Volleyball vs. Malone


You know, I felt like this was probably one of our better matches from point one to the end of the match Playing a lot more consistent than what we have been for here, you know length of time Just not enough at critical points. I thought that we’re still playing to the score board versus playing the game of volleyball When it was getting tight and certain, you know, and probably all three of the four sets You can see we were playing a different style game and that’s something we gotta learn We gotta get better at but I like the progression. I think we’re doing a lot of good things Just gotta learn to do it on an every point basis I thought Taylor did some nice things You know, I felt like Lauren did some nice things as well offensively. I thought like our setting was getting a lot better overall I felt like our serve receive passing was probably one of our better passing nights that we’ve had so again those are the things that we’re looking for to continue to progress because we have to be consistent with you know with our with our team that we have we have to make sure that we’re in system and Keeping the pressure on the other, other side of the net.

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