Trelawny Multi-Purpose Stadium Jamaica

Trelawny Multi-Purpose Stadium Jamaica

The Trelawny Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium located in Trelawny, Jamaica. Capacity: 25,000 people. The stadium was completed in 2007. It was built under an agreement between the governments of Jamaica and China. The Chinese Government fronted US $30-million needed for the project. It is mostly used for cricket. The stadium hosted warm-up matches during the 2007 Cricket World Cup, as well as the opening ceremony of the championship, but has not hosted an official international cricket match. The stadium has also been used by the Reggae Boyz (Jamaica’s National Football Team) as a second venue. The Reggae Boyz played a World Cup qualifier here against the Bahamas national football team in 2008. It hosted group matches in the 2008 Caribbean Cup. Today the Trelawny Stadium sits beckoning for sporting activities.

8 thoughts on “Trelawny Multi-Purpose Stadium Jamaica

  1. I remember the anticipation of this stadium to have it ready for the games in 2007, however, apparently, it has become a white elephant.

    Throughout the Caribbean, almost all the test playing countries upgraded or built brand new stadiums for this grand event.
    Sadly, this stadium hasn’t received the necessary events to keep it functional.

    That doesn’t even look like a 25,000 seat arrangement. I hope they can put it to good use before it starts falling apart due to neglect.

  2. "Today, the Trelawny Stadium sits beckoning for sporting activities" You are fuckin' right about that InJamaica!!! This stadium is a White Elephant, and the one in Sligoville is even worst:

  3. I think that due to the absence of more regular communities, the stadium is not being used that much. Aerially you can see that its surrounded by gated communities

  4. Born in Trelawny but raised in NY, my heart is never far from home. Always appreciate these aerial videos. In the coming years, Trelawny is slated to become the next resort town with condos, hotels and gated communities, thanks to investors who see the potential in our parish . Hopefully, we’ll see the fruition of this planning in the near future Thanks for sharing another lovely video of home 🇯🇲

  5. Another great video and i enjoyed it so much. In my opinion the Trelawny Multi-Purpose Stadium is a big fat WHITE ELEPHANT. Keep up the great work InJamaica i appreciate what your doing.

  6. Trelawny. Was always SO❣️💚🌿🌱🍃🍃🍃🍃🌿🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌿🌸🌼🌸I'm frighten 2 see , how it will look again🙃🤔😨😮🙁😱

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