USA vs France Basketball Match Fiba World Cup 2019 match de basket américain france,

USA vs France Basketball Match  Fiba World Cup 2019  match de basket américain france,

shaking hands with some colace we’ll
know each other off so for France Frank nann Akina the backcourt by Donovan
Mitchell the Utah Jazz and Joe Harris you know Madison well good evening folks
and welcome to don’t launch in the one gaunt province of now forty a kind of
assumed that scoring leader role that you talked about and it comes out and
make Mitchell a jazz players have really made a lot of headlines in this
tournament having a ed Mitchell story great basketball Champions League season
with Pierce’s Polonia and now is rejected by Turner here comes Mitchell
Oda harris stops on the break good movement
Makena gets in the paint goes up and scores from the left hand I’m impressed
to plays very well deal the night here usa france basketball match Harrison Barnes and Mark comes in and
comes in for his first – smart quickly the USA de Colo bear and he follows up
the miss and scored just control hits it back talked about to expires who has to
put it up and he hits the three a court and good jump and pin it
there’s teammates there’s the soar current goes up strong and that low
closed one of those World Cup qualifiers steady man quick passing de colo whips it over to Alba see that’s
good opportunity here is that the World Cup now
explosive moves from Brown and he is going to get to the Makena his pass back
intercepted and Mitchell goes up Fournier pulls up long to that’s good to
go bear he goes right to the basket and folks getting back to minutes on the
bench right now some rest here’s 48 bolting it ends Mitchell again the way
goes to Mitchell and now he gets to the brown horny pulls up some deep again in
Paris baseline quarterfinals always the toughest game and a World Cup boy Tom
Mitchell I am okay to receive some pounds passed in the backcourt right and
it goes yes you are Myles Turner saw screen for Gobert gets it and goes up there yes they picking up the D now back
to foul he hasn’t been here very much Mitchell Boise box out Rudy Gobert 28
his way into the lane and drives in score smart now Mitchell for three good
back outsides of nilly Keena and then he puts it up his scores as the length
Middleton and he drops it 48 in attack mode again
puts it up tough shot finds the gap and driving it in and scoring and I’ll
Mitchell on this lost it gets it back the time he shortfalls up the shot good
mark badly would go fair on the block sending the defense out on they drop off
Fournier that time now Brown puts it on the deck goes hard scores Mitchell takes
it in and scores deepens again by smart Brown horny a tough shot from the left
and Gobert there for the putback and the ball knocked down to Middleton now
Mitchell for three shoot the kolos goes in and takes Harris what you’ll say get
it back now Barnes for three good lift it up and hurt Colo left open
and hits the points on the games Middleton goes in and score and the key
needs to go bare okay it’s four space back to nil Akina again lays it up in
here boys looking good flips it up that’s all and boy it felt
kindly right and pulls up from be good in the game smart back into the game 28
and scores with the left hand almost forcing the turnover 40 he gets it back
he peed go bear go there again militina puts it up from deep hand in the face
they still hit Mitchell he’s gonna take the shots Walker drives in Mitchell
switch to Gobert Mitchell goes past Gobert it against watch saying this
quarter now Walker looks for space step back
oh he got Gobert off his feet he’s good he has it now Brown goes pass go pair
just plop and one today Walker brought about in in Akina passes the buck up to
the corner and catching it out about it was gonna be Mitchell puts it up couple
of World Cups they stun Spain five years ago in Madrid and tonight they have
beaten the United States and Evan Fournier combo together 43 points

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