Turning with a Soccer Ball

Turning with a Soccer Ball

Hey guys today we are going to show you a simple drill where you can improve your turning technique with the ball, okay. It’s really, really important, I’m going to show you how… Small tips here, simple tips. You come really close to the ball, you have to really, really come close to the ball okay. Just place your foot, that’s it. That’s the main way, you have to go take the line, okay to score in the line that’s the best way to improve your turning. Okay you are going on the line, simple soccer touches, turn away that’s it and come back. Then, you switch the other foot left, that’s it. Now, we go again right and then left. Okay, if you want to make it faster okay to add a bit of cardio or resistance. Here we go. [BLANK_AUDIO] [TURNING WITH A SOCCER BALL] That’s it. So make sure you practice this soccer exercise. You increase the speed, increase difficulty. So at the beginning practice just this technique. How to place your foot in the right way and then you go faster and faster in order to practice as well as cardio. and you know to be able to make it more realistic. Okay guys, make sure to click the link below for more soccer information. [BLANK_AUDIO]

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