Turn-based football? How is that possible?

Turn-based football? How is that possible?

When we showed the prototypes of our game to the players, they were asking why no one had done this before. It’s so cool! But many football fans reacted differently. They asked how can football be turn-based? It’s a dynamic game! Where is the drama and passion? In traditional turn-based games like XCOM, people don’t mind the turn-based gameplay, despite shoot-outs themselves being dynamic affairs. However if you remove the boring part and leave the possibility to make tactical decisions, the shoot-outs become interesting turn-based events. So in our game, we removed the boring aspects of football, leaving only the possibility to make important tactical decisions. The match results don’t depend on how quickly you can press the buttons on a gamepad, they depend on your ability to think ahead, risk and strategically change your plans. When you get into the game and figure out the turn-based mechanics, you begin to experience real football drama, whether its a last minute goal, losing the ball or counter attacking the opposition. Many fans of turn-based games who didn’t previously like football found a real passion for the sport, after playing Football, Tactics and Glory. Where did the idea for Football, Tactics and Glory come from? During the 90’s, I played lots of football management games but felt that you never really knew why you won or lost. I remember a match where I was winning with the score at 3:0, the second half kicked-off, and I substituted one forward for a defender. I did not expect to lose, but in the end, I lost 3:5. Why? I wanted to analyze the enemy team, find the holes in their defence, discover its strengths and implement my own tactics based on this information. Instead, I was bombarded with millions of numbers, millions of spreadsheets, and many tactical settings. In the end it is hard to know how these influence the game. For many years, I didn’t know how to make the game that I wanted, which would give the player direct feedback on his decisions. I love turn-based games and have played many. Once, after finishing the JRPG Persona 3, I understood that it had an interesting idea in the core of its mechanics. There are regular attacks that do average damage but there are special magic attacks. If you use, for example, the electrical attack on an enemy who is vulnerable to electricity, your team gets an additional action. This was a eureka moment and I realised that a similar principle can be applied to the game that I wanted to build. How were the turn-based mechanics created? Although the main principle was inspired by the combat system of Persona 3, it was very difficult to implement football match mechanics. It’s one matter when you have 3-4 fighters and 3-4 enemies in combat, but it’s quite another matter when there are 11 players on one team and 11 on the opposition. Every player has different attributes, skills, abilities and talents. It made things very complex. We had to invent everything from scratch figuring out how to use turn-based mechanics to convey the real drama of a dynamic sport. Nothing worked out for a long time. We felt that we were beating our heads against the wall. Eventually, step by step the game mechanics began to work. When we created the first AI, it took us by surprise as it showed us the tactical combinations, that we had not previously thought about ourselves. Tell us about the basics of the turn-based mechanics Every football player can perform basic football actions, such as running, passing, tackling and shooting. Each turn you make three actions. Success depends on both player’s attributes and their position on the pitch. For example, if you are far from the goal – the attacker’s accuracy is reduced when shooting As in real life, you are better off shooting when you are close. The success of the encounter depends on “dice rolls”. If a forward with the accuracy of 10 shoots on goal, he rolls a 10-sided dice. If a goalkeeper has a defence of 20, he rolls a 20-sided dice. The one who rolled the higher number wins the encounter. But it’s only the basic layer of the game. Now, I’ll go about what makes the game a really deep tactical experience. Many footballers have skills. These are the special actions which give you unique advantages. For example, the layoff pass skill allows you to move your teammate on one tile and at the same moment give him a pass. All for one action point. However the most important feature is if you perform a skill successfully against the opponent, you gain a free bonus action. So you can increase your turn from 3 to 4,5 or more action. Often prolonging the turn on one action is enough to create a great combination and score a goal. But that’s not all. There are classes. The standard classes in an RPG are mage, archer, warrior, and rogue. We of course have the football classes: sweeper, attacking midfielder and so on. Every class has its own special abilities. For example, most classes move on only one square. But a wing midfielder, when staying on his wing can move up to 4 squares. Another example is the attacking midfielder who has a special action fake shot that allows the player to pull a defender close to open a hole in the opponent’s defense. Imagine how many interesting combinations you can create with all this variety. But in our turn-based mechanics we also introduce other elements such as weather, motivation, penalties, free kicks, corners. I’m happy that we managed to create a unique, addictive turn-based game, which I dreamed about for many years as a player. With the game moving out of Steam Early Access, we are really excited to let strategy players and football fans experience a fresh take on football.

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  1. Kleiner Fehler bei Minute 5:58: Es ist nicht der Mittelstürmer, sondern der Offensive Mittelfeldspieler, der einen Schuss antäuschen kann (Finte).

  2. Приветствую Creoteam! Спасибо за уникальный игровой опыт, – считаю идею пошагового футбола просто гениальной и с точки зрения реализации геймплея все великолепно. Есть некоторое однообразие в тактике, но оно решаемо добавлением новых талантов. У меня есть вариант 2-х:

    1. На мой взгляд не хватает возможности нападающим играть в паре. Предлагаю ввести талант игры в стенку. Первым необходимым для этого условием является нахождение нападающих в пределах второй и третьей клетке от ворот соперника. Второе – между ними должен быть игрок противника. Третье – свободное место впереди у отдающего пас нападающего №1. Если пас нападающего №1 проходит, нападающий №1 проходит вперед на одну клетку, затем нападающий №2 автоматически отдает пас обратно нападающему № 1 и если тот проходит(в случае наличия еще одного игрока соперника на следующей линии), то нападающий №1 получает бонус к точности 50% и пробивает точным ударом в ворота.

    Удачи в развитии игры!)
    2. Талант удара в соперника, стоящего у края площадки(на фланге), чтобы мяч вышел за пределы поля.

  3. I bought the game yesterday and really like it. Of course, it won't simulate a football match. But then again, neither does FIFA. I have never seen a FIFA match that looks anything like a real match.

    I love how the matches are nice and short. It's a pity the game doesn't feature female players and leagues. That would have given the game a jump on other football games.

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