Wanted football match-fixer could be arrested in Milan

Wanted football match-fixer could be arrested in Milan

“His being on a flight has been confirmed
by Singaporean police authorities and as I speak his flight is being monitored by Italian
authorities and Interpol’s command and coordination centre. We know he’s on a plane and we will
know upon the arrival of the flight in Milan ion a couple of hours whether Italian authorities
choose to arrest him or simply to interview him.” ” There is a criminal organisation, according
to judicial authorities, that Tan Seet Eng heads. According to these documents, these
legal documents, that transnational criminal organisation is based in Singapore and headed
by him. According to arrest warrants, there are individuals associated with him who are
sought for arrest by a variety of countries. One of these individuals is on a plane now
headed to Italy, sought for arrest by Italian authorities for his involvement in match fixing
connected to the Tan Seet Ong criminal organisation.”

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