Urban Cowboy (7/9) Movie CLIP – Gilley’s Rodeo Competition (1980) HD

Urban Cowboy (7/9) Movie CLIP – Gilley’s Rodeo Competition (1980) HD

On the first go-round. All right. Are you ready, wes? Get him, sam. [ horn blows ] All right. A fine ride
by wes hightower, Ladies and gentlemen. Let’s take a look
at wes’ score there…An 80! All right.An 80 combined
with an 81 Gives wes hightower
a grand total of 161,And that’s the highest
score for this evening.All right, we’re down nowTo our next
and final contestant–Bud davis, number 87.Come on, bud! Bud had a 79
on his first go-round. Are you ready, bud? [ horn blows ] All right! A super ride! Bud davis, number 87.Good job there,
bud.Let’s take a look
at that score there… An 83!All right!
An 83 combined with a 79Gives bud davis
a grand total of 162,And that makes bud davis
the winnerOf the $5,000 jackpot.

25 thoughts on “Urban Cowboy (7/9) Movie CLIP – Gilley’s Rodeo Competition (1980) HD

  1. Good video 🙂 You have to see the BEST MECHANICAL BULL here ever with a HOT GIRL. WOW 🙂 See here ———-> bit.lyZcPAux

  2. I wonder what setting they have it's set at ? There are 10 and it's all adjustable belts & pulleys under the bull but the toggle -switch operator can make or break you …. House mgt . at these night – clubs have you sign liability -wavers w/witness sigs. for Each ride .. { Smart … } I first came across these in the early/mid 80's in clubs in Germany and later in central Fla. My personal best was setting #5 …… I bailed midway thru #6 , as I got off balance early in the ride and couldn't get centered again …… I figured I didn't do Too badly , considering I had no prior experience before encountering these for the first time … I started on 3 without getting thrown and moved up after a few Sat. nights of this … Not bragging , just saying it's do-able if you study what the successful riders do and pay attention to what they tell you …

  3. How do you even score something like this? I didn't see a damn difference in either one of their rides…I mean you either stay on the thing or your don't right?

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