[Vlog 1] Корейский футбол + Русская еда в Сеуле ( Coffeeshop+ Football Match )


[Music] second it is Sunday oh it Monday my stop wait I got myself we’re gonna study and press we got a new yogurt Greek yogurt Greek yogurt go show you guys what it looks like [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] this is the evil streets this delicious because a new cafe it’s being built right now blue Catherine hey they did a lot yeah this one is more like [Music] no I just came back from my bathroom I would say the bathroom is three out of five I’ve seen some good bathroom I’ve seen some bad bathroom but he logged in instant coffee is beatiful oh yeah yes it’s only your password okay because his own draining bathroom it’s called a toilet reading yeah it’s not an advertisement being spent [Music] this is a study more mr. bicha studies a larger study [Music] we rely on studying very hard recent statistics Homer Donna what is your boss on Bloomberg what are your thoughts on the warmer yeah [Applause] [Music] particle okay TripIt [Music] the puzzle is polar intro it’s okay they like where are we going baby why are we going here what’s stopping you are you Frank okay so I have last I know where we have to go and watch football game and Ryder port that’s why I brought him to watch football game with me [Music] what if nova coming here i think it will be very fun baby what you’ll see now very popular game as you can see [Music] yeah it’s not running [Music] thank you something [Music] so we came to watch football added by butter oh my stop oh my god he lives for food little one thing my stuff [Music] it was four bucks for this small Honda [Music] a contributor to this what do we write beliefs ill because we have this fantasy well no there’s show us your Russian skills please I believe is right here Oh commodity good Itza [Music] [Music] yeah suffering are you something you know you know I brought well that’s so good [Music] [Music] [Music]

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