VOLLEYBALL – Virginia vs. Clemson Highlights

VOLLEYBALL – Virginia vs. Clemson Highlights

Serve from Emily Curtis. Barely handled by Virginia. Quick setup for Kat Young. And the middle hitter powers it
through the native Virginian. Dips in to Horner. Back set, Novakovic
down the line! And Korte was unable
to get over in time. There wasn’t a whole
lot Howell could do on the back end of that shot. Novakovic, over the wall, but
Howell was able to dig it out. Harvell again. Coming back from Virginia. Front set, Billiard. Through the block! And this time it’s
able to eat up the defense behind
[INAUDIBLE] as well, and Kennedy Wilson-Talmadge. [INAUDIBLE] service, Virginia. Drop serve handled by Virginia. Wineholt uncomfortable. Back set to Sebastian,
who found the corner! My word. Great for Harley Sebastian. Great placement on
the porch as well. There was no one there. Ball rising in mid-gym
with a set point. Virginia has a
whole bunch of them. The shot into the net
from the Clemson Tigers. And Jaden Light. The youth of both these
teams coming to bear. Novakovic down the line! Tattoos the baseline. The sheer power she
possesses in that left hand. [INAUDIBLE] in the
second and third sets, Clemson will be able to
break that down more. Fauntleroy, mishit shot! But it gets through the block. Hayes, gonna be a deep shot for
Korte– blocked by Anukwuem! [INAUDIBLE] Korte
[INAUDIBLE] leather ankles, very temperamental. As we go into set number
3, they’re down two points. Virginia. Chino Anukwuem, fights
it through the middle! And a couple of big
plays, momentum swinging plays for Chino Anukwuem. Attributed with
six kills so far. Quick set coming for Anukwuem! And she powers it
through Keely Hayes. It’s Young, off the top of
the block, diving play Howell. Now a back set from Hayes. Deloney, through the block. One handed play by Miller! Kept it in play. Billiard, the shot. Clemson, now with another
chance to bury it. Quick touch. Sent back over by
Virginia’s Kat Young. Now a back set
coming from Hayes. Deloney is blocked! By Billiard. And is that the straw that
breaks the camel’s back? The freshman, Howell,
to keep it alive. Wilson, a cross– punched
down by Kat Young! It was touched. And that’ll do it. 25-17, 25-17, 25-19. Leading attacking
player for Virginia is Sarah Billiard,
with 11 kills.

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