nice Oh No Oh Oh fourth quarter we’re up by a massive lead there’s no there’s no going back I’m just stopping myself from celebrating right I have so much energy I can’t talk I want to wait until it’s official when the clock hit zero white what Oh guys holy sir now we can miss a couple doesn’t matter anymore it’s all good oh my god all right so this game is pretty much over I’m gonna say and I’m gonna ask you guys to it I’m gonna say my MVP for the entire CI buffers the rest of the peanuts would be it has to be a tie between Japeth Hollande and abuela but I’m gonna go with the play but if you can pretty much do it all man rebound songs 3-point shots every day I’d go bro yo I must feel so good to win in Manila Tom and congratulate you feel absolutely nuts you guys are like just to the Philippines how it feels good all this feels good okay that’s more on the road to the Olympics man congratulations is Filipinas congratulations to all the fans rather congratulations to everybody watching I love you guys I love do the spread of the Philippines yo if I can I’m going to really going to try and button the see if I can save up bias against Lebanon so I can go to the FIBA Asian Cup and see it live she’s happening I’ll vlog it of course but no promises guys I’m going to try my hardest it’s going to be it’s probably gonna be expensive oh I can’t even imagine like tickets to go watch probably going to be ridiculous if you guys can’t look it up for me send to me on Twitter or whatever comment section I don’t care just let me know it’s tall let me get it [Music] I’m just too hot I can’t even no we won we won the table we’re CIA champion I know it’s kind of like expected to be very easy but I’m like roaming the debate should cut baby we’re going to play against some of the hardest teams in Asia bro this is crazy whoo it’s my first time watching and paying attention of the females you Cup and I’m hyped I’m sorry and that guys thank you so much for being here let me know who you think the MVP of the last Pilipinas was leave it in the comment section let me know like this video if you enjoyed subscribe if you haven’t already hit the bell down below next to my name so you can become part of notification squad see all the videos when they come out here this video if you can and as always have a great day have a great month of the year you have a great life I love you guys so much ball yeah I’m learning many my dialogue but I have to be there eventually we won yeah let’s go so guys so does this mean [Music]

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