Welcome to EA Sports live coverage of this international friendly today, it’s United States Engaged Australia of course the game being played under lights this evening So let’s go straight to the ground your commentators today by closely and Andy town Well I’ve had people try to play down It’s Australia get the match underway in a really special atmosphere please like subscribe and share this channel for more match Josie Altidore has gonna gonna touch a thing Cameron Bradley to withstand the challenge, but it back chance to turn defense into attack Bradlee Michael Bradley Big Dempsie Now Michael Bradley and billion now, can he produce That’s a black hat and billion And slow things Man free cake no arguments about that may just married a yellow card to Davidson Tim Cahill well strain you can do something here Looks a good one Ball is out linesman signals AUSA throwing Johnson Brantley Josie Altidore Now Jones And billion, it’s luck Wrestle out the Americans the advantage Testing this game out wide That’s luck Big Dempsie Is Joseph Indian get frackle I Said for a first half sir never really came to life all very friendly the games Just lacked a bit of edge and certainly lacked any goals Yeah, neither team really prepared to run past the opposite number are they they’re all just playing a bit within themselves Well, I’m afraid there’s only one way to describe that clock. Let’s hope it gets at all Rough restarts the second period with the game still very much in the balance USA no it could go either way yet And billion I think the keeper couldn’t deal with that Don’t past him all too easily defenders gonna do better than chose to get it in Wanna kick Kevin good position for Australia Pulls out for throwing an Australian throwing Milligan USA have climbed the throwing it is their ball Bradlee Altidore Dangit sink Tim Cahill to get past his man Altidore beautifully done Read that well smart interception And billion Free kick to the United Stated states their farm Extra energy may just do the trick win the game that’s the reason for the change In early states attack developing peated beautifully and Gillian We intercepted that saw the danger dealt with it Keep past the challenge There really are depending like strangers and president pussy dangerous guy say that one choice In billion So they make it this They have to fight for possession Michael bradley great block by the defender, USA’s truck Bradlee Now Jones To parry that but he held on But intersectionally can win the board in midfield like that Just ready to see the ante time that we’re gonna get and billion The 90 minutes are up, and there is just nothing to choose between them still level So here we go with extra time and how much extra time a Golden Goal would settle it instantly Clint dempsey USA attacking Altidore Spira Novak’s Davidson many get to it oh That was the chance the chance is deadly right here, and now oh I think he’s been reading all the headlines there God We just got ahead of himself, and he’s missed it You can’t keep squandering these opportunities. They’re gonna cost you in the end There it is the end of the first period of extra time Well the two of these players would take their chances with penalties right now nobody wants to make the slip That could lead to a golden goal But all but a good save keeps them in it oh I love it Clive we keep going now Thanks to that safe from the goalkeeper Jemaine Jones, they lose it here if he’s not careful Possibilities for Australia Man three Pretty time to head out oh no complaints with many of his teammates there. They know that was a good effort a slut That’s it for extra time and still nothing between them the keepers and the penalty takers will settle this one It’s as much a case of luck as judgment now The first penalty kick can set the tone for a shootout. We’ll want to get them off to the right start here get a penalty Tucked it away passel of weights with the keeper, which he won Man in the stadium That’s a great penalty thumped into the top corner It’s a second penalty everyone defines the niches He said trick the keeper with the stutter in the run-up kept his nerve Doesn’t miss many It’s gone battle of wits with a keeper straight down the middle It’s Clearly done well, what a responsibility what a chance if the keeper saves this he wins the game for them Shoot It’s been exciting penalty shootouts always our hope you enjoyed it we have see you next time Well war drama in the penalty shootout there. I’ll leave you with the full match highlights and until next time. I’ve been Jeff Stelling

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