Was Damon Dash Right About Jay Z?

Was Damon Dash Right About Jay Z?

Hey good afternoon welcome to the gun
show bang bang oh you met yeah yeah yeah Boss Hogg AKA troy terrain working out
on a deer on a daily basis pardon me I got that from Melly Mel for those who
you know heard Melle Mel come on my show let’s put on time talking about the bun
show anyway hey I’m feeling great this afternoon I’m having dinner this evening
with a friend a business associate so I’m gonna do a research show here for
you and I want to you know engage objective perspectives before we start
talking about jay-z whole jeddah man if you’re new to the show please know that
I am an Objectivist from the school of ein Rand so there are certain things
about what jay-z has done that I approve of I agree with you know but if you’re
if you’re criticizing jay-z right now you have the right to especially based
upon jay-z has been a champion a matador of sorts for the black struggle the
black experience the black cause by way of social injustice and other things so
let’s have a a hearty discussion here I do not need to nor will I try to control
the narrative your calls are welcome your super chats your cash apps you can
join the conversation under the video there’s a link that will take you to the
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through on the phone line okay okay Ronnie where are you Ronnie will be
calling in I’ll let Ronnie tell you guys where she has been but I was at the gym
this morning sweating on that sus 300 and Ronnie said she said yo caps girl
taking shots on on social media nigga where you at
oh shit okay so um video footage has been released of the the meeting the
press conference the QA which by the way they’ve only released what I have seen
thus far is QA audio questions TMZ comm they’ve got the full QA audio
but now there is video of Jay Z answering a few questions and talking
with the NFL Commissioner the history of this I’m sure you should be up to speed
on but I will go over some things again and salute to Jamel
is that Jamel or Jamil I was called her Jamel I’m gonna say Jamil he’ll formerly
of ESPN now she’s a staff writer with the Atlantic old she went ten toes down
she said in her article jay-z helped the NFL banish Colin Kaepernick I’m gonna
let Ronnie take the lead on that and other things I have a bunch of notes
here we’re gonna talk and if you did see the video jay-z is talking about
actionable items he said that we are past kneeling the information that I
have and I’m sure many of you have as well is that you know Colin Kaepernick
was not even invited to this meeting wasn’t invited that I have an issue with
because how do you go from you know taking shots at the NFL I think the song
is called apeshit and then not even inviting the man to the sit-down with
the commissioner fuck how the Commissioner feels and fuck if he’s
uncomfortable Colin Kaepernick is out of a job now jay-z said this is not about
Kaepernick having a job – jay-z said and you can call in and clarify anything
that you feel needs to be clarified and it’s still easy today to put up on the
screen jay-z throws Colin Kaepernick under the
bus I want to take it back for those of us who do who do deep dives for those of
you who know the history of Rockefeller let’s go back
dame – good man I haven’t seen Dame – since at the 2001 I forget right prior
to alia passing away our IP but the man in my opinion even though we’ve said a
couple of slick things about each other were born on the same day he’s a boss
he’s a credible man and he spoke on jay-z years ago and many people were
dismissive because of his finances and other things they tried to clown him but
was dame – write about jay-z that’s that’s my question to you was he right
about jay-z’s character I mean he said a lot of things and then he pulled back
and then he got swamped with you know his own business ventures or did jay-z
just outgrow tame – and all of his team I mean all of those guys and I’m not
going to just start throwing names around you guys can do that but you know
maybe Jay just is somewhere else now if so maybe we have to respect it you know
but I do at least want to ask the question and for those of you who know
the history was Daymond – write about jay-z also on the screen did the NFL win
the war the war now Colin Kaepernick and the Nike corporation they won you know
some battles but has the war now been one jay-z if you saw that video okay
he’s laughing and shucking Luckett ha ha ha ha ha you know the Commissioner of
the NFL he’s laughing ha ha we’ve all staged
rarely do I say something with stage but this in my opinion was staged even some
of the earlier questions you know that were asked to jay-z it looked like he
had time to think so whoever asked the questions and I
don’t need to point out people’s names it looked like jay-z was ready for those
questions is this the ultimate con job Palance open
Ronnie sit tight and bring in shortly and some other things want to talk about
with you guys this afternoon because gonna have to do research and it’s
moving really fast a story I’ll get to my own personal business a little bit
later oh and salute to the body builders that
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don’t get talking to crazy but then I’m in Atlanta GA folks and I need a
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fat into muscle that I’ve been learning so I’m trying to burn fat and build
muscle I’m trying to get my hands on some anavar start talking reckless or
some master on am I saying that right mas ter o n or analog yeah boss nigga
start going ten toes down getting camera ready
hint hint I’ll keep you posted all right let me get Ronnie on the line
what’s Ronnie’s number hang listen guys who I’m sweating and now I’m sipping
some strawberries and cream way Bala crypt yeah we’ll talk about all that
bodybuilding shit later Ronnie Ronnie where are you Ronnie said nigga where
you at right now let’s see you in the queue what’s going on are you calling
from a different number on E is it me I don’t see seven three two Ronnie shoot
me a text I don’t see you let me pull in a few calls until I get Ronnie in the
queue good afternoon nine one seven are you up
to speed jay-z did he throw Kaepernick under the
bus was Damon – write about jay-z what say you are you there nine one seven
okay dragon Poconos come on come on man move your ass
my bet you’re solid man I’m at work right now okay not talk we don’t want to
talk give me a bit me a minute we go get into
this jay-z shit you got me no let’s get you out of it
I can’t talk give you minute no I got no time for you out of here white man got
you in a pressure just send in a guy shop
good afternoon 909 are you there is that Luke a knee 909 yes sir good afternoon
Luke a knee from the Congo now living in California
how are you sir I know you’ve got a lot to say what do you want to start please
man I told you before Jesus snake you gave me a hard time about that right
well either either he’s a snake however however I think that the urban community
is confusing business with emotion he told you that he told us that before yes
he told us before he’s about his paper is about doing business and business has
no ways business has no collar business has no
emotion unfortunately right okay if you wanna ride you gonna have to do some
dirty shit and what you just did he just pulled the ultimen move on everybody
okay right he told all that if you go that way wrong you’re doing something
wrong you’re not supporting the columns but then it turns around X I need you to
make money ultimately to make money with the NFL right because money I will call
it to him okay hang on a second Lucania I don’t know the details maybe you do
with regards to jay-z’s deal with the NFL have you gotten any numbers are
there any different criterias that we need to know or you know you should at
least wait for and give him the chance you’re saying he’s a snake yes okay for
me you know honestly I don’t know the details I don’t know the number however
whatever we go on there’s a lot of numbers we got regardless of what the
numbers are he is gorgeous the fact that he’s on that stage
he’s going to profit from that right he’s a clever man so even if the NFL end
up under under paying him we don’t know jay-z’s gonna find a way double love all
right okay hang the second Luke any before I let you go cos s irani in the
queue the question and one of the questions yeah did the NFL win the war if you win the war because because to me
there was there was no real war to begin with
Kaepernick to cast and what you don’t you don’t have to take your stuff of
fans when you are an employee of the NFL your employer told you you you know you
are not allowed to do such and such and such but when you do that guess what you
gonna get fired right okay you don’t knock it off and get back to work what’s
up that’s it you know that’s it lucania I gotta bring Ronnie in man I thank you
for your call Luke a knee on the chicken Lou Kenny’s from Africa but he got no
love for african-americans let’s be clear good man he spends scrolling with
me but uh let’s call a spade a spade hey Ronnie sent you hey what do you
think you are how are you good afternoon okay hey thank you for keeping me at the
speed with everything that’s going on let’s take it slow I’m in no rush um
where do you want to start because you and I both saw the video as people are
seeing it right now lot of people aren’t working busy and then there’s audio the
audio is really bad it’s very low and it looks like you know jay-z and whoever
else is really trying to control the narrative here what do you want jump in
Ronnie wait well I’ll jump in with the last question you know that you first to
leukemia which was who who wins who is the winner now although this deal will
undoubtedly increase Jays overall Network
he’s not the real winner in this field he was more or less upon the real winner
is the NFL because this is an amazing look for them in terms of public
relations they can now hold this feel up and basically dismiss any talk of them
not being on board with social justice they can take any criticism of how they
handled Collins by holding this deal up as if to say she here we’re progressive
we’re promoting change you know in this newsflash the NFL didn’t need jay-z to
promote change or social justice reform we’re talking about an entity with
billions of dollars without even spending then marketing dollar they
could have cemented themselves as Champions of Change simply by NOT
blackballing Collins do you think that this press conference you know which
stage I mean who are those people sitting behind jay-z and and the very
first question that we saw as to jay-z came from Charlemagne so clearly they’re
trying to target the young urban audience to say hey you see it’s you
know it’s all it’s all it’s all good it’s all love those people behind him do
you know am i doing too much now I believe those were other executives
between rock nation and NFL Roger Goodell actually came to Jays turf to
the rock nation offices to have that roll out press conference so he’s
basically letting Jay take the charge and control the narrative himself I know
one of the questions you asked Lou teenie was with regards to the financial
aspect of this the fight specific financial details have not been
disclosed but what they are saying the deal is for two key objectives one to
promote the league social justice efforts and two to enhance its
entertainment offerings there is no three with regards to Collin when they
were press specifically about Collin you know Jay basically said you know what
about him this has nothing to do with him he said this is not
about him having a job so from his own mouth he said we’re past that so in
other words forget Collin which is ironic because if you think about it
would J be sitting down with the NFL to discuss social justice reform were it
not for Collin setting this entire chain of events into motion right now hang on
a second because you sent me a text early you say yo caps girl is on social
media taking shots you did send me the screenshots I did not get a chance to
take a look can you um tell us what she was saying and her name is Nessa yes she
a radio host in New York City her name is Nessa okay yes she is a radio host
during the day and New York City because the problem is like he said there is one
narrative being driven out right now so and and Colin hasn’t really spoken much
but he said what he did say was enough and then what she said was even more to
add clarification to the situation which is that jay-z didn’t speak with Colin
prior to making this deal he was not a part of the discussion and she made that
very clear on her social media account money can I ask you to give us verbatim
what necessary didn’t she say lies let’s go there yes take your time take your
time we’re doing research I’m check okay folks I’m coming come on Ronnie take
your time okay so TMZ had tweeted out a headline your phone’s going in and out Ronnie
Bono say again say again okay can you hear me now yes good okay okay so TMZ
had tweeted a headline saying that jay-z spoke with Colin ahead of the meeting
and the deal she tweeted a screenshot of that headline and said this is a lie
Colin never spoke to jay-z and the NFL ahead of that deal being done they never
and she’s never all kept they never included him
ah she has also made comments and he is that they the same sentiment except
basically this deal serves to update Colin and Jesus and I have to agree with
that okay okay alright because we’re no longer we’re no longer I’m sorry please
we’re no longer discussing caps and what happened to him we’re now going to be
talking about who rock nation takes to perform at the Super Bowl listen folks I
want us to go real slow this afternoon I’m looking at the route calm the title
jay-z touts his NFL partnership as the evolution of Colin Kaepernick’s protest
bus it what but is it for me question mode and
there’s a picture of a Roger Goodell and jay-z just smiling at each other we’re
fucking dreamy eyes yo yeah
is this the fall of jay-z I mean I hate to say it like that to such a broad
stroke but I mean it looks like he just has totally sold the fuck out that’s
what it looks like I don’t want to call him a sellout but it just it looks like
that holy shit let’s bring up caller in well you know the irony come on inside
come on the irony is that you know like he said
in his song specifically he said he said no to the Superbowl you need me I don’t
need you well if that were the case why enter into a deal that doesn’t assist
the one man who set the situation and to play why not hold out and wait for a
deal that includes him if you truly don’t need him now I don’t ask that to
imply that Jane does meet them I asked that question rhetorically to highlight
the fact that he made a move he didn’t have to write Shirley for dollars and
cents yeah very well said and folks we’re asking
why wasn’t colin kaepernick invited to the meeting I think that’s another big
question hold on a second Ronny let me go to psych l good afternoon sir he
sends in a cash app he says let’s ride thank you sir uh did somebody else in
what is that Nico hey Nico Jay Z a fuck nigga who leaves their brother behind
okay okay Jermaine eight six zero good evening I
like Ronnie the best better okay thank you sir thank you looks Ronnie did
you scrub scuba Tech pardon me scuba Texas jay-z has evolved should build
private prisons now okay Cheryl hey Cheryl Cheryl says Gerald
sucks at 2k okay I’m not sure what that’s about but thank you you mean NBA
2k thank you so much Shirl if I understand your cash app correctly
DJ Gabi the gift on the check in good afternoon sir are you are you calling in
Gabi what number you are calling in from I gotta check my phone
what’s the homey Gabi get to him shortly p dub 48 says salute the Jigga man for
chasing the check okay you meant to say salute to Jigga man you put the thank
you sir I’ll take the time I’ll take the time dude I read that one give me a
second okay let’s go to the phone lines area code six seven eight good afternoon
six seven eight you’re on the phone with my supper Ronnie did the NFL win the war
six seven eight oh can you hear me come come Gary deejay
Gabi come close to the phone you’re on a speakerphone let’s go
moving fast sounds like shit DJ Gabi my homie what’s up man how are you know all
the communication going down with the rappers amazing will be here for let’s
get to DJ Gabi that’s a question oh yeah they won the war man come on that yeah
they won the world no no you know why they won the war because they got the
biggest one naked dude there goes big following that can’t raise them through
the mental blockage that they may have when they’re only because it was too
much power behind Kaepernick you’re I’m saying that’s why jay-z didn’t invite on
you would have got over to wrong with Kaepernick there Your Honor I’m saying
bottom line Timmons it’d be a business al all over running
the same or fucking they all on the same branch you know what I’m saying they all
got the same did you see the video footage DJ Gabi of jay-z talking at the
press conference it’s it’s it’s up on tmz.com and multiple sites the shame
room did you see the video footage I mean me personally I mean I actually
been around them a sheet I met him a couple of times actually had a
motherfucking autographed ball ahem brandy in Serina from the US Open all
that type-c seniors lyrics live right right Mickey hit a record look at his
track record everybody joke no joke his are they you know all
these other people that are not with him that all being blocked on social media
all this other stuff that’s in the in tirana other stuff normal right now
he blocking them on big levels big scales why he’d like it all these people
and there’s nothing houseful to be said about his operation now in the interim
all that that makes me think about Jayco Jay College must be a serious gangster
he just being quiet like fuck you don’t get in my paper I’m looking good I think
you don’t say it but you know everybody else is against them they want to tell
the truth and it’s being shut down so why is it did you get I appreciate the
call man and what do people find you are you an Instagram Twitter what’s the best
platform for you yeah so all social media is DJ gaap ie the gift gift and
subscribe to the YouTube more time to come in that gap also gifting good to
talk to you man thank you I appreciate you yes sir ok my homie DJ Gabby its
phone sounds like shit but he’s good guy springing area code nine one seven that
I’m coming back to your super chat I one afternoon very noisy good afternoon
hello yes good afternoon all right yoga sup stop thief how you
doing hey peace which I’m in this black corner from Brooklyn yeah I just want to
get in touch – touch – touch on touch on the topic as far as the world who won
the war and the third one the world a long time ago when Chaplin it could be
other settlement everybody’s talking about Oh capture everybody’s talking
about Japanese doesn’t involve you you know he’s not bothering to do why would
he be party to do gentleman Solomon he such as quite funny he was the one the
only person the only person who was in position to crippled an affair with
Japanese they said he had he said he had evidence of Kamui in cade that that they
would keeping him out he took them to the court he was the only person he was
the only person won’t in position just to put any kind of buckle in an NFL
yeah now once he yes he took that settlement once he took that settlement
doc that was it the fight was oh yeah if you bring up a very very good point and
you know maybe and again I don’t know maybe jay-z said well look he had a shot
you know he could have made a play for a job or something something in the front
office took his money fucking number I have nothing don’t even give like I know
like of course they signed an agreement so he can’t talk about the NFL right
well what about the cause he was nearly for obviously nothing he’s gone I
haven’t seen not one thing he had done since he took that settlement money in
regards to his original course nothing okay not one thing now hang on a second
you’re from Brooklyn so III have I asked you do you respect
Jigga man’s moves because as they as an individual matter I do of course of
course I do oh of course I do out there respect a
new first of all first of all come on jiggle that before
Shikha was part of first of all she’s gonna do I’m gonna tell you a few
reasons why should I do come on he was new he was a part of Finnish he went
abroad Franklin it was he brought some people at the table next to put there
now is our first team he’s the first rapper to touch upon you down he’s the
only person on those on those NFL glass level that’s right that’s why they be
starts to change because into only one that’s where that billion dollar level
all these other rappers like but you made you pray or whatever don’t even
want to deal with them yeah the crumbs on the tables keep it real hhhh after
the jewels in the world we had nobody from your knowledge motherfucker got a
piece the fur game now it’s about you enough fucking pray he’s a billionaire
he’s a billionaire a motherfucking he wanted what caused me I thank you I
appreciate you me a salute so he’s very talk Wow objective perspectives or if
you’re biased that’s fine call in speak your piece Ronnie
um did Colin Kapernick post a statement on his website his Instagram
since we’re talking about Kaepernick as well Ronnie yeah that info yeah he made
a statement saying that no matter what happens your bones going in and out
Ronnie in and out but let me give you his word can you hear me yeah no your
phone keeps going no no okay I can try to move to a different location but let
me give you his word specifically this is what he posted after the deal was
announced he says today marks the three year anniversary of the first time I
oppressed it I protested systemic oppression I continued to work and stand
with the people on our fight for liberation
fight those who are trying to rape the movement the movement has always lived
with the people so I took those last two statements as a direct response to the
CEO being analogy because it does upstage his movement hang on a second
Ronny I’m on Colin Kaepernick’s IG page right now and a video has been posted
hold on hold on let’s let’s be up-to-the-minute here it looks like one
hour ago yeah one hour ago and if Colin Kapernick he appears to be working out
it says denied work for 897 days so he just posted something an hour ago kind
of put you on hold are you at your Jes can you look at that
video and then bring us up to speed I’m not inside but I can look at it right
now for you you can put me on hold okay be right back okay Ronnie oh let’s go to
the phone lines area code so you some type of Toys R Us
head sounds like shit yeah I appreciate call ma’am come on don’t do that to me
talk about jigum hand put this Mac down Oh
is he the ultimate sellout or for those of you who know I you gotta read 48 laws
of power I never read that I live that shit
is this some type of power play chess play you know jig a man to get up inside
somebody asked some little joke and in jay-z said haha I’m not the Commissioner
yet ah ha ha ha ha yeah that real weirdo fucking laughs um area code three one
four clapping no three on one doing one is it what’s on it yes sir oh all right
Ronnie oh yeah okay here we go okay what I need
to okay now when you start talking about this
jay-z thing this deal didn’t happen in the last week this is been going on for
maybe over a year it’s not something that just happened so when you got these
niggas on the phone and and see whether neither sellout or not if you want to
make the argument for being a sellout he probably sold out when he did that bring
in the Knicks the net the butcher of Brooklyn because he was used as the face
of that and people think that he really was like the broker of that deal when he
was just a faith now if you want to go further into talking about how business
is conducted do I think that he sold out in write up we won’t know that until
everything comes out but see you got it you got it just foolish all of these
petty midgets that don’t understand how things like this work come on this is a
very big move should the move be respected
yes the moon should be respected but you also have to understand the moon
everything that’s going on is not going to be put out there and you can’t go out
there waving some black flag talking about we’re gonna burn this whole
motherfucker down right when people need to be a part of things in order for
there to be some sort of change now Kaepernick I’m still trying to
understand what Kaepernick has to do with this now maybe that he will he’s in
the door now with this deal maybe something
can’t be done for cabinet you cannot it you can’t tell people don’t watch
football niggas was watching football people said don’t watch it they were
watching it anyway when the water did the NFL win the war what war you have to
be able to fight you have to be able to compete in order for this to be a battle
or for there to be a war well hang on a second if I can jump in and say that the
NFL was feeling the effects of the Colin Kaepernick you know kneeling situation
and the fallout and they were trying to do a cleanup job they were dressing
certain things and very you know slow to moderate up you know ways but you know
it looks like it’s all good now and I’m not a conspiracy theorist let me just
say that most people know that I give you the objective perspective but I’m
now seeing jay-z just now it’s like one big kool-aid smile they were shucking
and yucking and doing the goddamn hambone
I was like whoa man you’re out here preaching black sorry black salvation
injustice and it looks like you’re now you just you you sold out for a fucking
job you wanna you want to know why they would you want to know why they will
have the audience to vote for them both sides because they both got what they
wanted they got the dick madatha kaja they think that they smoothed over
everything with black people matted he got what he wanted and I’m gay and I did
not get the job for him he’s hard to angle something I think that him LeBron
Jane I’m gonna give him the benefit of the doubt hood they’re doing stuff that
has never been done before that while i’ma give them the benefit of the doubt
do I think they’re sold out yeah I think something so my long time ago when they
was talking about Big Pimpin that technically is selling out when you’re
selling your people short when you’re not educating the masses we keep talking
about how to make a brick on a song or how to how to surf hope in a in a coffee
mug that selling out make people real about what’s really going on and what
are we talking about gained a sport what do you mean gain – were right game
– was bitter gain dad is better and forget up have you ever heard I’m just
asking the question because you know for those of us who know the rock of
the game – pigs crazy history I think that rock Ronnie your phone is really
bad Ronnie for those of us who know the history you know Dame – was what was
dogged for a lot of years let’s not act like you know he wasn’t he was dogged
and when he was speaking about Jay Z everybody was saying I you just better
move on so I mean I’m asking the question I might change the title after
the show but right now at least when I put some respect on his name go ahead
listen I’m up full respect on his name because he’s a great businessman but
he’s an asshole he’s the original Nicki Minaj let’s not
forget any of this and we do talk like that was a hard shot pay attention
people that that’s bad energy on anything that you’re doing it’s bad
karma what he was doing and everybody knows that when you start getting deep
down and you’re trying to talk to people he found it smooth people over certain
people cannot be in the room name – should have been on the battlefield he
shouldn’t have been in the board room with all that yelling and screaming and
acting like that okay you fought for your artist and I get all of that but
see the bitter see the people that can’t move forward like beanie sigel
and the rest of them philly niggas i’m aggie philly niggas and all that stuff
yeah y’all make up music but that’s what y’all we’re good for somebody’s move
that when you start going above people pay grade and above yo he’s out of music
don’t understand that he make music when he wants to make music he’s not making
music because he has to because that’s what they do it like I said about things
okay Jim if you want to know how bad game is you ask Jim Jones because they
was riding with them okay I tried this I don’t want to take shots at Dame I just
I want to focus on jay-z but I think if you call me and I appreciate your
perspective thank you hello yes sir okay okay all right Ronnie just send me a
text she said that’s not my phone Ronnie are you there yeah that went
broke yeah that wind blowing in the background and trucks going by that was
it there’s no trucks or wind by me all right sound better you sound better and
I found you something Hey so now let’s again let’s really try
and mentally massage this me personally I would have
loved to have seen Dame – in that meeting barking now I know he’s
somewhere else down his life he’s not that man anymore and he has grown I
respect how he’s grown but at the same time
I’ll have loved to have seen Dame – in that room barking on the NFL and the
Commissioner that would have made me say okay you know at least you know
something’s gonna you know really happen here that that more people can benefit
from and well am I going someplace else or should we just give jay-z more time
no no no and and that’s the difference between a man like Jay and then man like
Dane Dane wouldn’t have walked in that meeting without cap so however he would
have conducted himself he wouldn’t have walked in that room without cap he I
mean he him as a man of more integrity and more principled I mean if we look
back at how everything fell apart with Rockefeller we can’t be surprised by
Jays actions today this is the same type of you know self-serving move that he
pulled when he made a deal with Def Jam to cut him out of the deal with
Rockefeller they came up together and you know look at the way things are now
so you know it’s ironic we see Jay has made amends with several people that he
had falling-out with but you know they was truly a day one a one and you know
he’s pretty much left them hanging okay okay Ronnie I’m gonna bring in my family
supernovas slung and when I come back please don’t let me forget I want to
address Jamil Hills article from the Atlantic please don’t let me forget all
right supernova Salam peace the ferry oh you dance a supernova please cousin that’s my family yes sir
how are you you know we live in a capitalistic
country right and we always know that our people were you know the first to
loop the capital to live in this country was authorized what it did so I
crazy right he started off as a prima capitalistic rapper the hood gonna come
up those boy right but he made some real strategic grass won’t give back moon at
the height of his power now people may argue he could’ve did it before you know
when first came out saying he waited from here at new power to start giving
back and you know speaking his concerns of what black power even get back any
Burnett came and beyond said I’m gonna do in the Baltimore riots they build up
all of those focuses but they all died so my thing is this everybody
everybody’s grassroots of give back may be different right so when you deal with
traffic sinister black men for the top of the pyramid I may not understand
anything to move and it’s okay like they may have a different version of black
power will get back or grassroot accountability now we may not also stand
because we’re in a different side of the capitalistic ladder that their
convocation we can’t come out and say to the people
okay I made a kill the NFL and this will make a position right but I’m not going
now hang on a second supernova salaam if I can just jump in here and say
respectfully now you are you are you are official Brooklyn through so you are
buying out like like he has a different language give back just because one
corporation with actions I’m having a little trouble hearing you
on your phone this amount I appreciate you I will be in touch and let’s make
sure you and I talk behind the scenes man because I’m I’m bringing out the gun
show I need to talk to you about some wellness man please please tell mom’s
queen a fool I said hello man salut okay family blood family no all right um hang
on a second Ronny I think Dana wants to get on the line hard Daniel well your
dinner with the data wait a second wine are you still there
run Imani okay I’m here Dana what number you’re calling in from I see yeah Dana
993 yeah but okay here we go Dana the most-hated Oh Danny they hating
on you real quick so the question you posed did the NFL win the war right no
they did not because we thought was a corporation a financial corporation made
about 32 teams the owners pay Roger Goodell right so he works for them so
who are you to come into my business and tell me what you want but that’s exactly
what happens Michael Jenkins he created the players
coalition which helps players and protect players when it comes to social
justice issues and they had to owners pay a hundred million dollars for social
justice justice programs and there was James II in activism and entertainment
and the social social justice activist so the NFL paid money for social justice
justice organizations related to what’s happening was protesting against so they
pay reparations to black people so if they put out money if they put out money
we run that war because then you have to do that you have all that business so
hang on a second so do you think that colin kaepernick
should be back playing in the NFL he put up a new post on on instagram and he’s
saying still without you know a job what do you thoughts on that I mean I
want to see him play he should be playing but again if they still lose
though you’re too much of a distraction I don’t have to hire you I already paid
you and you took the money goodbye and I’m putting up a hundred million for
social justice organizations and I’m giving you reparations to your people
federal government or the state thing give us nothing but the NFL did one hour
ago that’s one hour and 20 minutes ago Colin Kaepernick posted again for those
just now tuning in on his IG page denied work for 897 days why do you want to
chime in with regards to what Dennis saying running yes I think that what’s
happening is a lot of people are intertwining two different things first
you have the issue which Colin was protesting then you have the case which
was with regards to collusion by owners in the NFL because he took the check the
settlement for the case that has nothing to do with the original issue that he
was protesting so it can’t be said you know you took the money so be quiet go
away that was with regards to an employment matter that has nothing
riding with the original matter now when we look at the original matter what
exactly does that mean promote the league social justice
efforts we haven’t really heard much about specifically how that breaks down
and what that looks like I mean at the very least their statements have lacked
clarity because when I think of the NFL the last thing that comes to mind is
that they have somehow seeking to engage in social justice efforts in fact if we
look back it would put this into motion I can easily make the case that they
have zero interest and getting involved with matters of social justice that’s
the entire reason they didn’t want him kneeling they said this is not the time
of the place this is nothing to do with football so I mean so with that what you
just saying yes two separate things they pay topping it
where they’re supposed to pay huh but they don’t want to hire that’s over
there they also put in a one hundred million dollars that’s gonna be divvy up
a certain amount each year but you talk about Malcolm’s engines and other
players and I believe they’re at the table controlling where that money goes
so whether it’s for programs and certain you know black communities to help
prevent police brutality or activities summer activities for kids relate in
sports because that does help children stay out of trouble so that money is
divvy up and it’s allocated to whatever different organizations throughout the
nation and Malcolm Jenkins Jenkins and other players are part of that advice
advisory team watching where the money goes
so again it’s if you a hundred million dollars leave me alone I’m not about the
where dashiki you got a hundred million I hate to cut you up but I have to bring
in other calls thank you for checking I can’t work anyway but thank you thank
you dear hang on a second running stay right
there oh I think I have a friend on the line he’s not just a homey but he’s a
friend hang on a second let me see if I can get him on the line here he just
sent me a text he says I’ll get a piece of this conversation area code nine one
seven where are you sir where are you sir is this my homie American journalist
writer cultural critic television personality Toure I am sir how are you
good good to have you aboard man good to hear your voice
you’re in town yes do you want to announce that or no you had no college
year I love Atlanta don’t happy you happy to be back you know to be back but
you know yeah man you know I’m disappointed I think the NFL is with
winning this war I think jay-z has allowed himself here
to be a pawn that absolved the NFL of the clear racism
cap and this owed this movement toward police brutality bringing awareness
police brutality the same way that Kanye standing beside Trump allows Trump to
say hey how can I be racist Kanye loves me you love Kanye what’s the problem
the NSA gets the same benefit to be able to say hey you know and it’s not
something that needs to be verbalized right like jay-z standing that I mean
like it was a billion dollars worth of valuable publicity for the NFL for jay-z
of all people to be saying hey it’s time to move on from feeling we’re done with
that everything knows what the issue is so what is the actionable item valve I
don’t know how much he got paid out of this but I don’t hear him getting to
have a substantive change that would accompany this that a Kaepernick would
want that an Eric Reid would want my man now hang on a second Torre if I can just
jump in here for a second and also Ronnie is on the line with us Ronnie
Ronnie that’s to arraign my friend so today you and I spoke rowdy
yeah we spoke earlier right before I started doing the show and you said and
I want to misquote you you said is jay-z now a prostitute did you use that
language or did I hear something different word but I’m gonna think what
a minute what I what I said was if you sell out four aces all about then you’re
a prostitute you still out for a big amount then you’re a businessman and
jay-z’s all about being a businessman but you know a big thing for jay-z over
the last several years has been criminal justice right all about bringing a
bringing light to Meek Mill kalief Browder you know he did the Trayvon
Martin documentary for BT how does that fit it with this today that jay-z is
going to be programming the halftime show if the deep that is actually what
happened you know I don’t I don’t see how one
thing goes with the other I’m going to seconds away Ronnie do you have any
questions for Toure Ronnie wait and now I know Tori I asked that question
rhetorically but I’m going to answer it definitively it doesn’t now that’s very
important what Toure said with regards to Jay at the press conference he said
you know we all know what the issue is and he has several of the hand-selected
hand-picked reporters that were there do you know what the issue is you know like
how Colin was healing and they all said police brutality what the hell is the
NFL going to do to address police brutality are they going to be going to
departments and demanding change and reform I strongly doubt that you know we
see how they tried to reframe the narrative with regards to Colin kneeling
and saying that that was disrespectful to veterans which by the way of course
it was not and many veterans have said that so do you think that the people who
were trying to frame the narrative as disrespect to the veterans are going to
take on the police department of course not if they’re saying the issue is
police brutality how does the halftime performance or pouring money and to you
know different organizations how does that address police brutality I don’t
see how it’s like you decorate this deal he’s given them an out he’s given them a
break he’s given them a way to turn the page from Colin Kaepernick and the
comment about we’re done with kneeling almost literally pushes call and out the
door hang on a second Toure Jamil Hill a staff writer for The Atlantic she’s got
a new article out jay-z helped the NFL banished Colin Kaepernick and also Shaun
King irani hated Shaun King took a shot at jay-z do you have that anywhere
Ronnie I get a bunch of windows open here I’m looking for it yeah I’ll go
back to my windows to find Shaun King’s direct quote but
you know Jenelle made a very she made she made some very valid point and she
had a quote in the article which was what is the NFL’s primary business but
Judd is the game that it plays best so to echo Tory sentiment this deal serves
neither calm to the storms for them you know there was a tremendous amount of
blowback with with respect to how they handled Colin Kaepernick they had a hard
time booking certain performers the halftime numbers have been down overall
it’s been a PR nightmare for them what this deal they get to refocus the
narrative away from Colin and on to jay-z’s Roc Nation halftime which one of
money in bids we’re going to do that it’s all very disingenuous I mean I
don’t think the NFL is inherently racist okay I think the NFL wants to focus on
football they want to put out a game and go home and it’s similar to what ESPN
they’re not inherently racist but they really would rather their folks not
talking about politics because that is potentially divisive users a fan so they
wanted to quell this issue as fast as possible what Colin Kaepernick did would
see that I have a platform and I have an issue that I care deeply about and it
was oral have a platform and not say anything and he came up brilliantly with
a silent quiet way of bringing attention to an issue and you know of course the
issue was immediately bastardize and you know what this does is allows us all
let’s move on Jamie’s not even coming in to be like hey let’s address the issue
yeah it’s like let’s take better halftime show get Cordia the halftime
show like Jesus and ain’t I mean he’s made
this has been part of his recent issue I don’t mess with the NFL I said no to
them they need me more than I need them oh yeah clerics from the song apeshit
Billy and you gave it to them right hey Tori thank you for chiming in man I get one shout out I get one shot of a
second you’re a friend so I’ll let you do it
I don’t do showers come on you’re fine I know I just want to give a shout out to
my wife she’s wonderful I love her we were married like 15 years people want
to you know make different comments about me you know I think they’re I got
you little kids so you know hey I’ll see you for dinner this evening man all
right all right thanks brother Pete thank you all right all right that’s the
homie touré we’re having a business dinner here in
Atlanta this evening Ronnie hold on a second I got to get to some cash f20 all
right I’ll be right back okay and I have Jean King whenever you’re ready okay sit
tight all right thank you for chiming in guys and for being patient
let me see cash app okay I think I read okay read that one who’s texting me that
better be business business Maurice good afternoon sends in a cash at keep
your foot on these fuck niggas necks thank you sir
okay got a city for four good afternoon uh okay he’s saying salute to Ronnie
thank you sir El Cholo good afternoon sir he says jay-z big pimp in the NFL BK
streets got no love facts Elvis the chef Rosenberg good afternoon sir he says
respect to the boss I sent an email thank you sir I will get to that you
have my word all right what a boy 203 says I like
Ronnie the best better okay thank you sir Krypton good afternoon
Krypton sent to the cash yep I got you thank you so much okay DJ Gabi’s going
apeshit sending me emails thank you sir okay I’m coming back to honey in a
second Andre Andre says jay-z awesome suckers
shit p dub good afternoon sir he says salute to the Jigga man for chasing the
check again thank you sir okay and someone said store I’m on line nine one
seven okay bear with me I’ll get to you in a second all right nine one seven
four nine six I got you okay and here’s another one saying Journal so it’s okay
okay all right Ronny Shaun King American writers civil rights activists and
co-founder a real justice PAC he took shots at jay-z via social media yes he’s
given an extensive amount of commentary on the situation if you want his I’m
losing money your phone’s going out you were doing great now it’s going back out
how about now can you hear me now yes okay you want his direct quote Shaun
King whatever you feel like you know is relevant okay so he said he’s
reiterating a lot of points that we’ve already made and he says here last year
he did people who performed at the Super Bowl wore a cap Jersey they made him an
offer he said jay-z is what I would call a woke capitalist both describes his
capitalism but let’s be clear he’s a capitalist and if a good deal comes
along at the expense of Colin Kaepernick he’ll make the deal okay your thoughts
on Shaun King taking shots at jiggaman I feel like I wrote those words
specifically for Shaun King and put them out okay all right hang on a second
let’s bring some more calls in and someone I think it’s Tipton Tipton
what’s going on with this area code nine one seven where are you attempted nine
ones every coat nine one four it’s gonna nine
one four first about find champion are you there
good afternoon hello 911 four nine one four okay it’s gonna area code four zero
four good afternoon talking about jay-z and the NFL did the NFL win the war
Emiko 404 you got me on hold and let’s just take another call
let’s go to area code 608 good afternoon are you there sick silly what I’ll stop
hey hey who’s this just erased from the 608 man was one arms listen to you you
got a lot of puppies calling in okay give us your perspective please let’s
get right to it you’re right to than that this lot is
jay-z hopped on the train man he can’t clear the cloud chaser 50 years old so
he uh picking on the hot training man go all the way back to when he married his
wife he did a deathful future and there was big news gonna fall off okay so now
you stay relevant that way you take this movement
you stayed well of it this way you know what I mean this is this is all a ploy
oh go to winning sign Jasso scientist that’s hush money Jeff oh listen no more
yes I’ll agree with you on that and and no disrespect to jazz Oh cuz he and I
spoke on the phone maybe four years ago is Jasso gonna come out with a new a new
track a new album i me it jazz is older than me there’s no fifteen-year-old
that’s gonna run and you know stream jazz those new music I’ll give you that
one on hush money to jazz oh but now you just said what I think you said people
ever calling in our puppets well in reality it sounds like your player
hating to some degree you know don’t hate the player hate the game you know
you call it hey hey hey hey hey State College
Koller reality because at the end of the day he either either pull that
gatekeeper real nobody want to talk about the elephant in the room
let’s go this guy’s can’t keep it you know for at least that’s what he does
find him up they gave him this position dude he does because he’s faith he’s not
gonna go against the stack what you see on fan okay so keep the faith you just
like that lid on the face for the Barca Larry’s coming to Brooklyn and all that okay so their souls you know there’s no
confrontation there’s no there’s no ruffle my feathers he’s gonna do that
he’s gonna keep everything on fire you know carefully I just lost in there in
the shuffle you know it’s moving it’s dated it’s
done Brian did you want to jump in ahead Ronnie say something yeah I don’t think
that they chose him because he won’t go against the status quo I think they
chose him because he’s probably the only person who can go against the status quo
because if you remember he was critical of Travis Scott even performing for the
Superbowl right so people who have corn on corn against the status quo you know
he himself is criticized now now he’s walking back his comment and saying that
he didn’t want Travis to perform because he felt that he would have been playing
second fiddle from maroon 5 we all know I said what he said when he said it he
is the only person who can try to sell this as a good thing if any you know B
or seedless rapper would have tried to partner up with the NFL for social
justice many people would have been against them publicly now okay okay but
what you said earlier was their work you don’t see the the conduit to where he’s
trying to do kind of inject social change you don’t see where the police
brutality will be addressed and whatnot she’s like actually Satan in the point
that he’s not going to adjust that as well he’s not gonna do anything about
that he didn’t even make this deal to create social change he made this really
for his pockets three 100% yeah so that’s what I’m saying about him being
safe he’s near safe competent aspires to you know fill in their tender goals okay
Cole I thank you for chiming in and thank you for your perspective hold on a
second wine let’s get some other calls on the line let’s go to area code 903
good afternoon 903 I was named – write about jay-z 903 nope
keep moving every code two one six good afternoon two one six two one six good
journey okay first of all I wanted okay I wanted to piggyback also compliment
somebody maybe even saying how some people were bitter that used to work
with jay-z and another College Admission jazz oh that’s what I was gonna mention
– I want a third thing kids hush-money says he always makes amends with people
he can control he can make amends with beats you haven’t talked to me in years
but as far as the topic the inner circle is definitely one I agree with the other
quarter is basically jay-z’s a face most of these I don’t know everybody saw
choking on jokes video he did a real great video and also homie we spoke
yesterday oh yes he’s made these black me they are so like obsessed with jay-z
like just like he’s God like he’s really Jehovah like they really listen to
anything he said they believe anything he says no proof the inner fenders using
an active state because it’s a candle boycott my thing has happened to the
boycott originally everybody was supposed to be boycott and
this was a super girl came it’s like everybody forgot about it if I go what
everybody goes with just the gray no one y’all stick to anything and that’s why
this is happening but in the pill I mean I always go in there they’re accused as
the person say they need a gatekeeper this is what he’s supposed to do they’re
trying to make you so that you know the people that we’re gonna maybe boycott
okay we’ll Jay Z so you know it must be okay they must go get do something
because it’s jerseys in the building hey you call from area code two one said yes
to one six yes and everyone keeps saying that name saying artists about jay-z
how come say gee when he was president a ditch
and I got him up out of there he was never the businessperson Dane was
how come Jamie had to sell part of title because it was going out of there good
point good point yeah okay well I thank you for calling in anything I want to
mention about did the NFL win the war I just thought there’s oh it’s just so
hypocritical and jay-z and then it’s another thing I just brought this point
up to somebody I think you literally said last December
they tried to Scott came at me Camille Travis crush doesn’t perform but did you
go work with them it’s just I don’t understand how it’s not clicking for
people what’s going on I don’t understand how you can’t see how since
it benefits him oh and I was okay to work with them yeah if you ask me I
think that the timeline may have overlapped oh is that that called in
somebody said that jay-z’s been talking to the NFL you know more than just a
couple of weeks or months and I would have to absolutely do don’t happen
overnight this has probably been in the worse than a year it’s not longer for
all we know I just I just feel as though people need to open their eyes to what’s
going on how did their worship in these public figures and these strangers that
they’ve never met Ronnie any comments on what the caller is saying or do we just
take another call good morning know I have to agree with everything that she
said and actually I wanted to ask her on it as a side note because she brought up
jazz oh do you remember this song it’s from the I believe the year was 1996
it’s the N word what N word who the originator that long absolutely now did
you ever in your life hear that slow that Jay had on that song
ever again from Jay Hani going deep pay attention
no oh don’t lie Kohlberg repeater you said I’ve ever heard that fellow
absolutely just like who else was it he stole what is a young Chris from young
look at a young girl that’s what he does remember when Camelot is broken which
I’m not a writer I’m a writer I’m a playwright six minutes of our blind yeah
borrow lines that’s what he does he’s you know I don’t want to say I’m not
gonna say that we’re but they just blind about him from suddenly it’s like like
like Jimmy his wife their followers or some followers and they don’t you know
you could bring proof to their face and they still won’t believe it and there’s
a samurai’s a detriment to our culture and the thing is everybody keeps
forgetting about imagine them saying a literally the distribution the black
distribution company a game there’s jazz Prince our God he was trying to create
and what happened with that and how that wasn’t I think you feel called to win
six have a great day thank you okay hang on a second Ronnie I
gotta get some of these super jets out of the way I’m right back okay um made
premium denim sends in a super chat jay-z is black and entertainments Jesse
Jackson forward slash Al Sharpton hashtag selling out the culture okay
pimp juice jr. sends in a super chat you open up this window on a second guys and
before he started kneeling cap was struggling on the field more than most
cousin Theo Oh more than most cousin Theo struggles in the sack both of them
dump trucks can disappear Wow okay thank you for your uh super chat hb2 and good
afternoon sir cabs whole woke movement was funded by
night liberals like Dana tell you what to think
while taking shots Dana conservatives like star tell you what to think outside
the box I’m not a conservative hb2 in how you
got that but thank you man I’m definitely not a Democrat I’m an
independent I have an extensive voting record thank you so much rj supreme says
hater could you do a show on canaan hashtag for the machine hashtag salute
uh should be an email let’s talk a bit more in detail but thank you for your
support Ozzy uh hey guys I got your email man
thank you he says jay-z stay using people he used jazz oh damn – now the
NFL you gotta watch these New York niggas like it’s 88 ok Thank You Man
Juicy J on the chicken says the link between the NFL and jay-z deal is that
Kaepernick wasn’t allowed to be part of the narrative nor the initiative that
way Jay said it’s not about Kaepernick ok ok Gemstar says star go to Eric Reid’s
Twitter timeline caps former teammate has his boat on the camels 55 year old
neck Ronnie are you there gem stars talking about I don’t know if you have
time if your station not Ronnie yes so what good what what he’s referring to is
the Miami wide receiver Kenny Stills a couple weeks ago if you remember was
very critical of the Dolphins owner Steven Ross for throwing chump a
fundraiser so he there was some controversy about that and basically
Eric reads from the Carolina Panthers who’s a good friend of Colin he tweeted
basically that this deal upstages the controversy not only surrounding the
situation with Kenny still Steven Ross and Trump but also Colin and you know
his movement and again I have to agree with that ok ok go back to super Chet
chaos to CJ Gemstar loopy god 1 3 5 good afternoon sir sends in his super jet yo
its young crispy crunch from IG Brooklyn keeps on ok Brooklyn keeps on taking it
k rs1 voice LOL pick up 6/4 6:45 boss nigga
ok let me find you 6:45 hang with second Ronnie I was trying to find someone else
that called in earlier or they sent in a link
be a super chat and I did not see it I don’t see six four five we’re all you
were are you scrolling through the M you mean six four six okay you I just want you to know that I
mean come on yeah okay your thoughts on colin
kaepernick getting back into the NFL or is colin kaepernick stuntin in front did
he take a bag and he’s really not trying to entertain getting back into the NFL
because if you ask me why isn’t he playing in canada if you love football that is money for the plan my loopy
phone sounds like shit again there thank you thank you so much for calling in let
me go back to super chat hang on a second
Ronnie black to death good afternoon sir sends in a cash at hold the hypocrite
Oh jay-z has always been a symbolic toll for white supremacy he’s sold out
Brooklyn with the Nets deal he’s the illusion of progress hmm are we watching
the final days of jay-z huh legendary proof grabs announcer
sends in a super jet jay-z might be innovative enough to be the first hip
hop artist to mass-produce Rocawear state prison clothes okay thank you
legendary proof mind of a genius thank you for your super chat NFL won the war
star Kaepernick lost his voice when he took his settlement deal with the NFL
Jay is getting his deal and still has his influence okay Lane on a check-in he
says salute to jay-z hip hop Illuminati slave master
you got million-dollar deals but your brother is frying chicken wings at a
nightclub Wow Generation Y whoa whoa whoa whoa yeah
Lane where you going are you are you now putting your foot back on jay-z’s
family’s neck up in Rochester what do you talk him out lane spend scrilla so I
want to pump the brakes and you know put some respect on his dollar but you know
he said he’s got issues with jay-z’s family then then he called in
backpedaling lame Thank You man uh I don’t know good afternoon a VL says
bless you for saving Dana from me last night lol I’ll chime in on tonight’s
topic whatever it may be there will not be a show tonight a VL I’m going out to
dinner with uh Toure he called an earlier and we’ll talk labayda’s man but
thank you for your support okay let’s get area code for Zev four
seven zero on the line with Ronnie and myself four seven zero are you there
good afternoon one seven zero whatever hey Howie sir and there you gotta get these off the
farm come on the NFL Warren broke the NFL just went up two touchdowns on us by
signing this nigga bro the war ain’t over and we could still fight we don’t
all have to follow jay-z you know a lot of what Z is bullshit and we not
starting with it okay and we really see clearly how these celebrities
don’t have as much power as a person and as they project but man come on it’s the
same guy who sold out Brooklands and Jake fry his own neighborhood would he
own 1% then he sold it 1% so and he called it a black business so we spent
$100 on the net white people are getting 99% of these he’s full of shit I don’t
remember the exact number but I thought it was less than 1% that he owned Ronny
are you there do you have the numbers don’t you remember Ronnie yes yeah it
was what it was less than 1% it was a fraction of a percent okay fast we rally
behind now we rally behind them because of who he is and because of all this
social promotion type City does but will people I’ll get it social justice isn’t
a tangible thing it’s just words he’s not writing any legislation for it you
know what I’m saying it’s just signing a piece of paper saying jay-z’s gonna make
sure we don’t fuck up that doesn’t make you less racist it doesn’t change
anything that we the Center for jay-z never took any how is he gonna say
mailing is over but I think it’s truth in there and I’ll just work when there’s
man y’all need to get y’all get is big out your mouth
that’s why from you going ten toes down were you calling him from did you see
the video because you know we haven’t even discussed the body language I mean
I just I I alluded to you know all the shuckin and yuck him but did you see
parts of the video I mean it was just it was a laugh fest and you know it looked
like they were all told you know just hype it up and they were laughing haha
it was so too sweet for me did you see the video Joe jay-z and I haven’t seen
the video I’ve been over this nigga since yesterday and he’s like 12 on
Tennessee I grew up on I’m like you can’t hate it
art you can’t hate it art the hardest he’s such a businessman he’s such a
mobile when you look at everybody for Rockefeller they are fucked up everybody
for our DeSoto don’t know knowing you you
I mean what who does he have now yes he got J Cole you got Rihanna yes Neil they
really on a own shit though he’s not he’s not behind these artists like
everyone’s making a scene he’s not in those meetings when they talk about
rockefeller back in the day he wasn’t in the meetings doing business Dane was
doing all that business yes they split that was damn barking get everybody in
line and yeah I heard somebody say oh you got to go on the business meters and
you got a small people over that’s not business you need to go in there and
fight for what you want you know I’m saying you going in there trying to pair
you going there with your butt hole hoping y’all get fucked okay so you’re
getting a little graphic I appreciate the call man thank you
salute all right all right thank you ma’am
okay I’m someone who is this did Jonathan are you on area code 904 or 903
I do not see 904 into Q I do however see 904 Jonathan is that you haricots 903
Jonathan are you there 903 903 yes no maybe okay I’ll put him a
hole for a second sometimes people type in the wrong number they’re at work I
understand that hold on a second Ronnie I’ll come right back to you it’s gonna
area code nine one four good afternoon I went for you there hello yeah yeah of
course yes sir afternoon all right then asshole
over on on on on your foot even in Ferguson right for years I was that
matter watched and seeing how this whole deal uh you know he was sort of explored
over this and he was only doing for ourselves and as far as this whole Tom
far this whole it uh you know the social whatever thing he’s doing it’s a facade
if he doesn’t hello yeah if he doesn’t if he doesn’t apologize big boys and
Travis Scott because they were one of the perform at the Super Bowl they was
given in slacks right and he doesn’t get captain
job then it doesn’t mean anything nothing it you know so the question was
Damon – right about jay-z for those who you know know their history for those
who really are into hip-hop you know because there’s a lot of new people that
are just you know tip riding jay-z but you know do you think that Jane was
right once upon a time and people were frowning upon game you know being the
boss that he was yeah yes they definitely manipulated the score is in a
desperate black ball arm Jane and Jane was definitely right and if everybody
knows about the score where keeps with screaming and yelling I love your and
didn’t like a couple weeks later Leo and J was on the Yap together partying yeah
I mean kind of see what that was about you know um and Nicola also mention arm
keep the last caller was talking about like Jake or Rihanna dunno thing
I mean Rihanna had their music in a while she’s not bad from Jamaica
I’m interested about the big make money or making money okay alright thank you
yeah Ronnie and Maya I’m looking at TMZ to see if there’s any uh anything with
regards to jay-z bleep releasing further statements I guess not I think they
should retract their original headline that jay-z consulted with Colin and
respect to the deal because he has made it clear his girlfriend made it clear
and his best friend Eric Reid have made it clear that there
was no consultation with cap he was in no way a part of this consulted about
this and like we said this deal didn’t happen overnight this is a long time
coming so you mean in six months to a year you couldn’t call him and say hey
I’ve been having conversations with the NFL I would like to bring you into the
discussion I might not be able to get your job back
but at least you can put your thoughts on the record and be a part of the deal
I think that’s what really bothers me is the fact that Kaepernick was not even
brought into the meeting I mean it started with Kaepernick you know the the
controversy thee and then it turned into a fallout and I just I find it odd that
he wasn’t invited me even if even if he was invited and he didn’t come which I
don’t believe that happened he didn’t say we invited him you know so it just
it just it reeks to me let me go to a couple of super chests and then we’ll
come back to some more phones hang on a sec atrani big knock on the check and he
says fu star I love how you wild it out on Queens flip show
yeah Queens flip is the homie sloop the Queens flip we go back a lot of years
man so you know when we get together it’s just we’re having fun as opposed to
just and doing a straight interview but thank you for your super chat Ric Valdez
for me Ric Ric Vader pardon me seven seven
sentences let’s not forget how they shit it on the icon Gladys Knight yeah was
that about the Super Bowl I forget she performed she performed and she caught a
lot of flack for that for performing right right right okay
hate is enough good afternoon sir sends in a super jet jay-z’s deal is like when
Black Panthers started taking government jobs crippling the movement and giving
the NFL cover to continue the white BS okay thank you
hey hey Ronnie anything else we want to mention and with regards to Jamil Hills
article I mean it’s not not that we have to but just I wanna make sure that we
don’t you know finish up the show and they’re not address something I think
that we need to um mention yeah I think that she made some
excellent points with regards to you know what is Jay really getting out of
the deal she does a good job highlighting the fact that this is a
self-serving deal because he doesn’t get enough out of it to justify making the
sacrifice or having people call into question his integrity and his
credibility you know he wouldn’t be meeting with them if it were not for cap
so any discussion that doesn’t include or involve him
is bogus because at the end of the day J doesn’t need the nfl’s platform their
money their resources or their validation so for you to make a move
that doesn’t include him it’s like you said it reeks it reeks of you know
self-serving ulterior motives yeah yeah very much so
all right and let me um go to jgj jeez I’m sorry Jasmine apartment Jasmine says
answer this question why do black men worship jay-z question mark don’t dodge
the question either okay do you want to answer that Ronnie I mean I don’t write
can you repeat that the first place can you repeat the first part of that
question Jasmine says answer this question why do black men worship jay-z
question mark don’t dodge the question eat okay I’ll answer but you want to go
first sure I think a lot of men black men in particular look up to jay-z
because they see him as the epitome of success he had a rags to riches story
anybody who’s familiar with his background knows that he came from the
Marcy projects so there are a lot of people and the projects who he serves as
a source of inspiration for but they’re caught up on the business aspect of
jay-z they’re not caught up on and they’re not looking at the character and
the integrity whose level of jay-z so they are fixated on what he has become
versus what he did to get where he is okay okay I myself I’ll answer your
question jasmine I don’t worship anything or anybody but with regards to
me looking at why I think or what may play a part in in in the admiration and
the worshipping as you say towards jay-z from other people you know he’s um he’s
charismatic number one number two he’s passive aggressive very passive
aggressive he knows how to to extend his hand
and then to shake your hand and he gives you this real soft handshake it’s not a
strong grip because the last time I saw him was 2005 and he approached me to
shake my hand and I said okay here he comes with bullshit but I didn’t hold
that against him I don’t just like the man I think he’s
he’s great at what he does but um that’s just my opinion I think he’s passive
aggressive and I think that that is what gets him in certain certain doors just
say that but thank you for your kasia jg j ji says i just wish everybody had half
this energy against mayweather when he went out of his way to proclaim all
lives matter and defended from several times okay well I mean if I understand
your statement correctly JG you know it’s different because you know jay-z
has been pushing the the narrative of black salvation and other things by with
the black cause the black struggle Floyd Mayweather is just an open
capitalist and he he didn’t even care about them I’ve got something happened a
couple of months back and he did the Gucci the Gucci boycott I said boycott
who you know he just went into monkeyshine mode so it’s different if
you ask me and I don’t say that to be disrespectful to Floyd met him great guy
right um right so let’s go back to some more phone calls and then we’ll finish
up I gotta get out of here soon Ronnie it’s gonna area code um three four seven
three four seven are you there good afternoon hello yo start with uh hey Yodas Ruger calling from Brooklyn you
know I say I’m from Moss goodie hey Marcy projects that’s a fact
notion that end up let’s go hi so let’s get into it first of all I want to just
touch on what light was what the lady said that’s on the lawn she’s very she’s
very right about that first of all when you young black and coming from that
area you see this – he made all the moves now
in successful blood is when the problem comes in when you don’t understand
business Yun said you don’t know how shady this do get there first of all I’m
bad close to a lot of these motherfuck not say I know barn and Osaka and you
can see the K all we call unstable affair but this like a.j I stopped
fucking with this nigger because this look at you know I know people that
stuff that has been affected by that arm stadium moving in downtown gender say
what I’m saying I know people that suspect it um got kicked out of the crib
you don’t say because they can’t afford it not I’m not jacking that first of all
don’t even look like Brooklyn right understand what I’m saying so at the end
of the day I don’t really fuck with home because his best interest is not other
people it’s for its own eventual in the state what I’m saying as long as he
could reach that billionaire status quote unquote which he probably did
probably there I don’t know this is a money thing
Yonsei it’s not about like the lady said no integrity no attack you’re unfair so
there’s a difference man when you will stand tough person and when you just do
shit for face facts this nigga is over here 48 laws of power
you are fucking striking with a local high go with our offense for the velvet
gloves come on okay okay so um with regards to Dame – you know and was named
right about J once upon a time it did we you know what was happening is just I
hate her in retrospect what are your thoughts I I my thought is that we got
food different types of business people name is a very hands-on aggressive and
your face he want what he wants you on saying you’re not going to shortchange
them now you can’t go up in these offices like that you know I’m saying
you gotta play the politicking or like shit and I don’t think they was able to
do that shit you’re on saying nobody properly trained him more on how to be
up in that corporate arm in that corporate space J you already know let
me say so maybe that 99 pounds when he was talking about how he got clothes
over with the work in or last year in Napoli’s for the most niggas that nigga
got away with that shit because this like a fuck with policemen this
five Capote leaves which meaning this like a fox we polies oh that’s a crazy
man yo but that’s my voice on everything man and then once again another thing
this like it used to give out gifts or fucking Christmas that’s the only time
the hood seen that nigga only child when I think it gave gifts out of a fucking
Google to the kids and the project that would fit my nigga we need to come give
out turkeys in Marcy projects okay I don’t know nobody gave out no
motherfucking Turkey and I’ve been living here since 91 I’m not mistaken
Jigga man and a bunch of other people around Thanksgiving time used to go to
Marcy projects and give out turkeys I was in a radio in hot 97 then and we
were promoting some type of turkey drive maybe you missed it but and I’m not I’m
not dumping on him for doing that but I’m just saying you know it’s it’s it
looks real sketchy now you know what I’m saying and here’s what I do want to say
with regard to Dame – you know and he’s off often not given credit for this and
I personally wouldn’t do it but you know Dame and I say this respectfully he went
broke trying to teach a bunch of bums how to make money
mm-hmm he will he went broke trying to teach a bunch of bum ass niggas how to
make money how to save you money how to invest your money so there’s a lot of
merit to what he’s saying now and why he’s you know speaking about the past
and you know people not being loyal see Dames thing is he talks about loyalty a
lot you know last word yeah I love glad that you said that they’ve talked about
loyalty because that’s what this this whole thing is built upon you understand
I do business with you Armstrong I expect what to do straight up business
yeah I’m saying like like real niggas don’t back that you understand but it is
what it is you know I’m saying Brooklyn we in the building arms job of
going up using it thank you thank you take care all right all right um Ronnie
it’s almost time for me to get out here I want to give you some time to walk
through anything else that you want to bring to the
don’t don’t feel you have to rush anything that we need to go back over
Kaepernick’s girlfriend Nessa or any parts of the video what do you wanna go
take your time well I want to put some respect on that’s his name she has taken
Eaton attack for using her social media to address the controversy and address
the issues concerning cap in his case but I think this is a situation where
her input was definitely needed because there was a narrative that was being
circulated that Jay basically had Colin’s blessings for this deal which he
did not so I appreciate her shedding light on
the fact that he did it now I’m gonna say what happened to the guy who wore
the Colin Kaepernick Jersey on Saturday Night Live a couple years ago he said in
reference to Kaepernick’s protest this is the next thing well what happened to
him is that he stayed true to one of his most quoted lyrics I’m not a businessman
I’m a businessman you did what was in the best interest of business as it
relates to him so we really can’t be surprised then he took advantage of an
opportunity that was presented presented to him by the same entity that he wants
two diametrically opposed to as the saying goes there are no permanent
enemies especially as it relates to business ray Wilson ray Wilson okay and
Colin Kaepernick aside from his Instagram post is he gonna release a
statement or is he bound by where the agreement that he took in the NFL to
where he can I mean of course people do want to help him him right now any
anything on that I think we’ve heard enough I think we’ve heard enough and
him saying that you know for him to put out the tweets that he’s put out
immediately following the announcement of the deal I think he said enough and
he can interpret those as his reaction he said I continue to work and stand
with the people and our fight for liberation despite those who are trying
to erase the movement so it doesn’t take a genius to figure out
who he has in mind when he says despite those who are trying to erase the
movement hmm shots fired shots fired Ronnie thank you for your time this
afternoon and thank you for all of the notes and the help that you you know
assisted me with in preparation for this show thank you so much
you too sir take care and I’m gonna get a new cell phone okay Ronnie on the
check-in yeah we were scrambling this morning
and she was very very big help left-hander oh you’re there where’s
left-hander he sent me email says he’s on the line I don’t see his cell phone
number in the queue are you calling it from a different number left-handed
left-handed you there’s that you know standing on the corner okay that’s not
you I’m looking for left-handed he sent me an email hold on hold I do not see left-handed in
the queue let me go to um Jonathan said he was on the line every code 904 did
not see Nana for maybe I got past you a particular Mar Nancy hey darling she
says jay-z deal with NFL is a cover-up for fuck shit okay thank you darling and
more Nancy always says forgot to say hey Ronnie okay thank you my Nancy oh she’s
gone now I’m on the line every code 201 Mike let me find Mike Mike is that you
good afternoon not it say Mike yeah I was on the phone
okay but you know thought let me just ask you what do these niggas want what
do they want who’s gonna make the first step into
doing it you gotta be in it whether he’s a sellout or not he’s got to be in it
Barack Obama was a sellout total sellout but it bent it man
yeah but what do you hide you won’t see all these niggas got a diamond all you
think you gotta die unless you gonna see what they’re talking about here is it
sounds like what they’re poking about is burn the whole thing down if you burn
the whole thing down then why are you watching football why are you watching
for it why are you buying Nike sneakers why do you wearing Gucci slides why are
you wearing G beetle team why do you and Tommy Hilfiger you talking about burn
the whole thing down then why are you supporting it it’s not then you have to
create to all but if you’re not gonna create your own we can’t stay where
we’re at you gotta get in it somehow what look I have a second stay with me I
appreciate what you’re saying now you’re assuming the general consensus is saying
burn it down and so on and so forth I think that jay-z by coming out in
those lyrics apeshit and making rep I don’t have to live it’s in front of me
but you know making reference to I don’t need the NFL and some other things that
he has been saying and what we’ve been discussing here you know telling other
artists you know not to perform at the halftime show so he’s been leading them
it all hang on hang on he’s been leading people in a certain direction and now
all of a sudden we have a press conference where the narrative is being
gone hey hang on hang on we have a press conference where the
narrative is controlled invitation-only and the prime the prime part to the
goddamn puzzle was not even there so I’m not saying that people saying are burn
it down yeah but I’ll let you continue please start the reason why he was
telling them not to do that was because they were already in negotiation the NFL
approached him way back then that’s why he was saying not to do it I’m not
siding with him but you got it see see niggas want everything right now and if
you got it right now you wouldn’t know what to do with it that’s why I’m saying
all these niggas got to die you have to start from somewhere if you have no
power you cannot negotiate you have to get in there this is not about somebody
being on your bitching talking about damn – every
it’s got a shot and it’s what you do with the shot when you get it somehow
somebody’s got to take the first step and if he has to be sacrificed or call
to sell out and because all that isn’t called Almanac let’s see what he does
with it I want to see if he don’t bring no black people in it look if he’s left
to say his plan is to bring Kaepernick back into the NFL if he said that right
now – quiet everybody down how would that business feel going to
work out if they noted that what he’s gonna do okay I hear what you’re saying
I appreciate your perspective I appreciate your perspective but you
know again my concern I don’t have a great my concern is that you know
Kaepernick was not invited I don’t give a fuck how the Commissioner of the NFL
may have been uncomfortable I don’t give a fuck about his feelings welcome you
know in saying but um yeah I guarantee you I guarantee you that what the
Commission is said was look listen don’t bring that nigger with you out we’re not
gonna sit down with sir can we pull back on the nigger neck honestly seriously
you’re even calling black people niggers just because they’re questioning jay-z’s
moves I don’t agree with that but I’ll let you have the last word okay I’ll
calm down on them that’s because we’re I’m but listen if people are Catholic I
guarantee you the deal wouldn’t went through because Kaepernick the thing
with happening that’s a moral issue white people don’t want their moral
question they feel that what they’re doing is right we’re trying to bring in
a moral issue into some insert into a situation where there is no humanity
white people have no humanity now we go well I’m not gonna cosign there sir my
mama’s white but listen I thank you for the call man I’m gonna bring well you
are you – you are you I don’t own YouTube so I got it I gotta play by
rules Thank You Man salute thank you yes okay
left-handed are you there left-handed okay please hey man listen you you sent
me a different number man list you can oh
touch me man when you want to call in just send me a text man you you know
you’re welcome like that copy like copyright I appreciate you um yo this
whole conversation man you know it all goes back to where you know what do your
when you learned and then you always say capitalism has no moral base and that’s
actually a lie from ein Rand oh go ahead okay okay with snake respect
um I just I just think that a lot of people are talking about you know um the
forest they’re not worried about the trees and I’ll say that to stay here
like you know jade is the capitalist he’s a businessman and these soul people
know many times and I think that you know him you know being in a partnership
with the NFL kind of like you know Roger Goodell is thinking like no we got quiet
but meters down okay the meat is a restless so we all get one of their
representatives did you not care and say okay see I’m working with them so that’s
that’s all you know kumbaya – shit but still we still not talking about the
issue okay and the issue you know per capita and Eric Reid
and Kenny Stills and Malcolm Jenkins and all those guys when the other school
have nothing to do with football it has everything to do with outside of the
field okay and I think that you don’t want to be a
rock you to sleep with jay-z got all this money and that jay-z is doing this
to jay-z though we don’t in history with Jay but okay you know even dealing with
the Brooklyn Nets it wasn’t jaded for the Nets the world it was the Russian
Google part off that worked him the fucking Brooklyn games I can take
shavers it’s the face of the fucking shit okay have some pride about
themselves but again at the end of the day man again if we’re not talking about
getting a black owner in the NFL getting more black executives in the NFL get
more black copán coaches in the NFL you know so you taking care of CTE
taking care of these plants after they finish playing through what are we doing
so my thing is this I’m gonna leave that deck cuz I’m not
that works okay um jay-z might be might perform at halftime in a Super Bowl so
would not be crazy wouldn’t that be the ultimate slap in the battle stage at the
Super Bowl halftime show there was that would be bananas but y’all get gold miss yo wouldn’t it be crazy if jiggy man
came out are those locks real want some awesome sucky shit hey good afternoon
how you guys doing in live chat I haven’t looked in there all day are the
locks real or is that some type of extension wig thing you know
respectfully that’s crazy let me do some super chats and then I
gotta roll up ahead guys Oh lane on the check in salute Lane thank you for your
donation he’s a star tell jay-z’s nice I need a size double
XL Kaepernick Jersey ok Lane hold on a second man now you’re taking shots at
jay-z’s niece again you did that a couple of weeks ago and then you you
email me asking me to edit out that part I’m not editing nothing out lane but
thank you for your super chat is he smoking what is he doing what does he do
that goody-good one minute it’s f jay-z’s whole team and then the next
minute he’s you know talk him out it’s all good
buck dancing Coon good afternoon sir he says I will predict jay-z aka King whom
will have Meek Mill buck dancing at the next Super Bowl Wow hashtag fall in line
negra he said nigga and IgG RA all right thank you all right guys um I got a roll
let me just say thank you to those of you who sent in cash abs I if I don’t
get to them today I will get to them tomorrow Thank You black to death for
your support mom oh thank you for your cash shot he sent in another cash at baked goods thank you for your cash at
start reppin rollin 60s for nipsey much respect Thank You Man thank you
Elvis’s chef Rosenberg thank you for your cash at Mamu again he says forget
shots oh oh okay yeah it sent me an email please he’s talking about a vegan
diet listen it’s taking me this is a process
this is not just you know just bulking up real fast my diet I’m really really
into it I’m really into it mom who says saluted choke no joke yeah I spoke to
choke yesterday and and I said to choke on the phone say yo man you better be
going ape shit you know everyday well I didn’t say better I said you should
because you know a lot of respect for each other but you know and keep this in
mind with regards to choke you know chokes chokes not bitter choke is uh
he’s passionate he loves hip-hop if you have ever seen
any of those tunnel DVDs that was a fucking madhouse and choke was there
filmed everything he’s even got footage they never even put out but um I keep
that in mind when you go to his livestream and he’s like just let me
know hey man starr said you’re speaking from a place of passion
okay Johnny – cool hey man thank you for your cash app bill up and watcher Thank
You beloved watchers say Jay Z is the new Al Sharpton okay grand finale thank
you sir did I pick up I got a run man but let me see if this grand finale last
call grand finales at you sir grand finale you are my last caller man I
thank you for the cash Shep I gotta run but good afternoon what do you wanna go
yeah real quick so this has nothing to do with with Roc Nation you know pulling
you know some type of collar move or what have you the bottom line is this
the ad revenue for the NFL is down and it’s pretty much off of last year’s
results so that means NBC ESPN and all those other networks can’t charge as
much for ads this year like they did last year plus the the ratings for the
halftime show is the lowest it’s been in ten years so it wasn’t like you know
rock nation pulled a Power Move and the fell came to them you know out
of desperation their money’s getting locked up that’s all this is about in
terms of Kaepernick this has nothing to do with him
he’s faked out black people this entire time making you think he’s standing up
for you when the bottom line is every garner and countless other black people
were getting killed he was throwing touchdowns and kissing his biceps and
working until he was on his way out the door that even he decided to protest
against police brutality Wow so that’s all I wanted to say thank you man salute
grand finale okay on the checking Relic bk1 thank you sir for your cash app
Johnny – cool Thank You Man I got your email mama says Kaepernick has no
intentions of playing again ok ok ok ok hey Mills Lane I’m sorry mr. Mill’s Lane
sent in a he’s talking about this Thank You Mills all right guys I’m gonna run I
will see you not tonight but tomorrow let me get Ronnie’s been on the screen
because she really really helped me out this afternoon I was I was at the gym
I’m on a gym rat shit now and she said hey let’s get to it all right all right
I’ll see you guys tomorrow take care be safe have a good a good evening you you

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    Y'all need to wake the hell up and see things for what they are. Kap is a business as well and his business is the movement. He made millions allowing Nike to use his name and image to further push an agenda that makes them even more money. Shawn Carter is now doing that with the NFL and Kap is on the outside. This is all about money, but they gonna get the less intelligent to fight over who did who wrong in all of this. So damn stupid.

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  13. I dont know why everyone is surprised, you and Karceno to be exact. Kappernig settled with the NFL so as part of a settlement agreement he is not allowed to have anything to do with the NFL, yall should know that. Kappernig is not a Social Justice dude he just wanted to get off of the SF 49ners Karceno was right about that. I have won settlements against Fortune 50 companies trust me I know. Its always about the business not the social justice SJW Crap. Make America Great Again and keep Kappernig off the field. Trump Curse Wins Again.

  14. jay that dude that makes friends with all your enemies and claim it’s just business . He def a clown man.

  15. Kap settlement was for money owed via missing income because of the whiteballing of him to that caller. He has the right to that and he’s still doing the same thing he’s just never been one to put him actions on blast for media dude.

  16. Its not the ENTIRE NFL that was wrong guys. Come on now. America has made some bad moves world wide but not every AMERICAN is responsible for it.

  17. J did what he always does, & what's best for him & his family. I don't really care, cause I don't expect nothing of him!!

  18. Jay z's credibility was
    purchased by the NFL.
    Kaepernick's silence
    was bought by the
    financial terms of his
    lawsuit. Making money
    is ok, but some things
    should never be for sale.

  19. once Beyonce had Jay grow that stupid Hendrix look he all I'm as a down low lame I remember Jimmy henchmen smacked that ho for not acknowledging him facts👿👿😎😎✌️

  20. Don't UNDERSTAND why MOST ARE shocked at the camel's actions. This method has been used against us since the end of slavery. Bule-ish BULLSHIT…our worst enemies are our own. Divide and conquer….plausible deniability –" I'm not racist, some of my best FRIENDS are black"…… They just made sure that caps' message was tossed to the side. REGARDLESS TO ANY SETTLEMENT CAP MADE.
    THIS IS JUST LIKE NOT INCLUDING ROSA PARKS in another situation of discriminatory angle's on public transportation. She is the poster child . CAP IS THE POSTER CHILD OF DISCRIMINATION FOR POLITICAL VIEWS IN THE NFL. HOW COULD THERE BE NO INCLUSIVITY? REGARDLESS TO ANY SETTLEMENT 🤨 Mr. To-self-service Carter.

  21. facts. NAS been saying this about the CAMEL for yrs. Dude is phony, fake, liar and hater. He told TRAVIS SCOTT months back to do not do business with the NFL and look now the CAMEL aka JAY Z does a deal with them lmaooooooo

  22. Jay z not a billionaire and he not on them owners level and Jay ain’t said nothing new that nigga was just dick riding

  23. STAR that Anavar will fuck YOU up!!! Nigga bound to ruin that liver you paid all that money for nigga!! SLOW DOWN!!!

  24. Jay-Z is a sellout but he owes Collin Kap nothing.
    When Collin took his settlement he didn't call Jay & ask him should he take the settlement. When Kap took the money what was supposed to happen to the movement ??
    When Kap excepted the settlement which had a gag order he was no longer concerned of speaking on the movement. It was either he except the settlement along with the gag order or continue pushing the movement but he knew he couldn't have em both due to the gag order. So they both are SELLOUTS


  26. You can’t turn fat into muscle💪🏾because muscle and fat are two distinctive tissues. You must burn the fat to a necessary minimum and build lean muscle. It’s that simple.

  27. Dana the lowlife Ghetto loser always talking about how she never wrong and she's the one with the facts then her fatass calls in and first thing she does is provide inaccurate information "Michael Jenkins created the player coalition".
    haahhahaahahhahahaha she's pathetic. Does "Michael" Jenkins also play on the "Toronto Rangers" Dana?? ahahahah

  28. What is this war you talking about I have seen no soldiers I did not see nobody taking a knee at they job not one mail man or bus driver and they have strong unions so the NFL want to make jestures to the black community while hiring black players and fitness coaches and cooks so tell me how they winning. Let's get something straight football teams get cities money and taxcuts to provide jobs and entertainment for its city so they are not at liberty to go against the cities police force.

  29. JayZ is only a shepherd if the sheep follow, and, we aren't there yet. Talk doesn't look promising either.

    The NFL hasn't won jack. Everybody talks about how Trump uses distractive controversies to cover up the issues that actually threaten him. As long as we talk about this, what's going on with CTE?

    There are more reasons not to support this league than Colin Kaepernick.

  30. the chick sitting behind Jay-Z is the female who wore the wire on a Colombian cartel she's a snitch that's who Dame dash was talking about and setting to her right is Tata

  31. White America continues to see Black America as a burden instead of a business partner and until Black America decides to say FUCK THESE DEVILS LETS DO OUR OWN THING Black America will continue to get the same results

  32. jay z move is no different that kanye's move with the president!! I NEED FUEL FOR THE JET MASSA!! I GOT THREE 17 ROOM MANSIONS THAT NEED TOILET PAPER MASSA!!

  33. But Kap was a football player. That’s it! He took a knee and did more than any of these nigga calling up. Keep it real

  34. In remembrance of the first documented attempt at a rebellion, by melanated Africans forced into free labor slavery in Gloucester County – Virginia, USA on September 13, 1663; Beace will be releasing a new record, "Writers Glock", from his Sedition LP on September 13, 2019.

    Sedition LP singles  playlist:

  35. I really don't get it sometimes you have to try a different way he's in the room you really think you're going to get somewhere with all that hate never try a different approach

  36. Jay z shits on dehaven dame kalvin klein state prop shelved artist on roc nation sold crack to his own mom and shot his brother for gold fucked biggie girl charlie Baltimore and little kim and fuck foxy at 16 jay z stole heat from all artist fuck nas bm told the world stole camp lo songs and flows stole young chris flow shelfed him jay z help gentrification of in Brooklyn Jay z is a fucking bozo! Sellout scumbag.

  37. Stop it…Jay was hiding his business move behind activism..that is all…he secured the bag for himself…he is the Hip hop Al Sharpton

  38. According to Nessa, he was forced into arbitration by the NFL players association. So homeboy from BK don't know wtf he talking about

  39. Fuck Jay Z and these biased Brooklyn Jay Z fan boys. Damon Dash was correct from day one about camel face aka Jay Z…

  40. These Brooklynn callers who keep calling in defending Joe the Carmel are weak as fuck. Fuck Brooklynn niggas.. They are low down trash.. Home of Teriyaki snitch 9….

  41. So let me get this right.. colin Kaepernick was raised by a white family outside the black struggle and was a mediocre Qb and now him and this white man Talcum X and his Arab girlfriend are the leaders of the black struggle? I think not and we as black people don't have leaders just race pimps. Who is the white people's leaders?

  42. The NFL has done more for the black community than colin crusty behind. The NFL is not shooting black men thet are making them millionaires. Wrong place to take your stand knowing you are not the best QB. Take your wish to the streets and stop being an entitled white man colin.

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