Volleyball Highlights vs. Gannon 9-7-19


official thoughts and your 5 set win here over
Gannon thrilled I mean that was just so great, they outplayed us they served us they all blocked us but I was so proud of the team and
how they just came together at the end and you know we didn’t really do it with
anything fancy just a lot of good hard gritty play and they just dug themselves
back out of that hole and was able to come out on top so super proud of the
team got to a point where it was ten five ganon and that fifth set and they
were still able to pick themselves out of that well what do you credit that to
ready just really just determined play I mean it wasn’t anything tactically that
we did most of what we did during the day wasn’t working they were out playing
us pretty much everywhere so it just was some gritty play and just great
leadership and you know I thought our bench and everybody just really became
one unit trying to do the best that they could in that moment I took Katie tell
us a little bit about what’s going through your mind when you’re not in
five ten and the fifth set at home here and what what turned it around
I think our energy just turned it around a lot this was definitely a team win we
do this every day of practice so we just kept reminding ourselves that we’re
prepared and we know we can come back from it going back and forth there sat
after set basically yeah I’m part of volleyball the momentum can change it
with any point so we just knew we had to get the momentum at the end and at the
end of the day just have to win two points and we pulled that out

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