Use these 5 words to score high in IELTS speaking

Use these 5 words to score high in IELTS speaking

Hi guys I’m Manjita and thank you for being my darling subscribers today we’re going to talk about something which is very very important I will teach you five power packed words of vocabulary which you can definitely use in your English speaking section of IELTS and you will score higher marks trust me it’s good to use simple sentences but use some great vocabulary, not a lot of them just space it really well and use just five or six good vocabulary or great words in English and then that’s the mantra of scoring good marks well the very first one which I want to share with you is called plethora plethora, means a lot of stuff, right. Now this word plethora plethora so this word you can use for a lot of things you can say while if you’re talking about hobbies you can say I have plethora of hobbies a lot of hobbies but this is my favorite one or I went to a particular place it has plethora of food items plethora of cuisines plethora of malls plethora of shopping complexes so now you know whenever you want to use the word a lot or great options use plethora okay. Well let’s talk about the second word and that is mesmerized mezmerizes mesmerized okay it means that you awe struck you’re charmed this you can use for any place which has caught your attention it was so beautiful so you will use the word mesmerized and in a verb mesmerized because it’s a past tense so you can say the lake or the place or the holiday destination or the picture the painting it was so beautiful that I was mesmerized okay so now you know how to use mesmerize so try using this word describing anything which is beautiful okay it could be a beautiful dream it could be a beautiful place it could be a beautiful concert it can be anything so use the word mesmerize alright the third one we’ll talk about is however yes however however however right this word is used when you have to describe two contradicting sentences okay for example you’re explaining your hobby so I used to play football however now I love cricket okay so the two different things you’re talking about so you connect them with however all right I was a very active child however now I just love to sit on my couch okay or I used to love singing however dancing is my new hobby so I’m talking about two different contradicting sentences I’m connecting them using however, okay the next one recapitulate recapitulate we will say it together…recapitulate recapitulate recapitulate recapitulate okay it means it’s another words for summarizing so usually in your third part of IELTS you’ll have a “state your opinion” kind of a form where the examiner will say…. so in your opinion this is good or that is good you feel this is better or that is better so at the end when you say to summarize instead of using the word summarize you can save well to recapitulate this in my opinion is good to use the word recapitulate for summary okay practice this recapitulate alright and the last one of course we all are caught in to this most of the times and that word is dilemma alright dilemma dilemma dilemma it means when you are in a situation where you have to make – I mean you are between two difficult choices and both are unpleasant so well you have to choose one and that point but you have to make… when you have to difficult choices to consider you are in a dilemma I was in a dilemma you choose this or that, right, it was a difficult situation I was in a dilemma dilemma okay. So now you have got all the five words in-front of you. All you have to do is practice to pronounce it clearly and my tip is whenever you use these words in whatever sentences you’re forming in the sense… in whatever situation comes in try to use these words of course in the correct form and at the correct places but I’ve given you these generic words you can use them in whatever situation is coming in front of you, if it’s hobbies or its food its shopping centers whatever you can use plethora very nicely if it’s about describing a beauty or how enchanted you were you can use mezmerize right so you’ve got the whole gist of how to do it please practice to pronounce it practice it in front of the mirror and whenever you use these words or whichever of these 5 words which I’m saying pause as in by pause I mean take it slow okay the place was really beautiful and I was so mesmerized by the beauty of it so you note my speed that I paused or I slowed down I stressed when I said the word mesmerized okay and then went ahead so the listener understands… Okay, you are using interesting vocabulary some difficult but relevant words and in the appropriate places and then you score marks. Bye, I’m sure these words will help you let me know that did you find them useful or not and have you started practicing and using them. All the best for your IELTS and your general English learning journey and you will rock because you are my rock star bye bye, take care.

36 thoughts on “Use these 5 words to score high in IELTS speaking

  1. I actually got 8.0 in speaking after watching your video. I do belive your video helped improve my result. Thank u Manjita! Recommendations!

  2. Thank you for such an informative video ๐Ÿค—Please pray for me , I am going to sit for my ielts exam on 28th September.I will try my best to use these words ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. since I was child I was in a plethora of situations for learning English language, however now I'm getting better after watching your tutorials which they really helped me out, I mesmerized from the first three minutes of watching your first videos gives me hope that I can make it out, however with no dilemma I took this decision after recapitulating all the IELTS tutorials on the youtube I decided to follow your tricks .
    rate me from 1 to 10

  4. I have plethora things to prepare on IELTS but your video has recapitulate in a faster way for my preparation and memorized with your teaching however would keep preparing and pressing forward,so grateful and no longer in a dilemma on how to prepare

  5. Your awesome!!!. I have been passionate about plathora of things since childhood, this has left me in dilemma many times. However, I have discovered interest changes with exploration of new things. To recupitulate, if your passion leaves you mesmerised that is real achievement. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I have a plethora of friends and each one of them is interesting in different ways. One weekend we planned to go to Victoria falls. I was mesmerized at the sight of the great falls. I loved the view off the falls however I could not go near because of the fear of heights. I realised I was caught in a dilemma . To recapitulate i had an amazing weekend

  7. I was in dilema because on YouTube plethora videos of IELTS were , however to recapitulate I mesmerized your videos

  8. Thank you for your valuable suggestions Manjita.
    I have taken IELTS examination 4 times . 1st was an academic exam and I got my desired marks which was for my studies in the UK. The rest of the exams were general . The reason why I couldnโ€™t get my desired score, was because I couldnโ€™t get a band 7 in the writing module . I am still working on it . I had no issue with rest of the modules as I could score above 7 for rest of them . And this is my personal learning experience from the exams that I have taken until now . It would be rather good for a person to use words that they are familiar with as opposed to using words that are learned just for the purpose of exams. I did this mistake for my second speaking test and ended up using a word out of context and the result was 7:5 ( I had a band 8 for my previous speaking test ). Manjita is doing a great job by helping us , I really appreciate that . But I also wanted everyone ,who is struggling just like me to get a specific score to know this – Please make sure that you use words in the right context or you can get it completely wrong which will eventually reduce your final score.
    Thank you .

  9. I used to go through numerous you tube channels for learning English however your mesmerising teaching makes me addicted to this channel only.
    Thank you so much.

  10. It's good to recapitulate the long and critical discussions that would help us remembering the gist of them.

  11. I was in Dilemma when I got two offers from two good organizations but finally ended up in the firm where you used to work.
    Thank you Manjita.

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