26 thoughts on “Trippie Redd – Dark Knight Dummo ft. Travis Scott (Official Music Video)

  1. This song is so bad we need the ogs to save rap I’m talking 50 cent Eminem Kanye
    ice cube dr Dre and then the good new rappers like kendrick Lamar logic J. Cole Joyner Lucas

  2. look at ur self a giant duce on ur chest whats really with my money why cant i have it get a huge fuck less get go and wasting like u i dont care like u the fuck u really got ask ur self if u should even be doing that yah broke ass jip watch this and a magit come up with that come long not even streatching look how u be on some other randon shit come like ur a walk off big all done whats ready for young its all the shool and i know u really dont got hold up ill do high school again thats it thats all wasting my time fuck boy get off my chest get a long fuck long time ten ten that what it really could be we could be best friends and u could be a whole girl wasting my life cant be like us ur just last for the giant dragon wasting more time like where the fuck the grow really at i been on some shit too back to the locker if it really paying all day gang game hiding like one crip please barly any body wanna talk to me going in like i the swift paint the rest didnt get to get it get it done wait for the real legonds to get paper and game going on wast gang 179

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