Vir The Robot Boy | Hindi Cartoon shows For Kids | Scare crow | Animated cartoon| Wow Kidz

Vir The Robot Boy | Hindi Cartoon shows For Kids | Scare crow | Animated cartoon| Wow Kidz

Students, this is Project Maze, You all have to grow maze in this field. The fields are already ploughed by the tractor, now your work is to protect the field. You all need to water the fields and fertilize it from time to time and grow them big. The student whose crops are the best will be given first prize. Haha!! I will come first. I will use the best and most expensive fertilizer. Because my dad is very rich. Haha!! Haha!! we will come to know only that after the crops grow kid. Ok children, all the best, take care. Hehe!! I will water the fields first. My crops will be the best. What is this magic going on? Vir where are you? Vir!! Vir, you have done some magic. Look, everytime the force of water turns towards your field. Bunty, I guess there is some misunderstanding. OK bye, take care. Why such things always happen with me? Haha! Vir, In order to protect the crops from crows and other birds we need to fit a scare crow near the field. Anyways, you would not even know what a scare crow is. Even we have got a scare crow which is kept near the road. Come on Imli, let us go and get our scare crow. Whenever he makes fun of Vir I get angry, and when I get angry, haha! Then I do magic. How is this possible? I had grown maze then where did the snakes come from? Hehe lollipops. They are not snakes, they are lollipops. Lollipops have grown in my field. I am great, I am super powerful. Hehe!!! I will just remove your power. My field, sometimes snake and sometimes lollipop. What is happening? Bunty what’s wrong? Why are you crying? Sir my crops turns into snakes and then they turn into lollipops. All this is done by Vir. He must have sawed snake and lollipop seeds in my field. Gintu, bring everything back to normal quickly. Bunty, there are no seeds of snake or lollipop. Haha!! Hey, your crops are fine, haha. Bunty, they aren’t snakes. Don’t be afraid. Children, you all have grown good crops, very good. But, to protect them from crows you all need to fit a scare crow in your fields like Vir and Bunty have done. Everybody go and make a scare crow, because of scare crow the birds’ feel that a man is standing in the field. And they don’t spoil the crops. Gintu, don’t you dare come near the fields again. Don’t come here until the competition gets over. Ok I’m going. I was trying to help you but now I won’t. Boss, look here, I have brought the scarecrow from Vir’s field. Now Vir’s crops will be destroyed by birds. Hehe!! This is my revenge, the revenge of Timbaktoon, haha!! Timbaktoon think big in life. I will convert this scarecrow into a robot. I will send him along with few crow robots at Vir’s field. You just have to fit it in Vir’s field. As soon as Vir comes my scare crow robot will finish him. Haha!! The crows should get frightened of scarecrow but they aren’t. Hushh!! hurr!! Vir!! Haha!! Vir Bye bye, it is so sad that I won’t be able to meet you personally. Haha!! Twister suit on. Yes!! Now the fight is equal. Vir!! Vir are you ok? Yes, thanks. Let us go principal sir is about to come. My crops, what’s wrong with them? Vir, you all have ruined my crops. Sir is here, I will inform sir. Gintu, Bunty’s crops were really very good. He has the right to win. Please place my crops on Bunty’s field. Agdam bagdam aalam phaalam ikadam tikadam dum dumadum. Sir, Vir has burned my crops. He wants to defeat me. But your crops are alright. Hehe!! Sir I am telling you the truth, before my crops were looking burnt up. Bunty’s crops are best grown, so first prize will be given to Bunty. Thank you sir. Vir, even your magic couldn’t spoil anything. I am the greatest and I am the best. The competition is over that’s why I am back. Vir, Bunty won because of you but still he is making fun of you. I will teach him a lesson right away. Not Bunty, but him. Boss!! Save me boss. What type of robot have you made? They are running behind me only. Hahaha!!

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