USA v Brazil FIBA Basketball Match World Cup 2019

USA v Brazil  FIBA Basketball Match World Cup 2019

while boats are going away from smart
throwing it back to Varejao Marichal trying to get the better insider Lopes
he’s still got the footwork of the age of 36 still plenty of time in the shot
clock Denise Farris out creating the room again he takes on the directing
prey and ties it up but Roselle which one of those scenarios plays out Kemba
Walker creates a better room against marquinhos and drains the shot over the
top of it she only needs a step and he’s knocking it down
Kemper into the lane floats it up and got it is about the shooters role at
that distance put some pressure on that shot to run up all the way right down
Main Street box office from Brown side up against Barbosa Donovan Mitchell
Mitchell looking to go 101 how about the dribble for Donovan
you can’t got that 101 T eight straight wins in non exhibition games for the USA
as they go by ever now here in China hi I’m cope don’t miss the FIBA
Basketball World Cup here you want more click on these videos and hit the
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