Venezuela v Russia FIBA Basketball Match World Cup 2019

Venezuela v Russia  FIBA Basketball Match  World Cup 2019

he’s trying to switch things up a little
bit tossing confusions shot clock winding down I mean you just about does
enough to put him off the shot clock is down to one they’ve got to get it away
ship cock does right before the buzzer its massive for Russia he again decided
I’m gonna take this shot at a defensive player right in his face yeah he’s back
in he can certainly shoot it and that’s his range he’s gonna have to launch it
he does it’s good well we saw one from the logo near half
courts this one wasn’t too far off in the first game you can see there Jehan
launching in the middle Carrera right of that free-throw line there it is
shot clock about to expire key it has to put up another one from the other side
point land first on the right then on the left but the Ivory Coast shots he’s
already shown he can make it there he is again he’s not even gonna launch it
right in front of the bench and by the still gets inside misses but look at
that again an offensive II love it says it’s called the right hand jump hook is
lovely and a wine the clock down here Russia they know it’s job done as
foreign Savitch makes the final two ice look here Chuck like about to expire oh
boy he is just shooting it so well Louis
shot clock again about to expire head ISIL or Guillen has to put it up and it
does again I’ll tell you what is remarkable folks who really is it’s
gonna be another rush possession here from Nikita cabana throws it out to
yvlev not really the guy you want shooting the three well maybe it is wow
what a moment for Evelyn was he attacks look at this this is something for the
to be frame for Eve left but why not stretch five in the making the Prophet Ola if the Prophet Taylor
encamped at so on the floor get out of here says kerbin on great
rejection on the help like urban off now Antonov but now curb and I’ll down the
other end of the floor plugins losing the handle gotta put up the shutdown’s
will run sammich putting it up making it nursey outside shots doesn’t fall big
rebound here for Corbin all belong him taking it again get to get the
basketball as he was moving in and we’ve got a timeout on the floor
it’s been a dandy so far that was a big shot scored by clogging from long
distance but Tommy lost to the long toward time ticking away and I get the
quickness but Tommy long baby unbelievable quickness by Buffalo
Eastern house possession this is Jeff step but rocks of it I thought the ball was
in the hands of baller Rob’s key just a little bit too long here’s that pass and
in the shot coming from hi I’m cope don’t miss the FIBA Basketball World Cup
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