University of Michigan’s football stadium and the need for life-saving donation


[ Music ] [ Background music ]>>On a football Saturday at
Michigan Stadium one hundred and fifteen thousand amazing blue faithful
fill the big house to watch their heroes. In the United States, about one hundred
and twenty thousand people are waiting for an organ transplant that
could save their life. That’s about equal to the
crowd at Michigan Stadium, a full big house of people
waiting for a transplant. But when an organ becomes available
only one single person in that sea of humanity can be saved- just one. Like George, who’s been waiting
for a liver for a year and a half. One in one hundred and twenty thousand,
that’s a score we can’t live with. To be a hero, you don’t have to be the star
quarterback, or the six foot six receiver, or win the Heisman, all you have to do
is sign up as an organ donor, give blood, or join the bone marrow registry. Be a hero, be a donor, be a warrior for life. To sign up as a donor go

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