UNI Football offensive preview – 2019

UNI Football offensive preview – 2019

Brad: The UNI football
team opens up the season Saturday at Iowa State. The Panthers will be
starting a new quarterback as Will McElvain, the
redshirt freshman from Des Moines was named
the UNI starter. Here’s a look at the UNI
offense that surrounds this first year
starting signal caller. BRAD: The UNI offense
returns three running backs led by senior Trevor
Allen who racked up over 600 yards and 5
touchdowns last season. Also returning is a
physical Tyler Hoosman, and speed man Alphonso
Soko, who are both redshirt sophomores. TYLER: We have such big
depth now compared to other years and every
single one of us has a different skill set that
is going to do great things for the
team and offense. BRAD: The passing game
returns the top 6 receivers from a year ago
to help new quarterback Will McElvain
settle in quickly. Senior tight end Briley
Moore was the leading pass catcher last season and
is on multiple preseason All-American lists. Senior wide receivers
Jaylin James, Jalen Rima, and junior Nick Fossey are
the returning starters, while Isaiah Weston is
back for his sophomore season after missing last
year from injury, and Deion McShane is back for
year two after totaling the second most receiving
yards on the team as a freshman. JAYLIN: Like I said I’m
seeing a lot of potential. Guys ready to step up. Me being the senior in
this group I think they’re taking the advice I’m
giving them and their experience from the past
years and using it to their advantage. BRAD: The offensive
line is replacing three graduated lineman with
some new blood, but still have four guys that
started at least 3 games last season. The group is lead by
preseason All-MVFC pick Jackson Scott-Brown. JACKSON: I kind of want
to bring a mentality of whenever we need to run the
ball on short yardage situations or we need a
first down, the offensive line and offense is
something we can look to and say there’s
no doubt about it. We can go after that
first down and get it. Brad: A little more on the
Panthers most physical passing target, tight
end, Briley Moore. He’s a preseason All-
-American and this week was placed on the Reese’s
Senior Bowl watch list. Here’s a look at what you
can expect to see from this senior captain. BRAD: Seeing his name on
All-American lists and senior watch lists is
something senior tight end Briley Moore only
dreamed of as a kid. BRILEY: Seeing it has
definitely been a dream of mine since I was a little
kid and knew what football was. This off season a little
more motivation for training has been just
doing whatever I can to help this team
anyway possible. Line up where ever I can to
hopefully see how far we can take this thing. BRAD: Now living his
dream, he’ll factor in to be a huge part of the
Panthers offense in the passing game where he led
the team in catches and yards and the
running game. SPENCER: Yeah, Briley
Moore is a baller. Just watching him on film
he never needs tackle help to block anybody he’ll
just thrown them on the ground. I’m excited to block
with him one more year. He makes things easier on
me and the offensive line with his
physicality of play. BRAD: His physicality is a
punishing style, that led to a scary moment in UNI’s
game at Youngstown State. BRILEY: I whiffed on a
block and ended up going head first into the back
of one of our players actually. It wasn’t a super
hard collision. It was just the right
amount of force at the right angle. I had short term
paralysis for about a minute and a half. I was laying there on the
ground and couldn’t move anything. I was very fortunate and
blessed that it wasn’t something severe,nothing
long term. BRAD: Briley was so
blessed, just two weeks after the injury, the Blue
Springs, Missouri native was given the green light
to strap up the helmet and play football again. BRILEY: I remember when
I ran out for that first game back, I ran to the
end zone and prayed and just started crying,
because it was just insane. But I knew I was just so
fortunate to be back out here with the possibility
of what could have happened. BRAD: He’s setting the
entire tone for the UNI Panther football
team this season. A team captain, and a
motivation for everyone wearing purple. RYAN: Obviously
he has talent too. You have to have talent
to be able to play at the level he’s played at but
what’s more impressive with Briley is just the
mind set he brings each and every day. He’s just a hard worker
and he cares about other people. He’s willing to do what he
needs to do to help this team win. I know he’s putting team
accomplishments ahead of individual accomplishments
and it’s a great example of the unselfishness
that you need. Brad: The football teams
season opener at Iowa State kicks off at 11am
against a top 25 FBS team. Next week, we’ll have all
the highlights and UNI head football coach Mark
Farley break it down. Still to come we preview
the Panther cross country season, and we find out
how UNI volleyball will handle a schedule with 5
Top 25 teams coming up in the next month.

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