TPM Football – Match Tutorials – Defensive Headers

TPM Football – Match Tutorials – Defensive Headers

A basic error that many players make when defending crosses is heading the ball back into dangerous areas. In this scenario, Feispalm has just crossed the ball for his team mate Lampiq I am YNWA and I’ll be showing the thought process involved in executing a defensive header. In this situation, I can see that Lampiq is extremely close to the left of me so I don’t want to head it in that direction. I can see a team mate at the top of the screen who looks like he is in some free space but crabhead might be able to intercept the ball if I try a floated header I can also see Nurmio directly in front of me. However he has crabhead quite close to him which increases the risk that he will be tackled quickly if I try to pass the ball to him There is also an increased risk of us losing the ball to the opponent if I my heading is inaccurate and misses Nurmio. The best option here is to pass it with the Right Mouse button for Menes to collect the ball because he is in a lot of space so I don’t need to pass it to him accurately. Don’t place the cursor too far away from your player or the ball will go out for a corner kick. Full speed clip

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