Trial former McKinley football player began today

Trial former McKinley football player began today

One powerful kick killed a man and left a former McKinley High School football player charged with Manslaughter. KITV4’s Ann Sterling takes us to the first day of testimony in this young man’s trial. FAMILY MEMBERS FLANK FORMER MCKINLEY HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL PLAYER GERIME BRADLEY AS HIS TRIAL GETS UNDERWAY.. GERIME BRADLEY WAS A SENIOR IN MARCH OF 2014 WHEN THE STATE SAYS HE KICKED 38 YEAR OLD JOHN HOWARD IN THE CHEST… HOWARD DIED FROM THE FALL. 7.46 -53 his skull was fractured an 8 inch fracture.. Traveling from the back of the head to the front. THE STATE SAYS IT ALL STARTED WITH 3 HIGH SCHOOL BUDDIES GOING OUT FOR A NIGHT OF FUN … THE GROUP WAS DRIVING ON KO-MANA STREET IN EWA BEACH — WHEN THEY SAW THE VICTIM DRINKING alcohol OUTSIDE HIS HOME. 23.27 the evidence will show taunting was done while Mr. Howard just stood there. 23.48 AND without any provocation from mr. howard the defendant turned and round house kicked him in the sternum sending him back. 57 THE STATE SAYS AFTER THE VICTIM FELL, THE FRIENDS TOOK A PICTURE WITH AN IPHONE. BUT THE DEFENSE ATTORNEY PAINTS A DIFFERENT PICTURE… SAYING HOWARD WAS DRUNK… STANDING IN THE STREET— YELLING AT THE TEENS. 30.34 Mr Howard came to the car unprovoked and there was a series of punches at the face of Gerime. Gerime blocked the punches. AND THE DEFENSE SAYS THAT’S WHEN THE TEENS GOT OUT OF THEIR CAR TO FIND OUT WHY HOWARD WAS blocking TRAFFFIC … AND THE ONLY REASON BRADLEY KICKED him WAS OUT OF SELF DEFENSE. 39.28- 38 had he not been so intoxicated belligerent I think maybe he wouldn’t of stumbled and fallen down and braced himself for the fall. Ann STERLING KITV-4 NEWS. The defense says the jury

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