Voo livre pico do Ibituruna Brasil

Voo livre pico do Ibituruna Brasil

Hi, my name is Alysson Soares, and today´s video I will show you Ibituruna Peak I dont know the correct way, here is “Gertrudes Oliveira” , say hi Gertrudes is a joke , she is my sister Alessandra we go together to see the Peak of Ibituruna Lets see if anyone will take off from Ibituruna Peak with hang glider or paraglider lets go Peak just a litle more , then we arrive there we take this way then I show you guys we arrived in the highest part of Ibituruna peak took a bit time but we arrived beautifull view there behind lets see if someone take off with paraglider over there have some guys fixing the equipment here they take off with hang glider in the edge over there need courage I would not have courage there have some guys almost ready I will ask when they will start have one guy there is ready to start he will start soon I will show for you guys he will take off he probably a bit nervous , he tried 2 times already and fail third attempt , maybe now it work maybe now , no , not yeat not yeat 3 attempt 4 attempt one more now is good wind , then everybody start I ask then , you can fly for 3 hours if you want thats it , I could show you the paraglider flying subscribe in the channel , see you next time

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