UEFA Nations League Explained

UEFA Nations League Explained

For many years, the lustre of international
football has diminished. The commercial growth of the Premier League and the previously unmatched
standard of the Champions League’s latter stages have diluted interest and rendered
much of the international season irrelevant. Club managers in particular have expressed
their apathy for international friendlies, while national coaches find the limited time
spent with their squad equally problematic. The general public are even more resistant,
as attendances and viewing figures attest to. Recognising that something had to be done
to renew interest and make the international game more relevant, UEFA have devised a new
competition. Titled the UEFA nations league, it will take place every two years within
the existing international calendar. The first edition will occur in the 2018/19 season. All 55 UEFA member nations will participate,
divided into four leagues based off of their coefficient. This means countries will face
opponents of similar world rankings. There are four playing groups in every league, made
up of three or four nations. Group winners will earn promotion, while the bottom team
will be relegated. Within each group, each team will face the
other in home and away ties fixed for September, October and November 2018. League A group
winners will qualify for the finals which will be played in June 2019. The finals will
involve semi-finals, a third-fourth placed play-off and a final to determine the first
UEFA nations league winner. In March 2020, the top four teams in each
league who have not already qualified for that summer’s European championship will
be offered another bite at the cherry. They will be entered into a play-off round with
one spot guaranteed for each league. All results will count towards each country’s
ranking and coefficient and is designed to place more importance on every match.

100 thoughts on “UEFA Nations League Explained

  1. The only downside I see for this is that now European teams cannot play friendlies against teams from other confederations. Apart from that, I really like the idea of increasing the importance of friendlies. I've always been a much bigger fan of international football rather than club football. There's always more passion and less bullshit with money there in my opinion.

  2. I would rather have the British Home Championship return or a form of football Six Nations. At least it would make some sense

  3. I can see a problem with this competition. One of the group winners from EVERY division qualifies for the Euros, so even from league D. Thus we can have Luxembourg, Malta or any other crap team in the Euros, that will lose every match 10-0.

  4. Great video again makes easier to understand but will this mean slight decrease in international matches? Want the premier league to be spread out

  5. I can understand the Nations League, but what is really hard for me to get is how Euros and WC qualifiers will play out with this new system. Even with your explanation, I can't dig it, it's too convoluted for me.

  6. I think its absolute bs that small teams in League 4 get to qualify for the Euros, its supposed to be the best teams in Europe and this method encourages teams to play bad in League 3 to drop down to League 4

  7. There's too much international football.
    I've stopped watching because there's too much and it harms both domestic club competition and devalues the national meets. This just makes things worse. We need to go back to the frequency we had twenty years ago, not encourage even more competitions, especially when viewer numbers go down every time more games are added to the calendar.

  8. Thanks to FM17 & 18 I was already painfully aware of how this competition works. They're essentially glorified friendlies with as much importance to players as the Confederations Cup

  9. I don't know if this will make the euro's more boring or if it will make it slightly more interesting (because one team Wil lose by 7+ goals)…

  10. I liked the simplification, but you called it wrong by doing business with a gambling company. Gambling companies have been getting bad rap in recent times, and its not wise to join forces with one. I hope you'll reconsider.

  11. Does this increase the overall number of international games players play? Won't that affect domestic league performances due to fatigue and overplaying?

  12. Probably the best thing UEFA has ever done. This will create far more meaningful matches and, even more importantly, will give the smaller teams genuine hope of winning some competitive games. Teams like San Marino and Gibraltar won't be losing every game by 5 or 6 goals anymore. Teams like Kazakhstan and Azjerbaijan can have real belief of qualifying for the Euros (the playoff winner of each division qualifies for the Euros – even divisions C and D.)

    The whole world has quickly noticed this and we're already seeing CONCACAF create a similar league under a slightly different format. I, for one, am extremely excited to see this play out. We might actually start seeing lower ranked European teams sell out or come close to selling out their stadiums, since fans can believe that their country has a chance. All in all, this will no doubt increase both the level of play of every team involved and the entertainment of international football. Nobody finds 8-0 games exciting.

  13. this would be interesting if the other confederations do it as well. Concacaf already has their regional tournament every 2 years, Conmebol is slowly starting to go towards that route.

    So if this actually happens, we could get an actual Confederations Cup every 2 years, as it should be. Considering it is a much minor tournament than the World Cup.

    Or on the other hand, the Confederations Cup can instead become an even more prestigious tournament, inviting more countries, for a 16 teams tournament every 2 years.

  14. Question: why wasn't the 2002 world cup done during that period when you covered a lot of the modern world cups? Sorry if this was answered before, I didn't catch it

  15. All the UEFA reps were all sitting at the table and saying stuff like, “we need to make this as confusing as possible so people tune in to understand it”.

  16. Imagine the strain and burden on Premier League's player's body.
    There will be drop in performances as it will take a toll.

  17. What this league is REALLY about:

    1) Giving the elite UEFA nations (Germany, Italy, Spain, France Portugal, England etc) a steady supply of competitive grade matches against each other (worth more points) in order to help boost their FIFA rankings
    2) Creating a 'status quo' in UEFA where the big nations will ALWAYS be the big nations.
    3) Giving a third chance for underperforming major nations in the qualifers to qualify for Euro 2020.

  18. I like this idea. Might turn out bad but anything to make international friendlies (even if this is UEFA only) better is good in my opinion cos they’re so boring.

  19. and just for the first time… we get a draw of Germany, France and Netherlands in one group… LOL.

  20. Like the Idea but the bottom league should not get a place in the Euros because it encourages semi-shit teams like Scotland in the 3rd league to purpously get relegated the first year then destroy Andorra, San marino, Estonia and the other shittest teams the next year and get an easy palce in the EUros

  21. So… the solution to a lack of interest in international football matches is to saturate the market further and introduce a tournament format that makes no sense?

  22. Finally we can get rid of stupid pointless friendlies like I hate friendlies because they don't try there best and they don't use there best players so this is pretty refreshing.

  23. sounds a little like the old UEFA Intertoto cup. Maybe do a video explaining how that worked too? And also the old Champions League formats where we had a 1st group stage and a 2nd group stage etc.

  24. i prefer friendlies and i hate friendlies… what a pointless "competition"
    i think it would be really revolucionary if they did the euros every 2/3 years, with every european team (without qualification obviously) and with multiple hosts divided by regions like nordic countries, british isles, central europe, balkans, iberia etc..

  25. So if Italy finished second in League they failed to get a playoff spot but in League d which is alot wesker one of them is going to get into the Euros this is so fucking stupid and just caters to the small teams nobody wants to see these fucking small teams participate the Europe competition is about the best of the best fuck this PC shit catering to small teams everyone gets a medal bullshit I can see how this is going to be a huge failure and it's not going to be going on forever

  26. What happens if all league A nations qualify for 2020 or at least 9 of them via euro 2020 qualifiers leaving less than 4 to play in the play offs for the final spots?

  27. I still don't get it. They play Finals in June 2019 but can also play again in a play off? So if the play off in 2020 is more important than the 2019 finals, the Final itself becomes meaningless right?

  28. I love soccer, but I think FIFA is overloading the schedule with too many tournaments all over there. I remember how amazing it was when there was just only one match between the winners from Champions League and Copa Libertadores, but now it's called " Club World Cup ", full of emotionless faces from the winning team when the referee whistles the end of the final match. Just by the fact of too much coups, tournaments, leagues, and classificatory rounds, it makes less significant the fact of winning something; at the end soccer is like a product at the end of a production line but I think FIFA is just overloading the market.

  29. so folks, the last 16 teams to determine final 4 to join Euro 2020, will be grouped into four groups randomly regardless form which league (A, B, C and D) are they right? meaning no league (A, B, C or D) will have exclusive its own play-off path to determine winner, if so higher league teams will be incentivized to come to lower leagues (from C to D) to have more chances to qualify.

  30. But what if there are less than 4 teams in a league that fail to qualify for Euro 2020? The best team in lower league will compete with them? That seems unfair🤔

  31. I love it!!! I wish there were less games for players since it’s taxing on their bodies, but if we’re gonna keep friendlies we might as well make them interesting.

  32. 1 thing i dont think is fair is that in the playofs the teams play agaist the teams of the same league. Because of that 1 team from the weaker league and 1 from the 2ªweakest league are going through to the euros (for exemple Armenia and Servia) . In my opinion in the playoff the strongest teams should play agaist the weakest teams. At least thats what i understand from the video.
    Sorry for potato english

  33. But wait I’m confused if your nation wins the UEFA nations league do they automatically qualify for euro2020 or do they have to qualify again.

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