Volleyball Training | Resistance Bands | Drills for Higher Jumps | Part 7


Speaker 1: Here’s what you’re going to do?
You’re going to be here. You’re going to jump and you’re going to try to bring your knees
to your chest, okay. You’re going to land soft and you’re going to immediately go back
up for another. It looks like this, okay. Now when you do pliometric exercises, as soon
as your feet hit the floor, you want to try to get back up, all right? If you take your
time when you land you’re not going to improve your jump height, all right? As soon as you
hit you want to take your feet back up, all right? What are these bands going to do for
you? Who here has a knee injury or has had one or knows a lot of people who’ve had knee
injuries, anybody? Volleyball, it happens a lot. When you wear the bands basically what
happens is your legs are going to start fighting against the resistance, and you’re not going
to get this little action. You guys ever heard of ACLinjury? Happens a lot in volleyball,
so we’re going to use these to help stabilize our knees a little bit, allright? Everybody ready go, get your knees up, get
your knees up, get your knees wide , you want to get them outside your hip line, good, go,
go, go five, four, three, two, one, relax. Make sure that you’re not letting your knees
come in when you land. Some of you girls are like this, see my knees. You have to control
your body, so you can prevent injuries, all right? You strengthen your body against this
resistanceyou’re going to keep your knees safer, all right? So when we jump, we land
in a neutral position again, don’t let them buckle, all right? Get your knees up, get your knees up. [inaudible
00:01:32] try to get better at that, try to get better.Yeah, quick off the ground, quick,
quick, quick, three, two, one. All right everybody you want to know what I heard? I heard stomping
of rhinos through here, softly, real soft landing. Try to control your body when you
get here, soft, soft. Great go, quick feet, soft feet, that’s much better, much better.Okay,
if you don’t trying to get higher you’re not going to get any better.

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