Verratti vs. Fàbregas | Head to Head Interview | PUMA Football

Verratti vs. Fàbregas | Head to Head Interview | PUMA Football

What do you know about me? Nothing interesting. What’s your name again? I’m Marco Verratti! Marco, when will you finish growing? Never, I hope I never stop. If you could choose on person to have dinner with, who would it be? With you, of course. Who is your all-time favorite player? Maradona. What’s your favourite sport besides football? Tenis. What about you? Moto GP. Why is Paris better than London? I think that Paris is the most beautiful city in the whole of Europe. What comes to mind first when you think of London? My family, Arsenal, Chelsea. Freekicks or penalties? Freekicks. And you, goal or assist? I think it’s better to score but I like to create. Best game you ever played in? PSG-Chelsea, 3-1. And you, what’s the best game you have played in? World Cup Final probably. Do you remember when you won the World Cup? Oh, I forgot. You haven’t won it yet. No, but let’s hope that day arrives soon! What kind of music do you listen to before a game? I like reggaeton. And you? Gianni Morandi. I heard you like to sing. Can you sing me your favourite song? [Sings “The Macarena”] You’re a disaster! Come on, man. A total disaster! Have you ever done yoga? No, have you? I tried for a few weeks but I wasn’t good at it. What’s the best game you’ve ever seen? One Barcelona vs. Atlético Madrid where it ended 5-4. How’s our game going to end? Give me a prediction. 1-2, Chelsea. Who’s the most interesting player on your team? I think that when Ibrahimovic is in form he is an incredibe player. And yours? We have many good players, so you have to be careful for everyone. Who will win this match? Chelsea. I don’t get it. We Italians are very superstitious so before the game we prefer to predict that the opponents will win. I think they’ll beat us 4-0.

100 thoughts on “Verratti vs. Fàbregas | Head to Head Interview | PUMA Football

  1. なんかセスク、感じ悪い…(-_-#)

  2. Si fabregas hubiera hablado en español se hubieran entendido mejor , ya se que se traduce para que uno entienda al otro pero yo sin saber italiano he entendido sin leer los subtitulos lo que decia Marco.

  3. Everytime when I hear people speaking Italian I only understand some words like parrapurru cryaaacruu imporrrrrteeeee orrrocreyyyyy cruuuu… lol

  4. When he said Arsenal before Chelsea, a part of me was like T_T 🙁 Those were the good days, when he and Robin still played for Ars.

  5. stop fermi ha detto k è meglio dare a loro la prima vittoria 4-0 siamo nel 2017 e sappiamo tutti cosa è successo

  6. Real fan here but Wenger made such a mistake in turning down Cesc. He still loves and bleedes Arsenal through and through

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