Top tips on how to trade football on betfair using an excel spreadsheet


so we’re looking here at a football
match and what you’ll find with football matches is that they contain many
related markets and that’s very often makes it perfect for looking at within a
spreadsheet now I know that spreadsheets are going to strike fear into the heart
of many but in fact it’s really easy to be able to connect better angel to a
spreadsheet and get it to do some very clever things so let’s have a look at
how we can connect Bettinger to a spreadsheet please like and comment on
the video below that will allow me to produce better quality videos and more
of them in the future if you’re interested in learning to trade
successfully in sports then why not visit the better angel Academy where we
have more detailed videos so it’s very simple to connect the attention to a
spreadsheet if you go along these tabs at the top of all of the features we can
look at excel and click on that tab there and then what you need to do is
you need to find the template that you wish to use now it’s not complicated
because we supplies a template for you if you don’t know where that template is
or have forgotten or misplaced it you can download the template again from the
Downloads area on the website and then store it in a place that you all
remember where it’s located but you can see I’ve already downloaded or linked it
to where my spreadsheet is located and all I need to do now is just open it so
yeah browse to the template and then open the workbook and when you open the
workbook that will open Microsoft Excel and open that particular template as
well so let’s have a look and see what we have in that template I’m just going
to have to take that off the screen for the moment you can see that actually
there’s nothing in there all we have as the name suggests is a template and this
contains all the information that’s going to bounce backwards and forwards
to excel so in order to display the information
within Excel what we need to do is connect it so if i click click on the
connect button here and then we go back to the spreadsheet bingo there you go
there’s all the information in the market so what you’ll notice is that it
replicates what you find on the one click screen basically so you can see
there’s a one click screen there’s the spreadsheet and it looks exactly the
same so what Betty Angeles doing is its
porting information over to the spreadsheet for you to work with now if
you place a bet on the spreadsheet then it also reports back what happened to
that particular bet I’m not going to go into great depth on that on it on this
particular video I just want you to do some basic stuff but you can see that
all of the information is available there in Excel to tell you what’s going
on within the market so imagine this is like a one click screen apart from if
you click over here nothing happens you’re just clicking on a spreadsheet so
the way that you would place a bet via a spreadsheet is to actually type it in
manually now what operating at a very low level here if you want to you can
actually custom code VBA to allow it to place positions and do all sorts of
clever stuff through the spreadsheet we’re not going to do that in this video
we’re just going to give you a gentle introduction and show you a spreadsheet
in a bit that I created and that creates a lot of flexibility in terms of the way
that you would look at a football match um so yeah you would nominate a steak
you would nominate the odds so if I type in odds of six and then in this
particular area here you have to tell it what you want it to do so what I’m
actually going to do here is I’m just going to put in the word back note if
you’re in Excel you have to say that it’s text that you’re putting in which
is I’ll put that mark there so what we’re going to be doing here is back at
odds of six with the steak of ten pound and there you can see that Bettinger
reported back to us exactly what happened 10 pound backpack placed on
Senegal at 6:00 entirely unmatched when it reached the market bet was placed in
em out they was matched and all of those sort of things from there so bet
Angela’s has with Excel and interface to pass information to bet engine and back
from betangel so if we look at the one-click screen you can actually see
what we have here is there’s the bet on Senegal at odds of 6 with the stake of
10 pound so the great thing about using Excel is you can use it to look at the
market you can use it to trigger positions within the market and then you
can manage them manually or you can do it the other way around you can get the
spreadsheet to exit a position for you that you’ve triggered manually it’s a
very flexible way of working within betangel and if you use if you link up
the spreadsheets via guardian then what you can do is you can actually get
Guardium to manage multiple spreadsheets in multiple markets so we could have a
spreadsheet running on Tenace we can have it running on racing you could have
a number of different things while you work on another market in front of you
again you know we can explore that in different video and in fact what I’ll do
is I’ll tag onto the end of this video how to do that relatively quickly now
obviously the power with Excel is you can enter logical commands so if I look
to quick commands what we mean is you can give it instructions based upon
something that could happen at some point in the future so if I use an Excel
command like an if command here I can say if the odds here if g11 odds of 192
are greater than – so are basically saying if the odds on
I’ve gotten who’s on this line who’s on this line Columbia if the odds on
Columbia go above odds of – then what shall we do so if the odds on Columbia
go above – then we’ll enter the term back in the market otherwise we’ll enter
nothing so this is what we call a logical command we’re basically saying
if the information in g11 which are the back odds for columbia go above – then
place a back bet and if I press ENTER now you’ll see that there’s nothing in
this cell here but that cell will display the word back when the odds on
Columbia go above – and it will place a back bet in the market at the odds and
stake that you suggest so yeah connecting to excel allows you to do
simple logical commands as well within there so we’ve explored this area of bet
engine which allows you to connect one market to one spreadsheet you can do
that through the excel tab however if you want to connect multiple
spreadsheets to multiple markets and even different sports and the way to do
that is to go to Guardian the a multi market trading tool so if we click on
Guardian what you will notice on guide in is on the top bar here we’ve got all
of these difference and facilities but obviously one of them is Excel so if we
go into there again we browse for a particular file but on this occasion can
you see it says bet angel multiple and as the name suggests this allows you to
connect multiple markets to a spreadsheet so let’s have a look and
exactly what goes on within there when you first look at the spreadsheet it
looks very similar but when you look along the bottom you’ll see there are
loads of vet Angels spreadsheets pertain to your two three four five six seven
and so on and that’s obviously because we’re going to connect it to multiple
markets at the same time so let’s examine how we would do that little use
the same match again if I go into the soccer area and I look up Senegal
then you can see it brings up all matches with Senegal in it and then I
can expand the marquetry and there are all of the markets there are 450 million
of them here so let’s say we’re focusing on over and unders and I can mark all of
the over-and-under goals pull them across in to Guardian but the thing that
I can do differently now is you see in Guardian there’s an excel sheet area
here if I actually go here I can actually populate one market in one
spreadsheet one in another then another over here and another here and then you
can see that you can actually populate multiple markets in to the spreadsheet
so if we go back and have a look at that spreadsheet now in fact did you spot
what I did there I haven’t connected it so if I connect
then you can see it’s their status connected and there you go there’s the
first market we connected there’s the second there’s the third there’s the
fourth so on football all markets are interrelated so it’s possible that you
could want to work on multiple markets simultaneously to give you a better
picture of the overall market or perhaps you want to try tennis racing and
football at via a spreadsheet or you can get all of those it’s it put into
individual areas of the spreadsheet and again we can do exactly the same that we
did with what with when we were on the individual spreadsheet apart from on
this occasion now we can run it across multiple spreadsheet so if we wanted to
place a bet on the match odds in fact let’s add match odds to guard in here
we’ll go back into Guardian and then we’ll add this into spreadsheet five and
then if we go back to excel and then look at spreadsheet five there are the
match odds market so can you see you can actually hook up and link multiple
markets all together whether they’re the same sport individual markets within a
particular market or across many different types of sports it’s very very
flexible so if you want to connect Excel to just one individual market you can do
that via the main interface or if you want to connect it to multiple markets
can do that through Guardian so in the best of Blue Peter tradition here’s one
I prepared earlier so what you can see on this particular spreadsheet is we’ve
taken information off of one part of the spreadsheet and then we’ve actually
pulled that into like a global putt area so you can see here for example this is
giving information that it’s pulling off of individual data and then that is
collated to form a completely unique view of the market so if we if I go to
the right here you can see match odds correct score over-and-under 0.5 goals
one and a half two and a half and we’ve combined all of that information onto
one spreadsheet which is then basically gathering all of that data together to
allow us to do some clever things and if you run this spreadsheet during a match
it will actually strike out paths that are no longer available within the match
there is a video done specifically on this spreadsheet I’m not going to go
into great depth on it on this video I just wanted to show it to you and you
can download this video from the forum so what you were doing this video is
you’ve load up these markets that you see at the bottom of the screen here
into Guardian connected up and the spreadsheet would do all the other work
for you but the reason for wanting to show this to you is just to show you
some of the power that you get when you hook up betangel to a spreadsheet you

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