UB Football Day in the Life: Khalil Hodge

UB Football Day in the Life: Khalil Hodge

in the morning I scan a lodge and play
linebacker here you be and today I’m doing the dental life so come on this is all me right here yes I feel
like I like it a lot actually it’s a two-bedroom apartment my
roommates are not worthy and so just kind of like just like my little space I
got little memorabilia from everything from junior college San Francisco City
st. Mary’s my high school I went to I graduated from just growing up Pop
Warner charity and then it doubles out my freshman year I went to grab my water this is the key right here gotta take
this wherever I go they’re gonna shut it right now jump on nine it’ll drop me off
like five minutes in class I like sociology those it makes you
think a lot makes you think a lot of it I kind of like that it’s a lot different
football so I kind of Miss my break on a switch switch over a little bit right
now I’m headed to my teachers office hours you know just like add and of life oh
yeah for just going through all down she’s all done the hard part’s over get
on the shuttle get back to the career get something to eat maybe take a quick
a little not go time it’s the real fun real fun leave at least I regret it if it’s way on and you got any ties back
that is where you have to do or the stray lamb might be better to straighten
you with me if it’s steal is probably better to fly I always do it yeah it’s
the Blitz yeah you run the Blitz you’re under
pressure so if it’s whip its whip just steal a steal right so that means again
how everybody these don’t know everything right because an outside of
actor can end up having the mic backers blitz blitz track good okay it’s go to
work Jaycee that’s not the friction with my codified
personally that one more a jerk oh yeah keeps back ok the facts move he came in
hi I’m here hot summer right here I’m right here
good day when he came to say hey I came when he fucking like to inside
yeah knowing what you guys bring back both camera bus my championship a bunch
like Farooq that’s how we’re working that’s how we feel and we step on the
field next year you know we’re feeling like we’re a big goal you have to go to
dinner every night basically but spring ball started it’s been a Mike on
practice day because we got the APS and stuff like that is long days you don’t
got time to go to c32 like the last probably like two three
months I’ve actually been a meal prepping so that’s kind of a way for me
to keep my way down and just try to eat the right things like salmon and spinach
and like maybe I’ll make some eggs or something like that just to fill me up
but I’m just trying to get as strong as possible on the other side of the country to test
for minutes after time to increase yeah we’re just gonna live right here
this is actually a athletes only keep it alive so we come in here we got to come
in at 2000 week for like two hours I think even Jersey we get work done we do
whatever you got you know whatever it is just coming here yeah
there’s it gonna longer but uh I appreciate you guys following me around
today sky-blue Hodge you view football linebacker number four
it’s a day no life man uh it’s appreciated I appreciate it all

12 thoughts on “UB Football Day in the Life: Khalil Hodge

  1. Easily best Buff NFL prospect imo. And that's saying something with Tyree Jackson , KJ Osborn, and Anthony Johnson also being on the squad.

  2. I think Khalil is a 1 RDer at the moment. I don't understand why certain prospects are ahead of him. His combine will determine if teams make him a 1st or 2nd RDer. I hope he doesn't mind playing for the Packers!

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