Using GOING TO to Talk about the Future in English (Football Examples)


Hello, everybody! This is jack from welcome to this English lesson where I’m going to briefly talk about football. Now, the reason i’m going to talk about
football is because of two things: Firstly, I love football! It’s my favorite sport. Secondly, Euro
2016 is about to start. This is the European tournament that takes place in
France. Now, I want to talk about a couple of
things and, firstly, I want to talk about predicting the future because when we
are thinking about football games in the future, we can give our opinion om
whether we think a team is going to win. So, it’s very common to say: I think
England are going to win. Now what’s interesting is that in
British English, we use the plural for football teams: England are going to win. Whereas, in the US, people say England is going to win. They use the singular form. So, you might
hear both of these forms used when talking about football teams. Secondly, I want to give another phrase
using ‘going to’ and in this case it’s talking about our intentions for the
future. So, i can say: I am going to watch all of England’s games. I am going to
watch all of England’s games. So, I have the intention to watch these in the
future. Now, I’ve introduced two different
phrases with ‘going to’ in this lesson, so, I have two questions for you: Firstly,
which team do you think is going to win the tournament? Which team do you think
is going to win the tournament? And the second question is: how many games are
you going to watch? So, are you going to watch every game? Are
you going to watch one or two games? Maybe something in between? Or maybe
you’re not going to watch anything at all. So, leave your comments below, thank you for watching and I’ll see you
guys next time!

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