Volleyball + Four Square

Volleyball + Four Square

Spikeball is an action-packed
game that has no boundaries. The action starts with
the serve into the net. Your team has up to three
hits to volley the ball back into the net without any
player hitting twice in a row. Spikeball has teams but no
sides, so be ready to move. It’s kind of like
volleyball mixed with four square, which
is a lot better than some of the other game
combinations we tried. In Spikeball, your
opponent scores if the ball hits the ground,
your shot bounces twice on the net, or your team
can’t return the ball into the net in three hits. Made for portability,
the game conveniently fits inside the
included carrying pack. It’s designed to get
you serving and spiking in a matter of minutes. Buy the addictively
intense Spikeball and shop for hundreds of other
gifts at vat19.com. [SINGING] Vat19.com. If you like cool new games,
check out goodminton and kan jam. And share your favorite videos
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videos catch you off balance. I got it.

100 thoughts on “Volleyball + Four Square

  1. Le'ts play Russian Roulette!. Find your nearest gun, load 1 into the chamber, spin and fire. If you're lucky the bullet will kill you instantly. Continue spinning and pulling the trigger if the bullet doesn't fire. Good luck!

  2. 0:30 VAT19! มันไม่ใช่คิ๊กบ็อกซิ่งตั้งแต่กางเกงมวยไทยแล้วพี่ (VAT19! That pant not kickboxing. That is muay Thai bro.)

  3. This is copied in school this game that 19 called spike ball was copied this game that I had in school was three years old so they copied this

  4. heh copy cats dumb people vat 19 does not know how to make stuff so they make videos by using things that were made by other people than vat

  5. This is a real game doh. I forgot the name but I played it in a gym class once. We were exploring other games from other cultures.

  6. Ya know? Do the… SPIKEBALL WETHEAD CHALLENGE!!!!!! Spikeball with wethead! (Hard) Everytime you hit the ball you must pull a rod from your wethead and without the spinner until you feel that water coming down. You and your partner loses the game!

  7. In Busch Gardens Tampa Florida in their fancy restaurant second floor they were playing a televised game of spikeball

  8. We played spike ball in gym in my fifth grade it was AWESOME and I think I would have done better if I saw this first (FYI fifth grade for me was in 2016)

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