TPM Football – Match Tutorials – Horizontal Aerial Pass


In this scenario, I am playing as YNWA and I am receiving a pass from Freud I can see to my right that Feispalm is in a lot of space so my first thought is to pass to him However by the time I receive the ball, I can see that Kiro is blocking the passing lane so I cannot pass the ball along the ground to Feispalm Although there is space here to pass along the ground, it would cause Feispalm to stop his run to receive the ball; therefore this is not a good option for a pass However the space between Kiro and Feispalm here is large enough to make an aerial pass that will go above Kiro’s head but will drop in time for Feispalm to control the ball So as soon as I receive the ball, I start to charge my left mouse button running backwards away from the two opponents The space here is large enough to give me time to power up a left mouse button pass without getting tackled by Kyrie You want your mouse cursor about this far away from the player in order to generate enough altitude on the pass Full speed clip

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