Run! Alright! We just arrived Castrillo de Murcia in Spain it is a tiny tiny tiny town, and today is probably the biggest
day of the year in this spec on a map. Yes because they are celebrating the festival El Colacho and what we learned is that no one knows about it in Burgos, or Madrid We asked because we were coming here to Spain for El Colacho and everyone was like, What is El Colacho? They jump babies? And they would make a strange face. Yeah, so in online there’s
very little information about this festival, in English anyway, but it is
basically a baby jumping festival. This guy dressed as the devil “El Colacho”
he’s called and he jumps over the babies and he supposed to cleanse them from sin,
from disease, we really don’t know much about it, but it’s going to start in 15
minutes. Alright we are right beside the cathedral in Castrillo de Murcia, at the priests house. So what happens first, apparently before the babies get jumped
is El Colacho, the devil, comes out and he comes down the stairs. He comes out
the priests house, and all the local kids, the boys mostly, yell insults at the
devil to piss him off. Then the devil has Castanets and a whip, and he chases
the kids around the town whipping them with this whip… Oops… here we go… Hahaha, I just got whipped, right out of the door. – Are you ready?
– I’m ready! – Shout things to the Colacho! I’m going to tell him he’s fat, his mother is ugly… what else can I say to the devil? Alright. We’re waiting front of the
cathedral, we can hear the drums going on the inside. You can see they’ve set up one,
two, three, four, mattresses here. There should be more around the city. We’re going to take the same, the devil’s going to take the same route the devil’s he did when we were getting whipped with the kids. So there will be 2 Colachos I heard, two Devils coming out of the church, jumping over these mattresses and continue to run
around the city. The story says that they’ve been banished. They’ve lost the
war, the people have prayed to God, the devil lost, and now he’s fleeing from the
cathedral. As he leaves he jumps over the babies, and the babies are cleansed
of disease and sin. That’s the story. Right now we’re just baking in the heat. It’s like 35 right now, Celsius, and we’re sweating but it should be any minute. The party is now over.
So El Colacho, what do you think?
– Amazing! – Amazing. It’s beautiful how everybody’s
participating and everybody’s so into it, like nothing else matters. But this
celebration where El Colacho is just one more character. He’s only one character, but in reality everyone is participating and doing something. It is really beautiful how the town comes together and how the babies are protected and safe. For all the village. In the celebration they respect them. It’s a very pure feeling. Yeah definitely. And one thing I understand that we didn’t exactly before we got here. Is
that this is a four day festival. The baby jumping is 20 minutes at the end of the last day so there’s way more to the entire festival than just grown men
jumping over babies. That is a very small piece. It is like the the end of the
story. They’ve banished the devil, the devil
leaves and jumps over the babies and cleanses them from illness and sin on
the way out. So it is way way bigger than just that one thing, that one shot you
see on internet. And like Mariannela was saying, the feeling is so beautiful and
pure here. It’s easy to judge it and say oh it’s terrible, and it’s cruelty to
children, but you see how much joy it brings families and it’s one of the
biggest days of the kids lives and for the parents to have their baby
cleansed of sin and disease, it’s actually a beautiful thing, and they take such
good care of the kids. In this town, there’s not a lot of babies the babies that are here, well some of them, it’s important to say come from other towns. They come from Burgos, they come from other towns around the area, because when the parents were babies,
they participated in the festival. So when they have children, those babies come here. And therefor, they follow the tradition, generation after generation. It is a very nice tradition, and the most touching thing and they are still having it the same way it has always, like Felipe told us. So! What do you guys think about El Colacho? Thumbs up? Thumbs Down? I’m sure there will be both in this video. Let us know in the comments please what you thought about and whether you would come, whether you think it’s a cool tradition. Experiences over Possessions Kick the Grind. Catch you
guys later. You have to say peace. Peace.


  1. you guys are great this is a fun video…I hope that it did not hurt to much i am just impressed at the amount of pain and sacrifice you both put into the making of the video…and no small children or babies where harmed in the making of this video. LOL!

  2. Lo q me gustó es q los bebés estaban tranquilos. España un país con muchas tradiciones y muy bello.

  3. Well it's certainly a lot safer then running with the bulls. LOL It does look slightly terrifying for the babies though.

  4. I would have definitely brought my kids as infants. We don't have any traditional festivals in the United States. Not like that anyway. loved it!

  5. Great vid Mike, looks like an awesome new experience! Enjoyed the video and wanted to say, having grown up speaking Spanish first, I've enjoyed the dynamic of two languages being incorporated in your videos as of late. Cheers!

  6. beautiful place / in El Salvador we have a tradition similar to this but with no baby jumping, only the "demon with the whip"

  7. Hey I just realized your girlfriend is an actress. I knew she looked so familiar but couldn't figure it out

  8. Muchísimas gracias, Mike
    Es sencillamente espectacular vuestro trabajo.
    Yo que he vivido esta fiesta dentro y desde fuera, te digo que la habéis sabido reflejar muy bien. Como nos gusta a los Castrillenses, y con respeto.
    Hay escenas que no he visto antes, y me han emocionado…
    Gente como vosotros nos ayuda a amar nuestra fiesta del colacho
    Un abrazo, y hasta siempre.
    Espero que hayáis llevado bien el intenso calor…(tirando de porrón)

  9. Is kind like scary but it looks super fun! I would love to be there. Hope you guys have fun in Spain. BTW you should definitely check this Festival occurring in Veracruz at the end of September http://www.eluniversalveracruz.com.mx/turismo-veracruz/2016/celebra-naolinco-danza-de-moros-y-cristianos-24560.html. Love you both 😀

  10. Mike that was beautiful. I'm glad you and your lovely woman explained what was going on. How cute are the babies all dressed up and comfy on the mattresses. I think it's a beautiful example of Mexican culture.

  11. where is the eyeball taco video? wtf man on joshs video it said come to your channel for the heart taco and I dont see it

  12. I really love this channel, but sometimes you take so much time between videos. Your american friends make more videos in Mexico than you. Please don't let to share your adventures. Kick the grind.

  13. Hey mike, you should go to my town in Mexico! theirs a tradition that one day a week they shutdown a street and a guy with fireworks strapped onto him run around chasing people! its called "el toro". its honestly a awesome sight

  14. I think it's a great tradition and a great way to bring towns, family and neighbors together to celebrate

  15. awesome!! Never knew the culture were this interesting in Spain! The Devil whipping is so interesting and sick!

  16. Thanks, being a portuguese neighbour of Spain, went there many times, it's the first time I heard about this ritual. If people are happy with it, keep on going. Very interesting these old rituals.

  17. gracias por plasmar en un vídeo la esencia de la fiesta y verlo con ojos ajenos y neutros tradicion emoción y mucho respecto …gracias

  18. What an interesting festival. It would be an awesome feeling to be apart of it, see what it gives people and how it brings people together. Thank you for sharing. We had no idea this existed. We would definitely go and witness this type of festival.

  19. You need visit the Liceres Festival in Santiago Tuxtla, Veracruz, Mexico. Its a singular festival. You should came to Veracruz.

  20. Acabo de descubrirlo y me ha horrorizado. Es fantástica la celebración y la unión de la gente. En cambio no tengo palabras para el hecho de que pongan bebés en colchones para saltarlos. Qué locura es esta??? Leo los comentarios y no comprendo la falta de alarma social por el riesgo. Cualquiera puede tropezarse… Lo veo totalmente gratuito y me sorprende que el mundo lo aplauda. Podrían poner cualquier otra cosa, pero ¿bebés? El mundo está loco…

  21. Hi Mike, would you guys let that happen to your baby? That's some crazy stuff they believe in . Love the things you have on your channel thanks again for a awesome video. Catt.🐈 Texas,

  22. MERA NETA esta hermoso pero vien bello. 🇲🇽❤️👏🏼.
    Viva canda hermano 👍🏼🇲🇽❤️.

  23. I was raised Christian and just converted to Islam. Well everyone has their own beliefs and opinions let’s just respect it

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