Tunisia v Angola FIBA Basketball Match World Cup 2019


having a touch of the basketball he’s
waiting for the pass is over in the weak side all right
swishing it from the outside average 18.5 points 10 points 7 rebounds in 75
games in the end just a slight penetration drawing a foul and goal has
got to keep going that service they can stay in this much better and Jersey in
spares of business the last play of the porter beautiful pass man ESS score
against mine Jonathan who really has a big height advantage over you here’s my
rice with a nice driving through three flushes it down what a dump
tell you did you watch it right here just find the gaps go up grip the ring
down big man ya know Paulo who had an excellent game against Serbia the other
day with 10 points a lot of positive words to speak about angular the press
conference offices he respects his team very much and you can see tonight
tonio getting the shot to drop just going in with his left just makes a
little public Polly get just throws up a little pressure up and you can see that
is just beautiful play there’s only one point six on the shot clock
it’s been 500 but it’s a three on the buzzer that buzzer and that it’s a
five-point unsportsmanlike foul body language bridge area on the first floor
of possessions is looking like he wants the ball and then all of a sudden he
knocks down a few shots his body language changed completely his game
changed yeah think you think it’s the halfway stage oh measuring with another
big block he’s in the middle of it here’s another look again as you say you
think you’ve got it passed got it back down in the fourth quarter
here he is – jammy down right on the 24-second buzzer measuring from roll
look at the Sutter step motion and then he throws it ball away
two points right here with a 360 turn break opportunity was
canceled but again here’s that 360 turn by Leonel Paulo the score in the thumb what a move there by Leonel follow measure e to the whole and towards a
cheap foul off D as his role touch passementerie
through C down draws a foul he’ll go to line for a bonus help could
come say goodbye give and go for the three buzzer beater courtesy of tea so they’re
feeling for a coach to see some execution like this
and if you’re the Filipino defense

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