Tottenham 4-2 Olympiakos – Jose Mourinho FULL Post Match Press Conference – SUBTITLES

Tottenham 4-2 Olympiakos – Jose Mourinho FULL Post Match Press Conference – SUBTITLES

Jose, congratulations on qualifying for the last sixteen with yet another team in the Champions League, you said this is a special occasion, a special competition for you, why are your feelings after this game today? It was a roller coaster of a ride wasn’t it? Yeah, the first thing is the most difficult moment of the game for me, was not when Olympiakos score the first or the second goal, the most difficult moment of the game for me was when I made the change in the first half hurt the player but hurt myself, not easy for the player but not also easy for myself, it is important that the player understands and I was lucky that my choice was a very intelligent boy in the boy that has a very good understanding of what the team is because I did it for the team was not about his performance, was about what the team needs we are losing 2-0 we are in a very difficult situation at that moment and I felt that in this moment one positional midfield player was more than enough, I think I need at that time a second creative player, a player that could could play with Alli in that triangle an open triangle like I used to call it and not with a closed triangle like we were with Dier and and Harry Winks, so I had to do it for the team and again I apologise for Eric in spite of he knows that I did for the team and not with an intention to hurt him and I think also the fans they understood they understood that I did it for the team and in the end the team is the most important thing and Christian gave us what we needed that at that time Jose, hola, congratulations [thank you] what did you tell to the players in the halftime because they acted.. the team was better much better than the second 45 minutes? I think if you wait a few months and you buy the Amazon movie you will you will get it but had to be, had to be a soft version of myself because it was a bit of a surprise for me but I felt that the players self-esteem self-confidence, playing at home with not the best results probably with with the Bayern game behind, behind their thoughts, I felt that they were in need of some love at that time and not and not the critical one but more than one to give them a little bit of emotional balance. after that yes we had a little talk about a few tactical details, a few tactical position adjustments that I think was more about their confidence to face a difficult difficult situation and to go for it Hi Jose, the third goal the ball boy was very instrumental in the build-up to that goal, had you discussed anything with the ball boys? [the second goal] the second goal sorry, had you discussed anything with them? to get the ball back in play quickly? To do that he will have to be a very good ball boy, I was between my ten and fifteen sixteen year old I was a very good ball boy and the kid is a very good ball boy, understands the game, reads the game, is not there just to to look to the stands or to the lights or to the scarfs, he is there living the game and playing the game very very well in the end I wanted to invite him for the dressing room to celebrate with us but he disappears, I don’t know where he is but very good ball boy, very good really Jose what do you learn about your players tonight? because obviously in the first half, for the first half an hour there was difficult moments but then from then they showed the fighting spirit that I suppose would be very important for you guys moving forward To learn I don’t think I learn, I just think that they went through a few phases where you can take some conclusions as a start I think some of them they were really tired, I think to come from the national team to play on a Saturday to play in Tuesday is very hard, I always feel, I always wish that after national teams you play on the Sunday and then on the Wednesday, when you do Saturday and Tuesday it’s hard I think some of them were tired, then I think the facts have considered an early goal at home, they are not in a moment of great self esteem where okay 1-0 no problem, no problem we keep playing not at all, I think there was a little bit of a bad feeling amongst the players the fans were fantastic because the reaction was not to put more pressure on them, was really to support them and then you know the way they react to the second half, to the preparation of the second half the way they come from behind to go with everything and knowing that a draw would give us the qualification because Bayern was winning and we knew that, so the draw wouldn’t be a drama because with qualifiers but not to accept the draw go for more, go for the victory, go in the search not just of the qualification but going the search of happiness of self-esteem of confidence and we did that, so you know I expect next game at home I expect the boys to to start without ghosts you know, to start immediately open and confident to play because the players are very very very good players, so we have to play better than than we did in the first half, we have to play better Jose what did you make of your first experience as Tottenham’s manager in this stadium and you seemed to enjoy the goals in the second half there and a lot of positivity from the home fans? You know I think again that it’s not about me it’s about the team, I just want to help, the fans help, I help, the ball boy help you know everybody that loves Spurs help, the players, the players are the most important, the most important thing but of course my feeling was great especially because was one of these matches where I had to play you know some matches you play before the match, the way you prepare the team, you work you train, you prepare, then the game starts and your action during the game is not very very important, in other matches you have to play and I had to play, so apart of an awful feeling in relation to Eric, apart of that awful feeling everything was great for me and I think my victory eighty in the Champions League, so let’s go for the 81 Thank you

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  1. meanwhile in Barcelona.. even if Barcelona is 3-0 down within 1st half.. Valverde will be like "nope… i don't need to substitute until it's 75 minutes. "

  2. Mourinho is way too intelligent over all managers with tactical huge insight totally incomparable really …its a matter of players to listen and follow and stop paying attention on media with negative targets on him..he deeply knows the game deeper than most huge managers who are only good on their style.

  3. He showed Erikssens value there bringing him on.

    Jose is in a good spot because these are quality players he can work with who can execute what he’s asking for

    Pochettino gave him a squad that knows how to play football.

  4. The comments are hilarious!! Spursy supporters have binned Pottch and now think Moreen is an angel from heaven.. lol.. He has played west ham and olympiakos and conceded 4 goals in 2 games hahahaha.. just wait until they play a half good team and watch how Spurs get battered LOL

  5. Ed Woodward chose Pogba over Jose. Soon he will have neither.

    Spurs fans must be so stoked, Jose ended 2nd in League with a worse squad at Man U

  6. At 05:12. Why is someone laughing in the background when Mourinho can see a wide perspective giving credit to a ball boy? It should only be respectful reactions. He is literally telling you all that from his own start from scratch in his life as a ball boy, and now from that experience, giving respect to a certain (lower) part in the hierarchy. A ball boy is important in the dynamic of football to get a good flow.

  7. About the half time talk : "I think if you wait a few months and watch the Amazon movie, you'll get it.." hahahaha love José and i'm a City fan. #TheSarcasticOne

  8. Eriksen has not been performing well this season, for sure, but it would be important to get him back on track. For me he always starts over Dier.

  9. For the first time in my dreams…I am feeling good about spurs victories. Hahaha I cant even believe myself. Jose you are good.

  10. Hahahaha the mans on form. Everyone should be aware when he is as well. This mans still got a few titles to win and your naive if you don't think that

  11. We’re on the march with Jose’s army, we’re all going to Wembley, and we’re gonna shake them up when we win the FA Cup because Tottenham are the greatest football team!!

  12. I would take him over ole any day of the week! Ppl who were wishing him to get dropped by the board at Manchester and idiots. He did a lot with the little he had and this idea of playing the United way has to go because it wasn’t the Manchester United way it was the sir Alex Ferguson way. Spurs are very lucky to have such a special coach.

  13. This guy is a very special manager!! In My opinion Jose is the greatest manager ever, As a Chelsea fan fraction of me is with Tottenham. That's how much Mourinho means to me.

  14. Love him or hate him, you have to admit Jose is pure box office. He just has a way of attracting attention and headlines, even if he claims not to want to.

  15. Mourinho has for sure been humbled by the second sacking from Chelsea and also from being sacked at Man Utd. The arrogance has gone

  16. i think Eric Dier sucked over the weekend. he was lucky to start today and has been performing poorly. Jose gave him a crack and ultimately thought he wouldnt fit in the game.

  17. Just a pity you cudnt be arsed doing it at utd wonder how long it,ll take for you to flush spurs down the toilet ?💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

  18. why is Jose being apologetic? We all know he's a tactical genius. He always does tactical change to win games. The players should already know this. He doesn't have to apologize.

  19. I just love this man… And I know you all do, just that fanaticism wouldn't let you guys appreciate him… Simply the best

  20. I'm a Man U supporter and I have to say that I feel sorry for any suffering that this shit house of a club caused Mourinho. I'm happy he's put it behind him and can enjoy a new chapter. Meanwhile on the Titanic…..

  21. Love Jose. Even as a liverpool fan. He is pure box office like Roy Keane. Born winner any disrespect towards him is jealously

  22. Wait ,, just wait ,, wait for the excuses when he loses !! He takes it personal , I pity all Spurs fans now , you have fallen for it , hook line and sinker .

  23. I don’t want to sound thick, but, what is the difference between playing Saturday and Tuesday, to playing Sunday and Wednesday?

  24. Mourinho: "it's not about me, it's about the team"
    Also Mourinho: "I had to play … my victory #80"

    XD he's trying to be humble, i think he really believes that… but the fact is that he knows how good he is and he knows he actually won this game for them.

  25. I 've always hated this man but respected him . Now I feel I will love this man for what he's going to do with my beloved Spurs.

  26. Sad that utd pushed him out of the door and didn't give him the money he was practically begging for to buy a defender. This guy doesnt have time for divas. Top manager. Football has changed and footballers are soft now. Old school managers such as mourinho have to change which is a shame.

  27. Our defence is shit aurrier sanchez davis dier rose need to be sold in jan and replaced if we are to qualify for 4th again. With these players at the back we arent going to win anything and jose knows it. The same players are making the same mistakes. Our midfield is solid and we dont need another striker because we have kane it's just the useless back four bar toby and vertongy!

  28. You can give mourinho 8 hamburger patties and 12 buns and hell somehow still be able to serve you 12 burgers.

    This guy can maximize on the potential of any team.
    Just look at Man U without him.
    They're terrible! He took that squad as far as they could go.

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