Turkey’s Match Fixing Scandal

Turkey’s Match Fixing Scandal

In October 2015, hundreds of Fenerbahce fans
assembled outside a courthouse in Istanbul. They gathered in jubilant mood to celebrate
the acquittal of Chairman Aziz Yildirim and all other defendants of a four-year
match-fixing case that had devastated Turkish football. The scandal, and the original charges, centred
on the end of the 2010-11 season. Trabzonspor had looked the favourites, leading
the Super Lig for much of the season, but Fenerbahce came from behind, winning 16 of
their last 17 fixtures. They ended level on
points with Trabzonspor but took the title thanks to their superior head-to-head record. But then, in the summer of 2011, it became
known that Turkish police were investigating 19 matches on suspicion of match-fixing. 61 directors, managers and players from some of Turkey’s top clubs were arrested. Ibrahim Akin, a player with Istanbul BB, admitted to police that he had been involved in match-fixing. He pointed to his side’s Super Lig match against Fenerbahce and the Cup Final against Besiktas as examples. Fenerbahce and Besiktas were then banned from European competition, for two and one seasons respectively. Trabzonspor took Fenerbahce’s place in the
Champions League, while Besiktas returned their Turkish Cup
trophy to the Turkish Football Federation. Over the course of the next year, 21 officials
and players were sentenced for offences related to match-fixing, including much of
the hierarchy at Fenerbahce, Sivasspor and Eskisehirspor, as well as a number
of players, including Akin. Yildirim, who at this point had already spent
a year in jail, was sentenced to more than six years in prison by a Special Authority
Court, but was released pending a retrial. He was fined 1.3 million Turkish Lira, or
$560,000, and banned from his role at Fenerbahce. Oddly enough, the court’s ruling came as the Turkish Football Federation cleared the clubs of match-fixing. The blame was pinned on directors, managers and players, rather than the clubs as entities. But appeals by Fenerbahce and Besiktas to the Court of Arbitration for Sport had little success. They remained excluded from European competition. Much like the clubs, each of those sentenced by Special Authority Court denied their role in match-fixing. Yildirim, and his codefendants, appealed their sentences, but the court upheld it, after reconsidering in 2014. He then lashed out, criticising the case as “political”. Yidlirim pinned the blame on the “parallel
state”, or the cemaat, a supposed shadowy network within the police, army and judiciary, said to be loyal to the US-based cleric Fetullah Gulen. Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who was prime minister at the time, offered support to Yildirim, suggesting
the investigation into match fixing was a “very finely calculated step” from within
the parallel state. And just over a year later, all defendants
were acquitted. The Special Authority Courts that
had ruled on the original case were abolished in 2012 by a parliament dominated by
Erdogan’s AKP. The Police Chief at the time of the original
case had also been sacked, pending investigation. The case, demonstrating the particularly murky intersection of football and politics in Turkey had come to an end. The actual truth remains elusive.

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    There play agains city was amazing and enjoyable to watch ..
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  2. I like these videos on specific events or players that are very well made. Helps a new supporter like me learn more about the game

  3. listen, we dont know the whole truth. The video like every Britis OP-ED on Turkish politics tries to paint Erdogan as the monster. Dont forget that Gulen is the radical of the two and i dont understand why the United states Is granting him asylum. Was there a Gulen witch hunt on football administrators tied to Erdogan? thats a question left unanwered, BUt there is strong evidence on both sides and until we learn the complete story, lets not be biased

    note: Am not Turkish

  4. your pronunciation are very impressing! English commentators could learn a lot from you there.. Great video as always!

  5. Interesting video! ­čśÇ Maybe something for us Swedes or Scandinavians? Haha, like our bronze medal at WC 94? Or the silver at the 58 WC against Brazil, in a game where a 17 year old Pele trashed us. Love the channel, as I've written 3984 times, still true. Keep the videos coming!

  6. I would like to believe la liga refs are shit.But they make so many mistakes that it feels like the matches are fixed.

  7. It's a shame that things like this still happen today in football, just look at the coach of the side that just lost 12-0 to Barcelona B…. Could potentially be the start of a new inquiry into the validity of some results, maybe even the famous recent Barcelona comeback against PSG.

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  11. These TERRIBLE PEOPLE disgrace the game we grew up loving! These horrible excuses of mankind should be tried for treason! SHAME!!!!!!

  12. what happens when not all leagues have Prem money…you have to make due and if that involves match fixing a few games then so be it. No person is being killed.

  13. quality video guys and not a single downvote (as of yet). You get bombarded all the time with requests and you cant satisfy everyone all at once.

    But if i could propose a subject that would be Spain 08-12.

    3 major tournaments in a row. The emphesis could be on the fact 90% of the team played for 2 clubs which created a club mentality. i think people often mistake tiki taka as the great tactic it is. but as we saw with Germany in '14 – most of the players played for a single club which i think is the real secret to a national sides success

  14. Be┼čikta┼č was punished by UEFA because of the FFP system not for match fixing. In Turkish Cup Finale Ibrahim Akin scored 1 goal and 1 assist against Be┼čikta┼č for 2-2 draw. Please mind these infos above.

  15. thats what i like about this challenge, covers some really good and interesting topics.

    gr8 video again.

  16. Great video! Could you guys do a Whiteboard of Middlesbrough Football Clubs history? From the formation, to near liquidation to promotion to Carling Cup? Thank you!

  17. Thank you for this amazing work. We, Trabzonspor fans, are fighting against these match-fixers and their protectors about 6 years. We want what we deserved, not less or not much. But, as you can see, justice is so far away from Turkish football.

  18. Biri bu videoyu yapan gerizekaliya, Fenerbahcenin haksiz yere milyonlarca lira kayba ugradigini yazsin. ayri uefa ve cas Trabzon sporun isteklerini yeni reddetti ve fenerbahceyi madur kabul etti

  19. Do Olympiakos Piraeus football scandals from 1996 till this day. All the evidence available, no sentence. Welcome to Greece!

  20. Besiktas were proven not guilty and Besiktas were given back their trophy. Ibrahim Akin also scored a brace in the Cup final

  21. Fenerbah├že never match fixed it was all a plan to stop the club from growing, you can thank Fethullah for that one Trabzon fans. Any updates on the cases?

  22. This is such a shame . Fenerbah├že really deserve their new leader instead of their corrupted Aziz Yildirim . I really hope that this event won't happen anymore . Fenerbah├že need to play fairly and play with their pride , not money & dirty football .

  23. First of all, thank you for making a video about this. It's been a year since you posted it but I've just seen it today.

    Second of all, even if there was an intervention by Gulen it does not change the fact that Fenerbah├že won the league by match-fixing. They did not deserve it, Trabzonspor did. Also UEFA thought so, that's why Trabzonspor went to Champions League instead of Fenerbah├že. Clearly, Erdogan did something to keep Fenerbah├že away from being relegated and getting worse fines. It's actually sadly understandable why nobody wanted Fenerbah├že to be relegated. Fenerbah├že is one of biggest clubs in Turkey so due the commercial issues they stayed in the Super League. I don't know why but they could not do what they did to Juventus.

    The only way to make it fair is to decleare Trabzonspor as the champions of 2010-2011 season. It's recently proven that even Fenerbah├že fans don't trust Aziz Y─▒ld─▒r─▒m to be their chairman so why should Turkish Football Federation and UEFA? I hope every authority come to their senses soon and give the championship trophy to deservedly champions Trabzonspor.

  24. 1.3 milyon t├╝rk liras─▒n─▒ 560 bin dolar diye ├ževirmi┼č vay anas─▒n─▒, ┼čuan 200k ediyor

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  26. Biri ┼čuna s├Âylesin davay─▒ y├╝r├╝ten savc─▒ fethullah g├╝lenin k├Âpe─či ├ž─▒kt─▒ sonu├ž=ALNIMIZIN AKIYLA ┼×AMP─░YONUZ

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