Tour the Football and Basketball Facilities at TCU

Tour the Football and Basketball Facilities at TCU

By and large, regardless of
what our competition is doing, we want to be the best TCU we can be. And we’re going to design and build and put facilities in place that are best for TCU. Behind us is the entryway to the
John and Jane Justin Hall of Fame, which is a point to show off all of our sports. It allows for coaches to bring a
focal point for their recruiting processes, as they bring kids on campus. You have to be thinking about
all the different audiences. So it’s going to be children coming in here,
eight, nine, ten years old. There are going to be donors and
folks who are in their 70s and 80s. There are something like 40, 42 screens
throughout the space because it allows us to not only grab
the attention of a younger generation, but also create an updated plan for the school. You don’t just have to deal with the static environment. Advent creates experiences that move people. The more that we’ve thought
about that purpose statement, it really is everything that we do. We would love to be one of those firms in our space that really does move people and bring emotion and joy to the things that they love. Everything you can see inside the glass and
then even into the gym was Advent project. We did three things at one time, and this was one of
them, the lobby, and the basketball practice facility. Why is that not black?
The horned frog shoots blood out of its eyes. It’s a defense mechanism, so that’s why
you’ve seen some integration of red. It’s not one of our colors. Nike brought that to the table back in 2009. The red you see, we call it bloodlines. We were a little concerned, introducing red.
How’s it going to go? It’s not seen as a secondary color, but it’s known what it is.
There’s no surprise there. It’s cool. You see it here on the floor –
the horned frog’s scale. That was another cool integration of the brand. That’s the cool thing about the TCU brand. They don’t have to be what you expect. Basketball wanted to create more of a lounge, so this is our most recent piece of work. And then we added a couple of
games because that’s the big deal. We’re in the lobby now of the
John Justin Athletic Center. We needed to create an entryway, the recruiting path. As we head up the stairs, you can see how it transitions from what was the main entryway, donor driven. Now this is recruit driven. Then we actually can do some
special effects with recruiting, where that video could work and
show something for a kid. And there are sound effects with it,
so you can really get this grand entrance. Our mentality is not to come
in with preconceived notions. We want to make sure for an Advent project,
you don’t walk into another school and say, “Oh I saw that at TCU.” TCU has a brand that changes out their
uniforms and their gear on a weekly basis. We wanted to be able to tell that story to recruits. The kid may give you the time of day
simply because he loves your uniform. If that’s you’re in, you’re in, and now you can give the rest of the sales pitch. The idea was if there’s no one walking
a recruit through the space, can he get a picture and
a story of what TCU football is? So do the walls talk? Part of what we try and do when we’re
working with these programs as well is figure out what designs have jumped the shark. So how many times can you put a mannequin
on display with a helmet and a jersey? And so we started to think about ok, can
we create some unique positioning with the football players that would both show off the
uniform and show off maybe even the style of play? When we first started with TCU football, Coach Patterson had won 110 games.
Now he’s won 167 games in his career. You have to be able to change those things out because you want it to be authentic and accurate. It was an interview of some folks and
one of the kids in there said, “Have you seen the player’s lounge at TCU?” It’s unbelievable on recruiting
weekends and recruiting events. It’s a fabric graphic.
When we first put this up, everyone thought it was a TV monitor. When the time comes, that fabric graphic
stuff is easy to replace and update. We have a group in house that
does nothing but updates. This wall used to be framed jerseys
from every bowl game we participated in since he’s been here. The Advent guys came up with this design
to where we still have that but yet it was condensed down to give
a cleaner look to the facility. In every meeting room, there are pictures of players
that played here that went onto the NFL because that’s going to be part of the recruiting pitch. We talked about the relationship with HKS
and having an architect on board. We really had a really good project plan
between Advent, the architect, and even the general contractor that oversaw the work. On home football games when you have
large numbers of recruits, this is a place you can get to,
so there’s more bang for the buck. Kids in camps come in and see this space. This is a postgame press conference, daily use,
team meeting rooms, fall camps, all of that. This had to be a place that we put
a lot more of the resources into so that it became the showpiece that it is. As we’re going through, you’ll notice all the scaling. Once we were involved in the scaling,
then Nike went with the scaling, that became something that we’ve
incorporated throughout everything. So it is a brand standard for athletics. We can make sure that the
retail-like displays are relevant to what Nike is seeing being sold. On this side, you see those
annual sayings that coach likes. So those are some of our more successful years. And on the other side are five core elements
that came out of athlete research: Class, Accountability, Confident, Loyal, and Passion. Everybody wants to win.
And how do you win? You get higher quality student-athletes in your program. And how do you do that? Recruiting, and so that lends to the
arms race and facilities that we see, and so we want to put on the
best face for TCU that we can, and a lot of that is in how
we put together our facilities so coaches have the resources
to recruit student-athletes.

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