VIDEOSUEÑOS – Un documental de Smash [Subtitled]

VIDEOSUEÑOS – Un documental de Smash [Subtitled]

2 WEEKS BEFORE EVO 2016 I noticed he had an amazing level on the last tournament in Guatemala and looking back at his run at EVO last year, I think he can make top 32 this time around. Honestly he has a good level. As a community we hope to see him at least on top 32. I know he has what it takes to make it. You can tell he trains daily both games, Smash 4 and Melee. He’s our top player in both games. I think that’s what separates him from the rest. His dedication to the game. I’m Fernando Orellana I play Smash Melee and Wii U for Zaga Talent Gaming in El Salvador I’ve been sponsored with Zaga since last year and they have really supported me. Take this trip for instance I wouldn’t have been able to come without their help. I couldn’t have made it to Gamers Arena in Guatemala either, where I ended up winning both Smash events My expectation for EVO this year is to make it to top 32, which would be one spot higher than what I placed last year, and if can make it further than that even better. Competition this year will be a lot tougher. EVO. The fighting game community’s own Super Bowl Las Vegas. A place with a lot of entertainment, and an opportunity for players that travel from all around the world prove themselves. Our focus will be on the latinamericans, and of course the titles that we are passionate about, Melee and Smash 4. What’s up? My name’s Edgar Sheleby, my tag is n0ne I play Super Smash Bros Melee competitively I live in Canada, I’m from Nicaragua.
I’ve been playing since ’06 or ’07 I’ve been a pro player since 2014 My expectations for EVO are to make it as far as I can. I don’t really think too much about it. Improvise. That’s what I do. I’m good at that. Luisfer starts his Group Phase Luisfer wins his pool and makes it to Round 2. n0ne starts his group phase n0ne wins his pool and makes it to Round 2 He is sent to losers bracket by Hungrybox. We hope this events are an eye opener for organizations looking to invest in the latinamerican potential. In the potential of players from our region. My name is Gonzalo Barrios, better known as Zero. I play for Team Solo Mid and I’m from Chillan, Chile, in the Bio Bio region. The problem with the latinamerican scene has always been the lack of resources. We’ve always had problems with prizes, setups, venues, those kinds of problems. If we had somehow more funds, we could do a lot more. And I really wouldn’t know how to solve it ’cause its a lot more complicated over there. People over there just see it in a bad light compared to here. Over here its normal. Over there its odd. – Odd as in its weird that someone can make a living playing video games? – Yes, that’s it.Yeah – How do you think the future will be for latinamerica? – Every year will be better, I hope that one day we reach a point where the scene is a lot more international so we can always see players from abroad and have a more interconnected scene. That would be nice. It was tough. Competition is strong this year. With a bit of luck I made it into top 32. Competition is tough. I played Hbox, lost that one. Eventually I faced Azusa, a very good Peach. I made a comeback on the last game – Top 32 at EVO. How does it feel? All right. Last year was terrible cause I was drunk, but this year is going okay. Luisfer has progressed in round 2. He loses agains Ito. 2 rounds later he is eliminated in 65th. I don’t know. What a dissappointment. That’s all I can say. What a disappointment. I’m feeling disappointed in myself. I feel like I worked hard and I didn’t reach what I was expecting. It’s sad, it sucks. I feel just terrible. I guess its because I’m so competitive. I don’t normally cry, losing doesn’t affect me like that. But I really did have a lot of expectations this time and its sad not to reach anything you hoped for. I need more experience. More tourneys. I guess compared to last year I did better, cause even if I got a lower spot there were more entrant this time. But that’s not enough. In any case, yeah I will try to come to more events. It’s what I have to do if I really want to improve. Well, that’s that. I’ll keep grinding. That’s what it’s about. Improving. Maybe next time. n0ne finishes in 25th I just finished top 32. I played against Wizzrobe and he beat me 2-0. He was playing well. It’s a matter of who gets the first grab. Falcon dittos are a headache. Maybe I’ll try something different next time. I’ll keep playing. Improving. Traveling. I have a few trips lined up And i have Smash Factor in Mexico coming up. We’ll see how that goes for me. Smash Factor 5. Mexico’s biggest tournament. A great event that hosts a lot of players from all over Mexico and other countries. Players that have traveled long distances to come here to compete With all of these smashers and gamers there’s sure to be big parties. There’s a lot to do during those three days and I’m sure everyone will have a great time there. This has been a great effort by the Smash Factor team as well as Citi, the T.O., who has worked a lot, investing a lot of time and money in creating a world class event. In Smash 4 we’ll have MK Leo, who everyone knows since his victory at Smash Factor 4 where he made his name echo around the world. – It feels great. If I beat Mr R. that means I’m at Zero’s level. – And when he comes, I’m also gonna mess him up. 2 stocks. But now he has to show why people consider him to be one of the best players, not only in Mexico but worldwide. There are people placing him top 5 in the world. Now he has to show us why there’s so much expectation from his gameplay. – Now? Hi, my name is Leonardo Lopez Perez, my tag is MK Leo. I play professionally here in latinamerica and I’m sponsored by Smash Factor. With Smash Factor’s help I was able to get the Canadian visa and enter my first international tournament, Get on My Level in Toronto, Ontario, in Canada. It was a great tourney where I faced off against the best players in the world. I beat Nairo 3-1 Almost beating Zero I went 1-3 against Ally. It really was a great tournament for me and for the Mexican community as well. Last year I won Smash Factor. My expectations for this tournament are really high actually. I want to win it again. Maybe not as easy as last time, but win it regardless. It’s now two weeks after EVO and we’re here at Smash Factor in Puebla, Mexico. It’s the biggest tournament in latinamerica. After EVO I went to Socal, I was there for about a week and a half. I entered Socal Colosseum 2 that weekend where I took first place after beating S2J, Chillindude and Mike Haze. The strongest competition here would be Hugs, who made the trip, Eddy Mexico, Javi… and I hear there’s a lot of good Mexican players here who I don’t know yet, but I like surprises Lately I’ve been feeling in shape. Sometimes I can be inconsistent, but as a whole I’m feeling good. I hope to win it, but we’ll see how it goes. Leo won’t have it easy, with players like Mr R., Dabuz, and all these Mexican players that want to take the title. My match against Wonf was very close. He’s always been someone I enjoy playing against He was one of the people that when I was a nobody, helped me improve. This was his turn to win. I hope to meet him again further in the bracket. And then I won’t hold back. I will give it my 100%. With no errors. We are in top 8 right now at Smash Factor 5, I just played against Javi and I won 3-1. He’s fast, really tough I’m now gonna play Hugs in winners finals, and if I beat him I’ll be sitting in grands. So we’ll see. Hugs and I have played twice before, in Genesis 3 and GOML, both were tight sets, we went 3-2 So really anything can happen Well yea, apparently I won Smash Factor 5. The winner of Smash Factor 5 Melee is n0ne, from Nicaragua. I had a couple of intense sets against Hugs, I got the bracket reset. Ganon as an option is just a matter of preference. He’s a good matchup against Samus. I feel Ganon actually helps all around, even in movement. I loved it here. I’ve enjoyed it a lot. People treat me well. Its super good. If I get the chance Ill definitely come next year. Now I travel to Astra, in Colombia. – Colombia, Barranquilla. Planning on conquering South America? – We’ll try. Three weeks later, n0ne took first in Astra in Colombia Well, I won. I feel very happy and comfortable. I reached my goal for this year. The way I see it, to see if I’m at their level, and to win a major, I had to win Smash Factor 5. – So, what’s next? – Win Genesis 4.

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  1. Me imagino que ibas a poner a hyuga en el documental y por razones que todos conocemos decidiste quitarlas; espero algun dia hicieras algun mini documental sobre el con el material que tienes y no quede en el olvido

  2. Que increíble documental de la comunidad Latinoamericana/Mexicana.
    Una felicitación por tan excelente trabajo.

  3. Estan equivocados, en Sm4sh LUSIFER no es el mejor jugador de latinoamerica, hay muchisimos mejores que el por ejemplo en la escena de Argentina y Chile.

  4. creo que esto demuestra que hay mucho nivel en latinoAmerica y mas en Mexico, muchos jugadores que ya viven de esto Gracias a los patrocinadores, lamentablemente en SurAmerica las cosas son diferentes, tal vez si se apoyaran mas torneos como estos habría mas nivel competencia, pero #None y #LuisFer son un gran ejemplo que se puede y de #Leo ni hablar que gran Jugador a tan pequeña edad tiene mas experiencia que varios jugadores.

    solo me queda por decir que ·SMASH LOVE FOREVER

  5. lo unico malo del documental es que el camarografo tiembla mucho y que las canciones no fueron las adecuadas pero fuera de eso me gusto mucho

  6. Ese Hugs cambia de nacionalidad muy rapido, primero tenia la bandera de U.S.A. Despues en el primer combate contra N0ne tiene la bandera de Mexico y al siguiente tiene la de U.S.A. y al siguiente de nuevo la de Mexico. xD

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