Trump Should Be Excited That Football Will Distract People From Debates – The Ring Of Fire

Trump Should Be Excited That Football Will Distract People From Debates – The Ring Of Fire

Donald Trump and Mike Pence are fairly angry
right now over the presidential debate schedule. Now, they claim that this schedule, which
they both already agreed to and was made about a year ago, is going to hurt the Republicans
because they happen to fall on nights where football is being played and that is an overwhelmingly
large Republican majority as, according to them, Democrats don’t really watch football. Well, here’s the thing. There are three presidential debates. One of those debates falls on a Tuesday night
where there is no football, so you’re only looking at two-thirds of the debates falling
on football nights. One of those games, Falcons and Saints, are
between two Southern states that Hillary Clinton likely has absolutely no chance of winning,
so it won’t matter if the Republicans even watch those. The other game, Giants versus Packers, is
going to actually be a really good one. If only, if only there were some kind of technology
available that would allow you to watch one TV show and record another to watch it later. Man, how great would that be so then you wouldn’t
have to worry at all about missing a show. Furthermore, and here’s the main thing, Donald
Trump should be ecstatic that some of these debates might get fewer viewers because he
is going to get absolutely destroyed on that debate stage. Think about this. What’s going to happen when Donald Trump is
asked a question about foreign policy? He’s going to say something about Muslims,
something about immigrants, something about a wall, something about a bomb and that’s
about it. Hillary Clinton is going to go into detail
about thing she’s done. Now, progressives, we may not agree with all
those things that she’s done but she does have things to say. As we’ve seen, Hillary Clinton is a phenomenal
debater. Donald Trump has no substance, has no policy
and has no experience to speak of, so he should be praying that nobody watches these debates
because every one of them is going to make him look like the biggest idiot on the planet.

10 thoughts on “Trump Should Be Excited That Football Will Distract People From Debates – The Ring Of Fire

  1. Excuses excuses excuses all that Trump has are excuses, his life itself is an excuse for his brain.

  2. Trump is eager for the debates, lots of them, in prime time. Hillary is the one trying to dodge them, or schedule them on days when they will draw small crowds. She did the same with Bernie. She has so many lies, she cannot defend herself, from shame. I suggest 5 debates, minimum, in prime time, on week nights, around 8:00 PM. America deserves to know the candidates they vote for. It would be nice, if they could choose the questions, the moderators would ask their opponents.

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