Vir The Robot Boy | Hindi Cartoon For Kids | Gintu ki boxing | Animated Series| Wow Kidz

Vir The Robot Boy | Hindi Cartoon For Kids | Gintu ki boxing | Animated Series| Wow Kidz

Come, lets see whats happening there. Yes, lets go. Hey, haha!! Wow!! Huh! What a big deal is this, even I can do it. Haha!! Come, do it and show. Agadam bagadam aalam phaalam ikadam tikadam dum dumadum. Wow!! Oh! Very good, its nice. Can you do boxing too? No, he can’t. Lets go Gintu. Yes, I can box better than you. Then next Sunday, in front of everyone, lets have a boxing competition. No, Gintu is joking, he is not a Boxer. I accept the challenge, lets meet next Sunday. I felt like getting into the ring and begin boxing him till he lies flat on the ground. Gintu, you have accepted the challenge, but boxing is a spot, so you got to play it fair. That means you can’t be unfair by using your magic, promise me. No, I can’t promise anything like that. Then this match is cancelled. If the match gets cancelled than our town name will get spoiled. Yes, but playing a match should always be fair and not by magic. Ok, I promise that during the match I shall not use any magic. Very good Gintu that’s the spirit, but there is a small problem. What? Look at yourself, you look like a punching bag. You need to be physically fit to fight. Yes Gintu, Imli is correct. What did you do hunger man? What will we have now? That’s your look out, I have to work hard then only I can be ready for the match. What say grandpa! Haha!! Hey Gintu, if you eat too much then you will gain more weight. Then how will you fight? You need to be physically fit for Boxing. From tomorrow eat less and workout harder. Haha!! Not from tomorrow, from today, do good deed with no wasting time or keeping it for tomorrow. Its about our reputation now. Grandpa jinn you? Yes child, the moment I got to know of the boxing match, I had to come, now I will train you. But, how did you come to know? On earth whatever jinn does we get to be informed immediately. By our jinn reporters on jinn channel. The moment I got know about Gintu’s challenge. I couldn’t wait, so I came here, haha!! Gintu stand on it, lets check your weight. Hmm! Over weight, you will have to work very hard. Come on Gintu, lets begin. Start running on this treadmill. What happened Gintu? Hey, I was suppose to run then why is this machine running? This machine will run, all you have to do is walk over the running belt. Come on, or else you will fall. No, I can’t run on it. I will run on the ground. Gintu, its for your benefit. Do it willingly, stop crying. Ok enough, its easy to give lectures. Yes Gintu, today your physical training is completed. You haven’t become thin but you are strong to fight the boxing match. Gintu is our right!! It’s a very interesting fight!! Every fighter will remember this for life!! I am happy that I am the referee for this match. The fight is between, Gintu from Fursatganj and Boxer Tango from Faltuganj. Ok, ready. Gintu, all the best!! Give your best shot Gintu. Ok. Hey, How can I see the stars in a day light. Gintu, let the fight begin. Oops! Sorry. Gintu,Tango ready? When I say fight, you both begin. Start fight! 8, 7, 6, 5. Gintu, referee will count, you don’t need to. Hahaha!! I can see stars in the daylight again. Ok, fight. Yeah!! Tango!! Gintu, get up Gintu!! 8, 7, 6, 5, 4. Gintu its about our towns pride, get up Gintu. You can’t ruin our towns reputation, get up Gintu. 3,2. Gintu, your friends pride is in your hands, get up. Oh! I am sorry, I was lying down and taking rest for a while. Gintu! Imli, Vir and Chulbul will get upset, if you lose. Grandpa jinn, how can I lose? 8 , 7 ,6, 5, 4, 3 , 2 , 1. Yeah!! The winner of this fight is Gintu!! Again the stars!

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