TPM Football – Match Tutorials – Counter Attacking 2vs1 (Offensive Perspective)


Any counter attacking situation where the attacking team has 2vs1 advantage should always result in a goal for the attacking team. In this situation, we have Giacobbe and Seedes ahead of the rest of the blue team except for Karagounis (ie 2vs1 in the pink team’s favour) The most important part of this move is that the supporting attacker, Seedes starts to run diagonally wide to the left to try and stretch the space between him and Karagounis. This makes it harder for Karagounis to simultaneously cover Seedes as well as ensure he is close enough to Giacobbe to stop a potential shot from Giacobbe. As Karagounis prioritses trying to cover Seedes ahead of pressuring Giacobbe (which is probably the correct option from the blue team’s perspective), this gives space for Giacobbe to carry on his dribble. By this stage, Giacobbe has two options. He can either continue to dribble the ball a bit further and shoot in a curled shot to the far post, or he can play a chipped pass to Seedes. In this actual play, Giacobbe passes to Seedes who has a relatively simple header to make. The most important part of this move occurred earlier on when Seedes started to move wider diagonally. If Seedes had moved closer to Giacobbe during this counter attack, Karagounis would’ve found it easier to control the situation and cover both Giacobbe and Seedes simultaneously. If Karagounis had decided to pressure Giacobbe at this stage, Giacobbe would have been able to play the pass for Seedes to run onto to score instead. Full speed replay

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