University of California Merced, Senda Fair Trade Soccer Balls


Go get your head in the game! Let’s go! Simple soccer, pass, touch. We can play their game. Let’s go, let’s go! Bobcats on three, Bobcats on three. One, two, three, BOBCATS! What I love most about soccer is that, you know, it’s a metaphor for life. You know, you’re going to go through challenges, you’re going to go through obstacles and you have to get through them How spontaneous it is, the improvisation that goes into playing a game. It’s the ability to show who you are in your play, in your touch, your style of play, it’s unique to you, it makes everybody who they are. Got the balls the first game of the
season and really liked it. They retain air well. With our old balls we had to sit there and pump them up every time before practice. I’ve played with a lot of balls over the years and I think the Senda balls are really spectacular. I like how they feel, I like how they feel on your foot, when you shoot, when you pass. You can do anything you want on the ball. It’s not slippery. You can turn on it, you can play a perfect ball. I think Fair Trade means giving everybody a fair chance. Not exploiting people, giving them a fair opportunity, paying them what they deserve. I could’ve gone with Nike, could’ve gone with Adidas. I just wanted to choose something that was Fair Trade, so I decided to go with Senda. Our school is very environmentally friendly, so we want to be socially and ethically friendly as well. It’s a world sport, so if the whole world is getting fair wages, that’s amazing. So Fair Trade to me, just means what you’re supposed to do. Do to others what you want them to do to you.

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