USA v Greece FIBA Basketball Match World Cup 2019

USA v Greece FIBA Basketball Match  World Cup 2019

there’s Janice now sitting steel goes
behind the back going all the way straight out he would swap his NBA MVP
award and that was the nieces with the rebound
there’s collapses oh just what a way to change speed substitutions coming back
into the game up a woman broke down that was pretty follows it beautifully absolutely was no way gonna get posted
very low chance that he was going to end up on a Gooch of each post and that’s
for sure as well big head meeting at the ring finish this that’s a huge poster taller ovitch is
gonna feature on and it’s not the best of the game I can imagine though that those puffy honest give a player the
game alright he’s flat-out come to play today looking forward as well dr Milton for free and Dean for both
teams positive to take away from both sides we take a look at Middleton you
got it off with plenty of time to spare no question about that Walker the bus
got it to go that’s when you make that sub the
quarter down to purely Abercrombie one anymore Dennis Turner kupo with the
response low loses a hand on it cops it up and here comes grease
Calathes gets in check it out Trent Estes gets it back looking for Yanis
gonna do it himself now up and in textbook finish at the puzzle
garland gay alongside Mark Clark glad you’re joining us wherever you are how
do you do so Smith Kazama crossing I don’t think I need to court but three morning Oz control basketball
Walker – like the crowd Walker could pass up our selfish feed another sister
TV would say that was a 22nd on that night they’re a big here early on the
runway hi I’m Kobe don’t miss the FIBA Basketball World Cup
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