Video Game Hack | Nick Football Stars 2

Video Game Hack | Nick Football Stars 2

guys, Nick Gamer here. And we’re tackling
“Nick Football Stars 2,” now with a bigger
field, bigger action, and crazy customization. And I’ve got some
tips and tricks to help you navigate
the field and get you to the end zone in one piece. First off, choose your players. I’m going with my
star quarterback. PATRICK: See you
at the big race! NICK GAMER: In this
2v2 tacklefest, be the first team to five
touchdowns, and you win! But it’s not that simple. You’ve got to get possession. When you don’t have the
ball, press the Action button to tackle your opponent. Connect, and they’ll fumble. Ouch! NICK GAMER: Good thing
he has that shell. Once you’ve got the ball,
it’s a sprint to the end zone. If the other team comes
at you, slap the Action button to hurdle their tackle. See ya! But they aren’t the only
things you have to worry about. This is a “hole-y” different
kind of football game. First off, there’s holes. And you don’t get any
points for a hole-in-one. The field is full of
obstacles and boosters. Use the boosters to
cruise past the other team and speed to victory. And avoid the grassy globs. Trust me, this is
one tough turf. But you can get
pretty tough, too, with awesome customization. Get your gear on and
customize your way to stat-boosting victory. Is that regulation? And gear isn’t the
only way to kick butt. When you’re all charged
up, hit the Super button to unleash your power. Leo goes electric with
some meditating mayhem. What a shocker! Think that’s cool? SpongeBob’s power is
un-bubble-ievable. Oh, and don’t forget
about the codes. Try entering POWER to keep
your super meter filled, SWAG to unlock all items,
or TITAN for giant players. Well, that’s all the code-age. Now, if you’ll excuse
me, I’ve got to go work on my touchdown dance. I’m Nick Gamer, and until
next time, Game, over and out.

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