Volleyball Unbound Pro Beach Volleyball LOWlights | Yes Guy Gaming Episodes 11 – 15


Volleyball Unbound Pro Beach Volleyball Gameplay Yes Guy Gaming I’m counting take the risk Joe ooh here
we go pass up Joe you give me a good one come on Joe oh I need to hit it on two
for the glory what the Bob on Joe put me on hit it sure Oh oops alright King you ready for this oops
match ball all right I’m gonna back way up way up and do a float what watch it watch it watch it Joe Joe
Joe Joe Joe are you serious Joe look out look out
beta beta I got Joe I shanked it match ball standing flow in the scene
and put me in the middle where’s he going where’s he going that’s where he’s
gone go go I got it come on Joe what’s the play down the line Joe do good peel
call by me no bad set order away Joe Joe you idiot
let’s finish these guys off quick Yanis code oh I’m on it I guess
put me on Joe that’s all right what that’s deadly watch the to bolt I’m on
it no I wanted the glory you’re weak put it on I can do this I can do this
Joe Tootsie Hoshi Joe get up there and block
him Joe Joe Joe you idiot thank god this thing these guys don’t
know what they’re doing or maybe they do Joe Joe oh and I just vol it in the
stands just over there yeah alright I’m on it thank God
down the line put you on find it find it oh we got blocks watch Joe Joe Joe are
you kidding me I’m right over here and just stick your hand up and you got it
buddy come on it Oh shanked it shanked it bad dammit
dammit I gotta put the team on my back I’ve tried gaffed at last me cook out
here Joe out here know what am i doing nice pass by me I’ll be on Joe get our
wall shot Oh ever again Joe what them off the net okay look out
Joe Joe it was right to you Joe free ball wow that’s a great accurate
shot and I know oh man whoa whoa whoa got it are you kidding me you see that
played deep cross man man I’m on it oh I screwed it up no what are you thinking
Joe yeah good take what’s your on buddy pound really fight it off mate
joe-joe D cross maybe are you kidding me are you joking what I pounded he punches
it over kind of at Dan plays it plug it was running the other way
did he just punch it over right in come on win the battle look at that found
everybody’s on their feet this sort of music oh no no another match ball in the
middle they move it over shit oh we screwed up Joe Joe we need to work
on your defense I plugged it I phoned it straight out of bounds gosh that was
dumb go Joe here you go buddy found it come on looks like he was the right guy to serve
whoa oops nice pass dude but this shit away what watch the line roll I’m all over
that run back run back now snig it Oh I’m on that shit Joe what cross
Joe what are you doing it’s the first round of the Grand Slam you gotta take
this shit seriously Joe any other bounds like that what do you think that one’s
been in get ready buddy cuz here comes after we sign up well it’s a good serve put me on Joe you gotta sneak it snake
it he got it Bay is sick and fossa
that’s alright I set the challenge here we go what I should hit it Jojo got it so right at me I got it in the middle
Joe in the middle let’s cut it one way but it’s the final is it the final it’s
the final right I think it’s the final there’s enough guy people in the stands
Joe you know how it is anyways we’ll see you guys next time
on yes guy Gaming yeah Volleyball Unbound Pro Beach Volleyball Gameplay Yes Guy Gaming

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