Volleyball Nations League 2019 (Preview)


the second edition of volleyball nation sleek men starts on Friday in 2018 final Russia smash the host friends by winning 2-0 this season the formula is the same and teams are gained 16 Argentina Australia Brazil Bulgaria China Canada France Germany Iran Italy Japan Poland Portugal Russia Serbia and the USA the teams will play five weekends in posts of four teams each until each team has played against every other the top five teams at the end of the preliminary round will join the house USA between 10th and 14th of July to fight for the ultimate prize let’s have a look at the rosters of the teams who is missing who will be the favorite the champions from the last year Russia and their new head coach drama summer war we will rely on a slightly under squad arguably the biggest Russian start meter a Moose’s key will miss the tournament due to a hernia surgery they experienced alexander boot core and sergei clanking also not in the team the injured by toast cork is missing from the Polish roster the newly promoted Polish nation of Alfredo Nam is also still not in the team of the world champions the US team and the French team are fully equipped with all guns blazing the same shall be noted for Brazil where Ricardo Lucarelli is back after an injury you and allow the former Cubano is also in the roster all Serbian stars are in the squad of Nicola gravich the only missing is the experienced Manoj nikich the Iranian most popular players are ready to fight the opposite of Lubitsch Evita Nova Sentosa Cove is back from Bulgaria after an injury last year the biggest exception in this edition of the league is Italy which will rely on mostly younger players Somali Janelle is there but Juantorena Zaitsev and Lanza are missing Gavin Schmidt will be missing for Team Canada [Music] your Gaza is not in the German squat Luciano the checker for kundo Conte and Sebastian solid are leading the Argentinian team the scheduled on Friday starts with a match between Iran and Italy USA Brazil and a replay of the last year’s final between France and Russia will be played also in the first day who is the favorite in volleyball Nations league 2019 in your opinion write in the comments section and for more videos like this subscribe to the channel

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